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The Myth, Mystique and Offense of Christopher Columbus

Posted on October 10, 2017 at 9:10 PM

When I first conceived the move to America, I knew so very little about it.

The 1970’s. Long gasoline lines, anti-police protests, protests by the blacks against exploitation by whites were pretty much the USSR nightly TV newsfare.

At school it was the petitions to free Angela Davis: at home – the bass of Paul Robson came from the radio. There was a cute children’s story I loved that about the spelling of Mississippi, one of the longest rivers of America. And yes, the Kennedys! First John, the president, then his brother, Robert, the would-be president, brutally assassinated by the contra-something forces.

Contra-what? It was so easy on that side of the Iron Curtain. You clearly knew who your enemies were. At least from my cheap seat in the poorly compensated and even poorer yet connected layer of the workforce.

There was this one historical truth I understood about America from the get-go of my self-education –a man named Christopher Columbus discovered it. Who was he? Why he sailed there? Like everyone else who studied the century of greatest discoveries, I knew that Columbus sailed to the West looking for India and gold. He found the people we now call Indians prefacing with American. That is never confusing to an European, because we know geography much better than modern Americans, and also have paradoxes like Georgia, a former Soviet Republic, not a state in what now is United States of America.

Europeans have been rewriting their history for at least two thousand years. Other cultures, longer.

History is prone to revisionism, because most of it consists of eyewitness accounts of events, retold, re-edited, and re-recorded until distortion. Events, however, begin out of facts. And facts, no matter how twisted, are those tidbits of history that despite best efforts of revisionists, remain constant, for as long as there is a trace. Historical discoveries, mathematically speaking, need to pass the four questions test: Who? What? When? Where?

And Christopher passed it with flying colors.

OK, so he did not actually discover the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. He never stepped foot on either of the continental Americas – North or South. Maybe, that’s why they are not named after him!? Duh!

OK, too, that he actually was not the very first European to set foot on the Western Hemisphere’s terra firma. The Vikings! The Jews fleeing into Diaspora, who have reached the South American continent and left legends and stone carvings… There undoubtedly have been others…Undocumented. Unheralded. Unrecorded to the annals of history.

Columbus’s quest has been well documented, celebrated and then berated. His achievements, almost from the very first, were denounced by those who benefited most from his discovery. The civilized world begrudged him this legacy, yet has no choice but to live with the fact of it. There were always anti-Columbus forces at work. Since before his First Voyage, and certainly after it.

Fact IS: On October 12, 1492, Columbus, being the leader of the expedition, discovered “America.”

In those 526 years ago days, it was indeed the leaders who claimed all titles and gains. No biggie here! Go study history, and all other academic disciplines!

Good education will help conquer the ineffective bored youth! There is so much uproar this year, so much revisionism and destruction of acceptable traditions. I am not surprised, since this year is marks 100 years since the wildest, the most horrific revisionism of history began with Bolshevik Revolution. They are contra-something!

I’m concerned for Columbus, predominantly, because as a Jew by birth, he is in the path of Socialist/Bolshevik/Communist terror, and that is why, in my opinion, he is being vociferously discredited for something which was normal and commonplace by standards of his day – slavery. There is so much to be said about slavery that it requires its own space. Next time. The revisionists, i.e. the anarchists in whose footsteps the destroyers always follow, demanded the removal of the Columbus Statue from Columbus Square in NYC so violently that NYC police had to guard it 24/7, on overtime!

Christopher Columbus, I have no doubts, never lived to fulfill his own expectations. He was quite ill from the age of 41, the age of his greatest discovery, to his death, at probably 54 years. The reason “probably” always qualifies his birth date, is because his birth was only notated in the Hebrew manner. His family converted to Christianity while in Kingdom of Genoa, which they soon after left to never return. Their Christian lives are all that is known to the outward world. Their Hebrew lives were those of the rest of the countless maranos, Jews who converted to Christianity in order to survive the adversities of the Inquisition.

Columbus’s body rests with honor and respect at the Cathedral of Seville, where I paid him a visit once, silently thanking him for guiding me to the shores he helped put on the map.

There are violent demonstrations on the American television. There are/were some gasoline lines following the severe hurricanes we just underwent. Angela Davis is now a respected leftist elder, with an agenda to destroy America as I love it. So are many of the anti-Columbus protesters. They want socialism. I don’t think it’s funny. I think it’s scary. I’ve already lived it. I know the price of socialism. They want to put their people through it. None of the diseases the Europeans introduced to this wonderful land of America is scarier than socialism.

If America stops honoring Columbus, it will be socialist. That will be slavery, indeed.


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