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Posted by Marina B on December 2, 2020 at 2:00 PM

If I ever hated anything, hearing or saying “I told you so” is it!

I love and respect my friends to never use these words. I do not think that I used them more than a couple times in childhood, and certainly not since I matured.


But today I must!


In anticipation of 100th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution I intensified my personal plight to better inform the population of the USA about the imminent threat of socialism. For the past five years I’ve written about it and presented, in various forms to multitudes of audiences, the materials I call “Socialism 101.” I was sincerely hoping that by educating Americans about socialism, I am opening their eyes and minds in time to prevent them from repeating the same mistake USSR, Germany, China and many other countries have already made – believing in benevolence of socialism.


I am not unique in doing this now, but at the beginning, at least in certain circles, I was. Inasmuch as I was being met with the usual interest former Soviet refugees still evoke among the people who are either anti-Communist (let’s agree that Communism is the ultimate quest of Socialism!) or have worked on and sponsored the release of Soviet Jewry from the USSR. With the first group, it usually is a semi-rewarding experience of preaching to the choir. With the second, an uphill battle against the deeply seeded belief in the underlying goodness of socialism.


Over the past century, American Jews, as well as non-Jews, adapted the ancient Judaic concept of Tikkun Olam, that is the prospect of overcoming all forms of idolatry, which over millennia of Jewish history has been reframed by other Jewish thinkers as an aspiration to behave and act constructively and beneficially, to equate to that of socialism.



Socialism, in the meantime, has a long bloody tail of revolutions, starvations, tortures, murders, break up of nuclear family, forced resettlements, forced labor in all kinds of gulags and concentration camps, disposal of God and replacement, via atheism camouflage, with Socialist/Communist Party idols, like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, just to throw in a few names at the gullible people, who continue to blindly praise socialism as they refuse to understand its meaning or study its inhumanely cruel history.


Every generation, I often heard, deserves what it gets.

Let that one sink in.

Do we all deserve this socialist plague?


I don’t! I already fled from it into the wonderful land of USA. That is, the wonderful land it used to be before the Obama Destroyer shook its fundament and toppled, one after the other, the cherished values America offered for almost two and a half centuries to every woman, man and child seeking freedom.



In two weeks all freedoms will be removed from under every freedom-appreciating American and will be replaced, as the Grand Masters Obama and Soros designed, by the values of American Cultural Revolution. All of the people of USA will be made into slaves to this revolution. I can now just as accurately predict just how it will unfold, as to what the useful idiots’ reaction will be. The removal of basic rights and freedoms, will be followed by the removal of basic conveniences, but that is OK with the meek. They do not seem disturbed by relinquishing those, little by little, as long as their leaders continue the perpetuation of lies they used to trap them, and everyone who resisted the cultural revolution, into this bottomless abyss of suffering. Those who do not seek The Truth, are never disturbed by the loss of it, until…yes, here’s my “I told you so” time.


I told you so! I told you that you will have no free speech, no fair elections, no patriotism, no love of America, no Judeo-Christian nation, no God, no respect for your neighbors, no real education in your schools – these and more will be replaced with propaganda ideology and forced submission to the Elite Communists (Or whatever they may be called on this turn!!!)


I told you so! You and your children will be miserable, perpetually angry, regretful, remorseful, embittered, destitute and hopeless. And possibly your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but you will not live that long! You will be hungry, recalling the everyday pleasure you had by eating your favorite foods, snacks, desserts. You will be restricted as to when you can shop and where, based on your political affinity until it is beaten out of you. You and your children will be held accountable for the incompetency of every leader you voted into the office during the last free election that you thought was yours to steal.

You will suffer!

You will suffer like three of my great-grandparents, who died in the first post-revolution winter in 1918 Ukraine at the bandits, pogromschiks, lack of medical care and food.

You will suffer like my fourth great-grandparent, who went from relative comfort and a promise of happiness to extreme poverty practically overnight and never had it good again for the remainder of her long lonely life.

You will suffer like my parents and aunts and uncles, who were brainwashed into believing that socialism is the tikkun olam, and even if they came to realize differently, they submitted, or they would have suffered even worse.

You will suffer like me, and will understand the pain I am now living through, having escaped out of this socialist nightmare for four decades, only to witness you take me down into this oblivion with you!

Yes, every time you will complain – and your days will be filled with complaining – I will draw special pleasure from saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”


And you would not listen. Now, pay the full price, as you deserve!


As it always happens, I, too, will suffer with you…

I will be full of regrets, the biggest one of them will be, I should have had a stronger voice and more influence, alas, I did not get it. As a teacher, I’ll stand back, after you immerse, mature and settle into your socialism. I TOLD YOU SO would be the only thing I could tell you then…if I have any voice left.


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