Marina Berkovich, Author

Writer, Poet, Filmmaker


Raised to become a good socialist worker and groomed for low level leadership (aka brain-washer) position, I was a determined idealist, who ate up every word my socialist groomers fed me - for a very long time... And then I had an awakening and defying authority and fate, convinced my mother that we must make our way our of the USSR, while we can. And I was so right to hurry, because just several weeks later, Soviets went into Afghanistan and the Iron Curtain closed even tighter than before. We spent those weeks in Europe as stateless refugees. That means, no passport, no citizenship, no rights of any kind...Choices had to be made where to go, and we waited to undergo medical and other vetting in order to enter USA. New York City accepted us as refugees

In USA, I graduated with BA in Accounting and Information Systems from Queens College, CUNY. Then went on to become a CPA. I also have a degree from NYU School of Continuing Education. I worked at many prestigious jobs in my field, concluding with becoming Dean of College Administration. And then I joined my music composer husband in our music and documentary film production business, and am a Telly- Awards winning filmmaker. My first book, One-Way Correspondence, is a book of lyrical poetry in my native Russian language.You can read some poems here. My Life through My Dresses – Growing Up Socialist is the first in A Journey of a Recovering Idealist series. The next book, “In The Land of The Freed,” is due out late 2019.