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Why Trump2020 is The Only Choice, Unless You Are a Socialist

Posted by Marina B on October 24, 2020 at 11:35 PM

Photo Credit: Diana Mustain Watt

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In the real world, people need to make simple choices – life is complicated as it is, in an overly convoluted way. Every day we are losing more of our once famous “American privacy,” as the Big Techs encroach into our individual worlds by offering us conveniently fast means of modern communication to which we are, let’s face it, addictively hooked, and for which we pay dearly with their demands on our time, finances and freedoms. And they censor us a la wartime censorship departments…arbitrarily, and we have been tolerating it…and so that circle goes.


I look at America’s presidential choice through the prism of my personal journey away from socialism, atheism, socialized medicine, statelessness, and ask why?

Most Americans are so mercantile. Serve them the wrong size coffee or a wrong condiment and they notice, complain, demand refund. The Clintons and Obamas robbed them blind and they ate it up. I think it is because the currently living generations had never learned how to do without. Some call them “spoiled.” I think they are blessed by their abundances and yet at the same time are not burdened by their complacency. Last March, severe deficit of toilet paper and hand sanitizer gave them a little preview of socialist reality, had they cared to analyze. But as soon as they got their replacements, all was forgotten, no lasting lesson learned and that is why and how everything got twisted into a historically inaccurate mess as we watched Donald Trump solve the crisis, build committees and alliances, while his Democrat nemeses could hardly conceal their envy – yes envy – that he was successful at that, too! (Think Brothers Cuomo!) The entire unfortunate and tragic idiocy of The Summer of Floyd followed. Insane! But like the obediently complacent sheep, a large portion of populous predictably grew weak in the knees, brains, hearts.

You all know The Truth.

It is impossible not to know it, no matter the views or experience. Truth is Truth and always is. It’s just that for some it is inconvenient, for others, not profitable, a few are in denial of it, and so it wilts, like a house plant of a traveling family, without water, but is always ready to perk up as soon as the roots get water circulating up the stem.

For the past five years Donald J. Trump has been that water source of The American Truth. He’s been watering the roots of our plants – our souls – and reminding us to remember to send a vital supply of nourishment to our brains and hearts. Americans, mercantile or not, have historically excellent hearts. None of this USA experiment would have been achievable without that prerequisite. In our American hearts Truth occupies a special chamber. Some may just need a stent or two to clear the pathway.

At the very least in 2016, they were “With Her”, an understandable desire to get a female into Presidency, even though that specific choice was soiled and sordid.

In advancing a washed up old white man without emulatable accomplishments to a nomination, the Democrat Party now demonstrated their corrupt essence. Through covering up and censorship, the MSM demonstrated their uselessness. Perhaps, conventional Media had outlived its useful life and became obsolete, like the old inventory does when the product demand dries up. Besides, neither the Media nor The Democrat Party itself have contributed anything of a significant value to the United States of America for too long a run. Like two decades. As often happens in decaying organizations and companies, they are only plucking at their slice of the pie, hoarding the crust in their caves and dens, and threaten those seeing The Truth with the Dark Winter they’d call upon if and when they regain the reigns.

Like a socialite debutante or a beauty pageant contestant, whose lies about wanting “world peace” whilst really coveting that year of crowned glory and earnings, Candidate Joe is willing to say anything at all that he deems will appeal to his pageant audience, even though they all know it is ALL LIES!

There are different sets and standards of expectations for each of the two candidates, where there should exist only one – leadership of good old USA.

A former auditor, I assume that everyone is suspect, but I also have that impeccable auditor’s sense that led me to catching several serious thieves during my career. A thief, even when cornered, continues to push the same or invent new lies. Joe is excellent at that. Much better than Trump could ever be. But it’s just not his game. He is not a politician. He’s been learning on the job at a very vigorous 74 and doing better than most of his predecessors, ever!

I believed in the promise of Trump since 2015. Perhaps not as immediately as when he descended down that escalator. I admired Ben Carson for his unmatched bravery at the National Prayer Breakfast where he was the first one who dared to publically confront Obama. And I certainly was not “With Her”. Why would anyone in their right mind trust a woman, a mother, who heartlessly went to bed as 9-11-Benghazi unfolded and later dismissively swept any questions about it under her very soiled magic carpet that made many things disappear – emails, money, people? That happened on Joe’s watch. He was, is, responsible for it, too.

Experts will write thousands of books about The Trump Phenomenon. He is capable of turning the country around and that is what his Make America Great Again call means. Not white supremacy or other backward idiocy as MSM and Joe’s supporters propagate.

My someday maybe great-grandchildren will study Trump’s klutzy New Yorker leadership style in schools. I actually hope they do. Everybody’s awakening moment will come sooner or later, sooner if Trump wins 2020, later and much more painfully, should he loose and the socialist doom enters.

Freedom is an immeasurably volatile personal commodity. Freedom of Speech even more so. Millions are free, as in un-jailed, in the world today. Only a sampling of those have the ability to practice free speech, even here in USA, where it has been practically muzzled by the Big Techs and other collaborators of the DemParty.


As an escapee from socialism, communism and Marxism, I speak freely on every topic I chose. Reelecting President Trump will give me four more years of Free Speech and that is the absolute reason that I am proud to vote for Trump again.

Free Speech and all who worship at its alter will be killed if America turns to socialism.



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