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Kiev Sept 1941 to USA in 2020, looters, invaders, and ordinary peoples fates.

Posted by Marina B on July 29, 2020 at 7:05 PM

Hitler’s Germany attacked USSR on June 22, 1941. Kiev was bombed at 4 a.m. Once Nazis entered Kiev on September 19, 1941, the remaining population did what civilians caught in the war zone do - they fended for themselves, because they had no government over them to keep law and order. Most of them hated the Soviets-Bolsheviks-Communists. They had no idea what just rolled into town...

The people of fallen Kiev run on the stores, broke the glass window panes and stole everything - food, lamps, matches, candles, furniture - whatever. The invading army gave them three days, as invaders usually do their own soldiers. The Nazis also took part but since the Germans were a more civilized, cultured, intellectually superior class, they feasted by raping and killing.

One 11 year old boy, Anatoly Kunetsov, observed much of this, even participated in some petty looting with his neighborhood mob in a desperate attempt to provide for his family, took some notes, and reported about everything he witnessed during occupation in his incredible book Babiy Yar after he survived, grew up and became a writer.

What was the NAZI response after the “grace period” was over? How did they restore order? They issued one of their many edicts. It was a flyer, typed in Russian and pasted in many places overnight. The people read it in the morning and quickly spread the news, faster than we do over Facebook - through the neighborhood grapevine - the ancient, most effective method to spread fear. The order mandated all looters to return 100% of the their booty to the loot gathering centers. Death for the non-compliant. Immediate fear spread through the city. People, who for three days proudly carried the stolen goods into their homes, then ate and drank their stolen goodies, were now mortified that they could be shot by the invaders, who authoritatively walked around the city, shooting on site any Soviet Army men, or Komsomol (young communist league) members they discovered. In all neighborhoods the lines formed to return the loot. Anatoly returned what he stole, after some contemplation. After 30 years of Socialist rule, everyone, even children, knew to be afraid of their neighbors more even than the authorities. What government could not discover, willing neighborhood spies did for a price, under any of the many regimes. If you wonder what happened to the recovered “loot,” it was passed on, in a very organized manner, to the Nazi-collaborating store-keepers for resale, after the Nazis took their “finder’s fee.” The were no protesting rightful owners, i.e. Soviet Government. They were conquered. Destroyed.

Even before The Summer of Floyd, many Trump-haters were comparing his presidency to Nazi Germany and POTUS himself to Hitler. It’s beneath me to reflect on the idiocy of such parallels - it speaks entirely of the prejudices and hatred of these fraudsters who know neither history nor honor. The intellectuals they undoubtedly consider themselves are not unlike the Germans of the 1930’s and 40’s. I offer to you, instead, a thought on how US Federal Government handled the insurrectionists’ looting and rioting under the magnificent democracy of US constitution - the Feds allowed the state and local level governments to address the situation locally, using the citizen-paid resources. What happened next? How did each municipal government address the theft, vandalism and destruction of citizens’ and businesses’ private property, murders and mayhem? They, the “invaders” did not! They condone it by repeatedly pretending it is ok to rob and destroy, especially if Federal property or even lives are at stake. I think, they are the ones behaving like the Nazis in Kiev in September of 1941 or most likely, even worse. But with a twist - they control by dismantling order to inflict anarchy until they are ready for the totalitarian takeover.

No one was asked to return anything they stole from the hundreds, thousands of places! In fact, the blame has been shifted from the “invaders” to the rightful owners - businesses, private citizens, police, Federal Government and, of course, The President, who has been patiently waiting for the local and state governments to return to their paid duties - maintaining law and order in the municipalities people entrusted to their care. That is so Hitler, right?! The invaders are provoking a to-the-death situation with each passing day.

The defenders of Kiev in 1941, blew up the city center to get rid of the Nazis in a heroic but poorly delivered action, which led to the anyway inevitable mass murder of the remaining Jews of Kiev - 33,771 shot by bullets in the ravine called Babiy Yar on September 29 and 30th. That is what you see in the deliberately blurred photo above. A happy Nazi made sure he captured a lot of scenes. It’s all online for those who want to study and educate others to never forget.

Jews are now being blamed more and more by the invaders and insurrectionists in The Summer of Floyd through various anti-Semitic methods of libel. We are so used to that, aren’t we? Inevitably, they always line us up in our next Babiy Yar and fire, or whatever the means of execution they’ll use this time. My bet’s on chipping, so they can send us off like in Logan’s Run, but hey, I could think of a real pandemic or two or three.

The inability of so many ordinary people to discern who is who in the modern day scenarios comes into play because for fifty years or so, the right wing of the Republican Party has been associated with KKK through the Democrat Party’s intentional deliberate distortion. Yes, there are radicals who are in the Republican Party who hate. Like, yes, there are many Jews who vote Democrat because they are socialists in their hearts and think that “social justice’ is the best cure for humankind. There are huge numbers of Jews who vote Republican because they have common sense in addition to whatever intelligence is attributed to the Jews by Jew-haters and think that social justice is not a reasonable measure to gain equality in a modern society. Just like there are huge numbers of Republicans who do not hate anyone and never did. Even if their ancestry were white or black slave-owners. There are still plenty of people left in The Democrat Party who are torn between their multi-generational party loyalties and their own common sense as they witness the domestic terrorism in action. That is no social justice! Social Justice, in its present form, is nothing but a call for vindictiveness. An eye for an eye. Drop the Party platform and look at The Truth and nothing but The Truth, so help you Gd!

We are now at the point of history where Democrat Party is rapidly becoming like the marriage of Hitler Jugent to Brownshirts, a mob of exalted radicalized executioners torturing everything in their path to serve the dictatorial regime whose declared leader is actually already hiding in his “bunker.”

I awake feeling like I am the boy Anatoly Kuznetsov in Kiev in the ten days of September 1941 between the 19th and 29th, frantically trying to figure out what the invaders will do next and always failing. I shake with fear that once again the Jews will be told to gather with their most valued possessions and be marched by the mob to their final ravine and this time, their Christian friends and defenders of common sense, American Patriotism, capitalism, freedom and all that is so great about USA, will also be accosted and annihilated at the same pyre.

Today, as I witnessed AG Barr Democrat Party Inquisitionists, I cried, because I could already smell the smoke and taste the final bloody breath I will take - there is no other logical way of looking at this - The Invaders have been sanctioned by The Leaders of The Democrat Party of The United States to destroy all people who oppose their invasion.

Today is a sad day for history of USA. We are all permanently shut away in our homes instead of gathering by millions to defend our freedom! Whilst we still can!

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