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The Iron Mask of COVID19 or how to lie down and hide under a white sheet...

Posted by Marina B on July 23, 2020 at 8:45 PM

The most lastingly vivid example of personal injustice literature and history offer us is the story of a twin-king who, for his personal security and well-being, was isolated from the world and hidden behind a contraption shown in this photo, the Iron Mask. We know him as The Man in The Iron Mask. We all read Dumas, didn’t we? If you did not, you probably learned little or nothing from the films showing his captivity; none of his mental torment. But even he was not deprived of the ability to speak...his lips were free, his tongue was not cut-off, like the Romans in Britain or Indians or Chinese or Arabs would have done, and he was not forced to inhale his own CO2... like the modern mask wearers... What does it matter now? The French Revolution rolled over him, his brother, his country, his countries’ revolutionaries... as the next revolution will over the next people its crooked or insane leaders strive to “liberate” in order to enslave them into the next new order...

In the 1960s and 1970s, during the Cold War, I, behind the Iron Curtain, you, underneath The Stars and Stripes you so proudly saluted to every morning, were told to practice what to do in case of activated nuclear threat. I remember, “get down to the floor, cover your body with a white sheet”... “Will that help me live?” I asked my teacher once. “No, but it will keep your body from turning to dust,” she answered. Oh my teachers, they all also told me that socialism will turn into communism by the year 2000, whilst we were all equally deprived of food, clothing, housing, medicine, truth, etc. They could not tell me anything different, because their teachers’ union would have sanctions and severely punish them. By putting a figurative muzzle (mask) on them and cutting their tongue (imprisonment).

After arriving to America, every foreigner from Soviet-block countries noticed that Americans smiled and were welcoming. It became part of my assimilation process. A foreign born, Naturalized American Citizen usually treasures USA and everything about it. We know the difference of gaining freedom. Sorry, native-born, you usually do not! You were lucky to have freedom at birth. You have no idea how to smile without smiling because you really don’t have much to smile about. Or maybe now you do. The events of 2020 have been teaching you that freedom is yours to lose. But are you seeing the lesson? Are you willing to protect your freedom? To fight for Lady Liberty, whenever she needs you?

In the USSR, where everyone had all sorts of winter flues and colds and whatever, we were told to stay at home, keep our distance, not to exhale or cough into the faces of others, wash our hands and not to share dishes with other household members. Then I came to USA, New York, more specifically, where everyone went everywhere whilst coughing and sneezing. People at work used the same telephones without ever using a disinfectant. On subways and buses, they wiped their noses and grabbed the handles others would grab after them in a moment. No one wiped any shopping carts. Or paper money. Or whatever. Our children, like us, were taught to ignore minor symptoms and go to school. Since moving to Florida in 2004, I have witnessed the snowbirds flying in sick on airplanes. Going to the supermarkets and sneezing and coughing on fruit, vegetables, and other shoppers. People would look at me like I was crazy, when I tried to distance myself from them instead of saying “Gd bless you!” or wiping my carts at Publix in a maniacal manner. NO ONE EVER WORE MASKS! Except in Japan. Or our guests from Japan here in Florida. Just last February.

A civilian wears a medical mask for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only: 1) to protect himself from contamination 2) to avoid knowingly contaminating others with what he already has.

If I am not sick, I cannot contaminate you. If I am in a closed space, like an airplane, one of the filthiest, most unsanitary quarters humans are canned into, I may want to wear a mask to prevent catching whatever you or other passengers may have. When you choose to wear a mask that is not N95 or otherwise contagion preventative, all you are doing is making yourself more vulnerable. Without it, your healthy immune system fights. With it, you may make yourself sick and become another improperly counted COVID statistic...

No one ever wore a mask because “we were all in it together” socialist slogan had never before been applied to so successfully to rapidly brainwash a generation. No one ever wore a mask out of sheer “concern for others.” Mask-wearing in 2020 is becoming a selfish act of voluntary servitude. The liberal left is politicizing it and blames the Republicans for politicizing it, like they twist and turn and burn everything in their destructive path to globalization of socialism.

Some people, who think of themselves as my friends, felt the urge to berate me for my very strong viewpoint. I guess, we were just never friends. Friends respect each others’ opinions. Or have a balanced way to deal with differences of their opinions.

Nobody, not even Presidents Trump, Xi or Putin, know the full truth about COVID. It is probably buried somewhere by Hillary Clinton’s able assistant Huma...(LOL)

I had an appointment with my eye doctor at the hospital yesterday. Had to wear a mask to get in. They also took my temp. I am healthy! There were no other people in the waiting area. I glimpsed into a couple offices. They were all mask-less. I lowered my mask. I met no one. No one had me breathing on them. When the doc came out, I pulled my mask on and we later agreed to lower it below my nose, while we were sitting opposite each other 1 foot apart. I reserve the right to exercise my judgement and I am not judging anyone who wears their mask even when driving alone and also with their rubber gloves on... Anyway, I could not breathe and still I was fogging the equipment. The good things about masks - neither doc nor I smelled each others lunch breath...

I am harshly judging careless idiots who dispose of their worn masks in parking lots via littering! Or anyone who fails to recognize the totalitarian control measure of mask mandates at non-pandemic pandemic of COVID!

I know for certain, that by forcing upon a nation of friendly people of USA a repressive mask mandate along with stay at home, unemployment and cultural revolution 100+ days before The Most Imperative Presidential Election in USA History, you are saying to me that I should get that white funeral sheet, because if I will not be pulverized, I will be enslaved like the man in the Iron Mask - until the end of my days.

Well you do that! I’m not stopping you from inhaling CO2! I am not stopping you from wearing your “Iron Mask.”

As for me, I’d like to look you and death in the face with my uncovered smile!


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