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Reading Between The Lines

Posted on August 2, 2020 at 3:40 PM

Hendrick Smith, the legendary NYT reporter who spent significant time in the USSR and wrote about it, cites a famous joke of the cold, gloomy and deficient 1970's "There's no truth in The News (Izvestia) and no news in The Truth (Pravda)," two of our leading newspapers that were like the The WaPo and NYT of modern day USA. He was a really good foreign correspondent, but he was not a Soviet. All Soviet citizens knew something that Mr. Smith did not - we are the in-between-the-lines readers. It is a skill only the "natives" garner – the oppressed, the deceived, the persecuted, the penalized, the ostracized. We knew how to seek and find droplets of TRUTH as well as tidbits of the REAL NEWS amid fields of literary manure that was our Soviet Press - The Truth (Pravda), The Komsomol Truth, The Labor, The News (Izvestia) - were our four leading newspapers (pictured above). We also knew how to not share THE TRUTH with our social circles, except for the most trusted and vetted out. We were expected and often required to read these papers by our “bosses” – our work, school, The Young Pioneeers League (boy/girl scouts to you), The Young Communist League (Komsomol) and The Party (Communist! What other party is there?!)

The first time I had to prepare the newspaper report was in 4th grade. I detested anything that had to do with the demagogue-authored endless articles and promulgations and such other faithful heavily worded declarations of The Party allegiances by orators, writers and speakers from early on. So, I always made my reports from obscure and fun news items, the space plugs like “a woman was hit by a car in UK and awoke speaking an ancient language no one understands.” I was into the weird news even then. Most of my classmates were much less abstinent. They compliantly and faithfully reported on the agricultural and domestic items that became especially indigestible around party congresses.

USSR operated on a 5-year plan, something that the Democrat Party of USA is set on introducing to Americans in the event of their 2020 presidential win. Whenever we read in the newspapers or heard on TV of the record-breaking grain-harvesting, for instance, and then compared it to the unavailability of certain grains on our "supermarket" shelves, we learned an easy read-between-the-lines lesson - assume the reverse of what you are reading/hearing/watching/witnessing is true.

Another lesson was using learning to use nothing except your own common sense when reading and comprehending sentences like "the entire workforce collectives of Vladivostok factories and offices came out to the streets to enthusiastically welcome US President Gerald Ford." That was in 1974. While there was always a curiosity factor in such public outpourings of enthusiasm - who'd ever get to see real Americans otherwise? - most normal people had to be corralled by something we called "voluntarily-forcible" manner to partake in anything outside of their exhausting and depressing routines. It was a part of the collective (mass mob) mentality. Like we did in our school, when polit-preparation speakers came to "educate" us about the various writings of our leaders - dead and living. Like, Brezhnev's letter during my senior year, 1978, to Hafiz Al-Assad, General Secretary of Arab Renaissance Socialist Party, in which the General Secretary of The Communist Party of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (GenSec) praised Progressive National Front of Syria, Palestine Liberation Organization and Syrian Communist Party while calling for the withdrawal of all Israel troops from the territories Israel annexed in 1967 (after the war it was provoked into and dared to win! - that's me, not GenSec). Sounds familiar? Similar to now? Doesn't Obama say this? Biden? Who else?

Americans have no idea how the between-the-lines-reading works. They did not grow up on the Bolshevik revolution stories praising secret communication in jails that Marxists invented. They don;t even know what Marxism is and allowed it to occupy USA! Americans did not have to lie and pretend they like Marxism-Leninism ideals during the stomach-turning nauseating hours-long meetings; they did not have to submit to the strong-armed enforcers of totalitarian oppression. Until The Summer of Floyd. When in their workplaces they are being forced by their superiors to submit to praisings of Antifa, BLM, "Saint George" and other equally disturbing demonstrations/sneak previews of what awaits USA after the "peaceful demonstrators" win.

America got its fastest read-between-the-lines lesson now with "peaceful protestors" who are looting, vandalizing, terrorizing and killing the normal citizens and police odfficers in every metropolis this summer. With the organs of American press and nearly all news stations already serving as propaganda for The Democrat Party, Socialism is at American door, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yo Socialism Mama knows about this wolf, Do you? American youth and other sheep, having swallowed sufficient volumes of brainwash for decades and lacking even the basic knowledge and understanding about the tendency of Mother History to repeat her tough luck lessons, are forcing US into the new codification of messages in order to retain at least some illusion of freedom and democracy before socialist insanity will prevail.

There is no truth in The Washington Post, and no news in The New York Times.


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