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Reviews of  My Life through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist

..."Dresses" is above all an autobiography of Berkovich's formative years in Kiev where Jews would always be  second-class citizens, she says in her book. It may be written for adults, but "Dresses" also is a good gift for any young adult who has grown in a land of privilege and plenty."

                                  -- Harriet Howard Heithaus

Readers respond to My Life through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist

Readers respond to My Life through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist:

Ed from Naples, FL "...Hard to put down. Very compelling story. I enjoyed it much and can't wait till the sequel..."

EGH from Chicago, IL "...Your command of the English language is fantastic considering all your early Soviet restraints and the real tackle of not starting until your early twenties..."

Rozzi from Fort Myers, FL "...absolutely loved it. Your words and story are profound..."

Maurizio from Italy "An openhearted book, beautiful. The story you tell is a diary of life that puts naked all the contradictions of socialist Russia. Good, good, good...."

July 2021. Premiere of One-Way Correspondence Romance Cycle in Moscow

One-Way Correspondence, a book of my Russian poetry, brought me back to Moscow 42 years after I last visited and as I sat in Leo Tolstoy’s home-museum, thinking of the guests who may have graced these rooms, I could not believe the twist of my fate. My husband, a well-known Soviet-American-Russian composer, wrote music for several of my poems and three of the romances premiered there on a sweltering summer evening, windows open, passerby stopping to hear Victoria's wonderful voice as she performed I Like You, To That and Rain.

Video and Audio Corner

Victoria singing I Like You romance in Moscow, Russia

Reading I Like You at an artists' gathering in Naples, FL. It transcends language barriers and cultures, because poetry is art.

These pages describe the start of the most horrific days I lived through...
As president and CEO of the Jewish Historical Society of SWFL I give interviews and promote upcoming educational and fundraising events. Sometimes, the interview covers other aspects of my life and activity, as did this one Oct 1, 2021 on the Bob Harden Show
(Marina Berkovich-October 1 2021)