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Posted on March 24, 2017 at 5:05 PM

   Hatred is the ultimate form of expressing envy. All the hate-Trump people, in lesser or greater from, are experiencing the uncontrollable surge of envy at the win of the other party candidate. It is also being fueled by the expert envy-fuel-mongers, who like to strike matches amid the envy fumes permiating the air.

Another riot, another policeman murder, another hastily concucted social justice issue, or newly resurrected struggle of an old extinguished cause. Another hate.

A long time ago, I must have been in my early twenties, a wise man said: be careful for love and hate burn off the same match.

Every love is in danger of becoming a hate. Just look at the feminists. They truly love women. It is the envy they have that's turned that love into hate of women who disagree with them. Like me. Yet when I was a working mom, alone among men, too busy to realize the disadvantages of being a career woman, like caretakers having more influence on the children than their mother over time. I lost when hate took over love and envy dominated.

Kind of makes me an expert on living in between the damage of all these emotions. And now I am observing the country I love going into hate seizures triggered by envy because someone they love lost.Learning to lose is a really good lifeskill. Like learning to be wrong.

Why did Hitler and his party hate the Jews to the point of The Holocaust - envy! No matter what, no matter how hard they try, the envious people are always comparing someone's successes to their own failures, instead of comparing their own failure to their own actions that caused it. Example: Hitler was not a great painter, failed to gain entry to the Academy, and blamed others, whom he deemed less talented than himself, yet who were free of envy and erhaps had better, freeer, form or methods of expression, and were admitted and/or became well-known.

Early 20th century was the time to prove oneself worthy of acceptance into society as a painter, writer, or poet. This time, our time, the early 21st century is the time to prove yourslef capable of saving a nation from useful idiots, Islamic terorists and other evil forces so determined to derail the wonderful train of USA. Envy! The entire world envies the US. Yes some who envy are still capable of love, and others turn that love into hate.

Your choices are only yours, but they affect everyone.

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