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Posted on June 17, 2020 at 4:15 PM

Some cultures create, others destroy. It is far more lasting to build a structure than to ruin it by rabble. Some world structures are recognizable at once even if the current civilized world has never laid eyes on them in their glory days. Vandals have traditionally been associated with lower levels of human intelligence and progression. Nothing symbolizes world slavery better than the Colosseum of Rome. Slavery that ended long ago before any of our traceable ancestors were born. World slavery never discriminated by race. Never! All races had it. Some have it still. Most of the civilized world considers it unacceptable. Just as vandalism. Just as anarchy. Just as godlessness.


It is apparent to me through the broken glass of 2020 vandalism in USA that it, this vandalism, represents the lowest layers in USA civilization since its inception. I hope we rise as a nation out of this rubble with the help of  #Trump2020 And you all cry babies who never accepted him DJT as POTUS - GROW UP, sweep up your broken illusions and toss them into garbage with the NYC broken glass. Or you are the next slave! Or, if you get so lucky, slave owner!

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