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Meeting Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 4:35 PM

Today is 100 years since the February Revolution which overthrew the Romanoffs in Russia - Google it to learn more! After that came the Bolshevik Revolution, which among other actions subdued all Islamic nations in Russia’s collection of subdued nations and kept violent Islam from spreading while Socialism was in control. I am not against Islam. I do, however, understand it the least of the 3 religions sharing the same God. I am afraid of terrorism, which is 100% Islamic! Dr. Jasser understands the conflicts his religion poses to an average human being. He is full of hope to educate his people and all others, so that progress can be made. Not the kind of progress that was forced upon the world by denials under Obama. Real progress. The kind that comes from conversations, arguments, and conflict resolutions by real peace seekers. The kind of peace-seekers whose honor would not allow them to be entered into Nobel Peace Prize consideration at the onset of their work. But I hope that some day, Dr. Jasser will be getting that Nobel recognition for the work he has commenced. As I posted last night and a friend of mine just noted, if all Muslims were like Dr. Jasser, we would have peace between Arabs and Jews in 5 minutes. Regrettably, Dr. Jasser, who is a great man of wisdom, an American patriot, knowledgeable about history, religion, faith, geography and human nature, for right now, is still an exception. He started an organization to help other decent Middle Eastern and other regions’ Muslims to coalesce and reform their hijacked religion from under the tyrannical spread of ISIS. How fortunate was I, a Jewish woman, who grew up under the ego of antisemitic Socialist tyranny, to meet this Islamic man last night! I’ve met many Arabs, Christians and Muslims. He represents the best Islamic countries ever had to offer - insightful wisdom and generations of refined intelligence convergent onto the descendant of Aleppo Syria family. I asked a question at the end of his Q&A: Must be a difficult time to grow up as a Muslim child in USA these days. Do you have a strategy on how to bring the young people into 21st century? Dr. Jasser’s answer was, inasmuch as I can remember it a day later: I ask my children when they have trouble with it, would you rather live in Syria, or Iran, or anywhere else in the Muslim world, without regard for human rights? He continued to explain that in creating reform Muslim movement, their goal is that democracy will prevail with the youth, and they will become like all other US nationalities and religions - American first and foremost.

44 years ago my favorite teacher in the world died, a Russian woman, who made this Jewish girl proud to be a carrier of the Russian language and culture, who could not talk freely, muzzled as all USSR was, but gave me enough references to become a decent human being for life. Interesting, isn’t it, how life turns and what impact various people make on us during our short lives.

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