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21st Century Feminism: Heels, a backward move

Posted on March 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Whenever my husband and I get dressed up to attend a big deal event I still put on my high heel shoes. Not as high as I regularly wore in my tweenties and thirties, but high enough to slow me down,

Sans heels, I walk as fast as my husband and have no problem keeping up with his pace. However, with heels, I am always seven steps behind him, like the Japanese wives... No matter how I ask, remind, beg and demand, we can never get in sync when I'm all heeled up. My husband, you see, walks only at his own pace. He can lag bahind pnly 4-5 steps and then - off he sprints. It is not out of disrespect to me. It is because he, as a very busy and very creative man, immediately upon walking he starts assessing his own whatevers that are happening in his brain at that moment. Took me a while to adjust to this. And now, I am totally OK with it; morever, I just give him directions like a back-seat walker, "turn left," "fix your coattails." And if I am completely exhausted - I just sit on the nearest bench, chair, anything and wait for him to bring my low heels out of the car. But that's usually on the way back, after the event.

This brings me Melania Trump and the envy of her haters. Those self-righteous, self-proclamed feminists, majority of whom whould not recognize true trailblazing faminism as it stared at them, are holding Mr. President in contempt for walking in front of his wife. Melania's heels are way higher than mine ever were. They are always photograthed on the way to the event. DT is probably not unlike my husband, thinking of whaever the important thoughts cross his mind, not about Melania's inability to keep up with his walking pace.

So to all you arrogant hate-filled no-goodnicks - here's what I say - you have no geniuine claims! Your artificially concocted causes and allegations of discrimination, your meaningless speeches, and purists' opinions are making every woman who actually asserted herself in a male world despite adversities cringe or turn in her grave.

You do not know what feminism is! Like every concept of your liberal leftist progrerssives' sponsored propaganda, you diluted the essense of feminism with crocodile tears of your spoiled or damaged nature. You do not do females any service, or credit. So put on your high heels and run the marathon or something like it.

Stop telling me that I am subsurvient to my husband because I trail him when I chose to wear faminine attire.

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