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Posted by Marina B on November 24, 2020 at 12:45 AM

Or How George Floyd is Being Used To Destroy Jews

I was born a slave to socialism in the USSR, Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

I escaped at 18, after I had undergone complete Soviet Communist Party indoctrination and was miraculously shown the way out of the lies that are inherently built into the system of Socialism with Communist elite at the helm.

That was forty years ago.

As I write these words at my private residence that has more bedrooms and bathrooms than residents, I wonder where all the insanity of current cultural revolution and political coup in US is going to take it. Will I be forced, as my Russian predecessors in 1917, to surrender private ownership to everything I own, things of financial and sentimental value that took me a lifetime to assemble, after arriving to here with $90 and a small crate we were able to ship that contained mostly books, dishes and bedding. The hidden irony is that no one will want whatever is left of the dishes or linens, and most certainly, no one will read those books after me. To the current generation they represent only extra moving expenses. To my generation, they stood for Thought, Reason, Enlightenment, Integrity, History – ideals of irreplaceable value we fought, and some even lost their lives waiting for.

Will my IRAs be confiscated? Maybe that is why I always had such hard time saving and never could envision living in comfort in my old age.

Will I be forced into one room of my house, once redistribution hits full swing? Which room? The smallest, for sure. There undoubtedly will be a family of six using the larger bedroom and bathroom. There always are the more needy that cannot pull themselves up. They will benefit a little. I will suffer a lot!

I’d be lucky to use a shower, if the water will still be running. In the USSR, we never had it running in summers. Is there a well nearby? The river is at least 3 miles away. How would I be able to carry water? I’m not getting any younger.

House the size of mine could house three proletarian class families, at least. All women sharing one kitchen. The constantly disappearing food. No one could leave their soup unattended, lest the always-feuding neighbors spit into it.

I wake up, praying, or dear God, please not!

In today’s speak, proletarians are not revolting against the government. It is the intelligentsia class that is directing this coup, just as in the past, perhaps, once again, genuinely believing that they can “make a better world for you and me.”

I like my world, whatever is still left of it, after the destruction and redistribution we had already endured during the Obama administration, that he is still determined not to transfer out of.

There is so much insanity that awaits, the revolutionaries have been dropping hints and conducting drills all along. Out in the open. And they are becoming less guarded, so entitled they feel. Like the 2020 election fraud.

The most blatant was The Summer of Floyd, when a criminal was elevated to the status of martyrdom to serve a revolutionary purpose. The coup, the revolution against Trump, is really against me and my house. I own things others covet and will take away from me, because that is how revolutions work. And I will become one of those old ladies, who cries into her handkerchief mourning the gentility of the past. If I am lucky to survive at all.

As a Jew, I sit here knowing that the escalating anti-Semitism will blow up into another round of horror. Last night I read that an American Holocaust Museum has opened an exhibition about the death of George Floyd. This morning I check it out and true, The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Orlando, Florida, its leadership, to be precise, are the new same old useful idiots I never get tired of cautioning against!

It was not enough for the useful idiots dishonoring the legacy of The Holocaust by diluting its very tragedy, the deliberate, well-planned and organized extermination of six million of European Jewry through all-inclusiveness and diversity policies and permitting a combination with WWII victims of all other nationalities, even though these were not specifically targeted for such genocide.

Now, having duly belittled and destroyed the newer generations’ concept and perception of THE HOLOCAUST. The intolerant left is declaring war against the Jews by…using a Jewish legacy and Jewish hands to perpetuate yet another annihilation of Jews.

While I can still speak freely, the right I can foretell will evaporate in the not so distant future, I implore you to think independently, without listening to pundits and news purveyors for fact analyses. Use your common sense!

George Floyd is now being used to destroy Jews!

George Floyd was a criminal.

He has no relation to The Holocaust.

There is no genocide of blacks in USA! There never was!

Stop this travesty before it becomes the norm! Whilst you still can exercise your right to think and express yourself freely.

Someone is manipulating everything in the world to rebalance the power.

You and I will end up with a substantially diminished world.

If we sill have our right to live.

Everyone has their right to express their views. Even those, who knowingly exploit the george floyds of this country. But they have no right to express their views by destroying the legacy of the 20th century tragedy of MY PEOPLE.

Not even MY PEOPLE have that right. Enough with your cultural revolution, your coup, your revisionism, redistribution, anti-Trump hatred!

The despicable level of low-intellect involved in preservation of the sanctity of The Holocaust Legacy is making me sick!

By the time they come for me, there will not be anyone left to speak! And that time, I fear, is just around the bend…


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