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Know Your Idols

Posted by Marina B on August 5, 2020 at 2:20 PM

Autors of various works, plans and strategies of how to take YOURS to make it THEIRS

Grandpa Friedrich Engels, (11/28/1820 – 8/5/1895), son of an early German industrialist, a passionate critic and defender of workers’ safety and fair economic conditions; primary creator of what is now Marxism, so be noted. He walked away from both the class conflict and the ensuing socialist revisionism as he “sobered up” with age and returned to his industrialist family values. The family supported him, he worked in the family businesses. He supported Marx financially, sharing this “burden” with Marx’s father–in-law and wife.

Social class: industrialist and middle class bourgeois.

Grandpa Karl Marx, (5/5/1818 – 3/14/1883) a poor man, whose father said that his son was possessed by a demon. Karl’s social standing was elevated to prosperity via a lucrative marriage to a woman of wealth, four years older and from a noble family, who shared, and more likely, fueled his “demonic drive” aimed at the destruction of German and world government, redistribution of wealth and power, and creation of a classless society. Marx relied on Engels to co-create his globalist plans, later usurped the credit, and is now 100% credited for Marxism by majority of the globe. Karl spent his life writing against the very hand that fed him and his huge family – seven children. All 4 daughters named Jenny, like their baroness mother…

Spent most of his adult life in exile, after deportation from Prussian Empire (Germany) for his anti-government activities

Social class: middle class bourgeois, after marriage, upper class nobility

Grandpa Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov alias Lenin (4/22/1970 – 1/21/1924) a progressive teacher’s son in the epoch following the one known as "enlightenment". Lenin's brother, 4 years older, a Russian terrorist Alexander Ulyanov, was executed at age 21 for his principal role in political ideology, organization and bomb-making of March 1, 1887 assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander III of Russia, whose father, Alexander II, was assassinated on March 1, 1881. Lenin’s famous quote “we will go another route” refers to the different course, proletarian revolution, which he ultimately headed with German money. (Note: Germany had direct interest in it because of WWI.)

Spent most of his life living off donations to “the cause” of socialist revolution. In prison, in hiding, in exile. On foreign payroll.

Social class: middle class bourgeois and professional revolutionary.

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