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Practical Pointers on Resisting SOCIALISM - Pointer I

Posted on May 24, 2020 at 4:25 PM

Resist Media and Press.

Journalism is dead. We’ve all witnessed its disgraceful demise. With several notable exceptions, it has now firmly established itself as a corrupt corps of propaganda pushers akin to all socialist regimes everywhere at all times. Media and press members are now habitually lecturing general viewing, listening and reading public on topics such of racism, religion, gun control, climate change, the benefits of equality of male into female transgenderism in girls’ and women’s sports, same sex bathrooms, the evils of patriotism, etc. By doing so that are actually admitting their own bias they formed/sold for cushy “journalistic” jobs that have no semblance to journalism. During COVID, for instance, they are lecturing to the people on mask wearing without wearing masks, and on safer-at-home they have not practiced to the people who are going broke while they, the “journalists”, are earning their paychecks.

 They have muzzled everyone who had dared to disagree, literally and figuratively.

In the USSR, the Alma Mater of my Socialist Reality, we practiced reading between the lines from as early in life as the age of ten and sometimes even earlier. We filtered everything through the prism of journalistic lies. They were earning their salaries to lie to us. Now, they are earning their salaries to lie to YOU. Americans have actually been reading between the lines since after 9/11 and still tolerating the increasing necessity to do so without or with very little protest. The time to resist is now. Or never!

(originally pubished on my Facebook page as a note on May 24, 2020)

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