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November 9, 2020, a week after...

Posted by Marina B on November 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM

It’s been a week of uncertainty, treachery, mockery, flippant hijacking of due democratic process, gloating by the 4-year-long-anger-mongers who had never accepted that Donald J. Trump is THE President of USA.

It’s been a week of exposing the unprecedented levels of vote thievery, forgery, fraud, pillaging and harboring of vote crime perps by their willful colluders at MSM.

It’s been a week of zero rioting by those deplorable Trump supporting chumps, the no-goodniks who even at their moments of deepest grief found courage to joke, and make alternate plans, like what to do 4 years from now.

It’s also been a week of celebration by and of an impostor, culminating with Bejing-bought Ukraine-sought criminal Joe Biden getting up on stage to proclaim himself President-elect, dismissing the fact that no such proclamation was certified by any of the individual states and electoral college, and that his opponent did not concede, and is, in fact, suing for recounts. In his fake election “winning speech” Joe did not even bother to reference his predecessor, the current duly elected and fantastically pro-American President, thereby displaying in the open his/his party’s desire, intent and ability to revision history as it happens in addition to hating America and stealing/usurping every achievement of current, highly productive and successful, administration.

And half the country loves that Joe did that.

Which means half the country are supporting crooks of varying levels – from street rioters and thugs to police killers and high-level government officials who are insubordinate or derelict their duties, from social media phony fact-checkers to full force free-speech censors, like Neil Cavutto, from critics of Donald Trump to his haters, who wish him dead and so onto his children, from ballot-drop-off-box burners to election officials filling in the fake ballots for dead people.

The damage to the American election process is unfathomable.

In essence, Barak Obama just achieved what he set out to do – the country is on the verge of collapse of its fundamentals. The only miracle that could save us is, of course, the miracle of Donald J. Trump.

Yet, so many of his supporters can be heard shifting the blame onto his huge shoulders – “he should have tweeted less, should have been nicer to people in his cabinet, should have not gotten so anxious during the first debate, should have never given interviews to people who’d use it against him”…

Shoulda, whoulda, coulda – Trump’s been dealing with and getting rid of that losing wing for decades of his winning, winning, winning.

Get yourself in line, pull yourself up, support him more today than you did last week – that’s all he ever asked of you, weaklings! Do just this little for him!

And all you others so eager to concede you cannot wait until the final fat lady aria is sung! No! We cannot embrace Joe and reconcile with the party that shows no iota of respect to President Trump! That is like it’s 1941, Hitler and Stalin are meeting to reach a non-invasion deal and you are asking us to make nice with Hitler all over again. You are like Stalin! You are Stalin! You will build the Gulags next, place them under AOC, who’d make you eat grass like cows, and lick her boots clean like the real Nazis did in Ukraine after it was captured. Nancy Pelosi will be like eating gelatos out of her big ice cream fridge just to show you that she can, yes, she can!

Nothing that is happening now is new to humanity. Another set of tyrants is power-grabbing big time and destroying a thriving country, on whose protection many others depend. The swamp is deep and wide; every alligator has very sharp teeth, swims faster that you and will try to eat you alive, like that woman in Alligator Alley last weekend.

Beware, boys and girls, this fight will get very ugly. Much uglier than you have ever seen. They already threatened that you should not speak out, or you would be unemployable for life.

This proletarian has nothing to lose. Not even her chains.



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