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Surviving Intellectual Dishonesty

Posted by Marina B on October 13, 2020 at 10:05 PM

My reflections after today’s Senate confirmation hearings.

One of the most dangerous impacts of socialism, in addition to food shortages and physical punishment, is brainwash.

Brainwash (verb) is defined as making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. There are many synonyms for brainwashing, like mind or thought control, re-education or thought reform, but they all lead to the same result, altering the human mind by employing certain psychological methods and techniques that will affect the subjects’ ability to think independently.

The contemporary brainwashing we are observing in 2020 removed the inconvenient barriers of critical thinking through revisionism of both history and social norms. Summer of Floyd witnesses, who were horrified by the images of lawlessness, rioting, destruction and murder that ensued in USA following a controversial arrest of George Floyd. He was a known criminal whose cause of death was recorded as drug overdose. Then in a rush to something we know as Social Justice he was displayed in a gold casket at his funeral and his family was set for life of newly-found astronomical wealth through a multi-million dollar Gofundme collection. All that became an Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present) crown and scepter as the deceased was crowned (during the corona-virus pandemic, no relation) to lead the we-were-told currently-oppressed masses to redistribution of wealth, fundamental destruction of the still colonial United States (that pillar of slavery that had a elected black president twice!) and into socialism, politically, economically and societally.

What we were shown on TV, what was printed in the press for us to read via all MSM-run organs was a campaign of intellectual dishonesty, a complex weapon engaged in the Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present).

What is intellectual dishonesty and how and when does it convert to brainwash?

To understand the Intellectual Dishonesty one must first accept an ethical definition of Intellectual Honesty. Wikipedia states it is an applied method of problem solving, characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude, which can be demonstrated in a number of different ways:

• One's personal beliefs or politics do not interfere with the pursuit of truth;

• Relevant facts and information are not purposefully omitted even when such things may contradict one's hypothesis (MB: proposed explanations)

• Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another;

• References, or earlier work, are acknowledged where possible, and plagiarism (MB: representation of another author’s work, thoughts, expressions as if they were one’s own) is avoided.

Intellectual dishonesty is the pushing forward a position that is known to be false. Intentionally committed fallacies (intentionally invalid propositions) in debates and reasoning are examples of intellectual dishonesty. Misusing facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Denial of facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Misrepresenting revisionism of history, statue toppling, vandalism, aggressive protests and cancel culture is intellectual dishonesty. Labeling the above list “peaceful protests” is intellectual dishonesty. Praising the defund the police slogans, demeaning law and order, advocating for cop-killing is intellectual dishonesty. So are putting forward that black lives matters (more then all others or too, really same thing in this context) or denying that all lives matter equally, or at least should matter equally, at the end of second decade of the 21st century, demanding financial compensation for 500-200 hundred years ago slavery, kneeling during or walking away from the public performance arenas during the USA National Anthem are intellectually dishonest propositions. The list goes on and on.

Demanding your employees go through re-training to accept that black lives matter is brainwashing.

Restricting writers’ submissions to black voices, or people of color voices is the impact of brainwashing.

It happens very fast.

Most young people who eagerly accepted all that during The Summer of Floyd did not even realize how brainwashed they had been made, as their professors had also been brainwashed.

Brainwashing, therefore, is a cultural sterilization of thought, where the sterilizer may be written or spoken word. Honest debate, critical thinking, independent evaluation of written and spoken information and defiance in face of mob pressure or exertion of supervisory authority, refusal to submit to company politics and/or policies that infringe on one’s private opinions and one’s constitutional right to exercise free speech are tools necessary to survival. Arm yourselves with them if you want to advance as a free human being.

Today, US Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during the US Senate confirmation hearing, gave us all a lesson in composure, humility, ethics, morality, integrity and honesty.

Most of us would have wavered under a lesser pressure, Judge Amy displayed the strength of mental stability only the smartest among humans possess. From her pleasant, unaggressive demeanor, to her calm confidence, Judge ACB is a role model for women of all generations. 45 Democrat Senators barraged her for the second day in a row with convoluted orchestration of intellectual dishonesty designed to entrap and destroy this high-achieving woman, mother of 7, because it is inconvenient to them at this moment in their candidate’s campaign, inadvertently demonstrating to the world that they, Dems, care not for our country, only for the advancement of their agenda whilst pushing forward many positions that are known to be false. Their efforts to create alternative truth were painful to observe. I admire the grace with which Judge Barrett held herself through these first two days.

Truth always wins. Even after decades of brainwash, truth always has a propensity to shine through.

It did today through ACB. As a professional woman and a mother, I could not be more proud of her. I will be rooting for her approval and will commit to following her career no matter the outcome of this nomination. She represents me very well. I will strive to emulate her best I can.

She is the first Supreme Court nominee of my lifetime who is all that!


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