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I am a survivor of socialism and I blog here whenever I feel like it, sharing the truth and insights of being a hostage to socialism for the first 18 years of my life and having the courage to escape it.

I have journeyed from behind The Iron Curtain to FREEDOM and I will never give it up! 

I write about my experiences, past and current, through my life, my eyes, my heart. I hope you find something that will resonate with you. If not now, maybe in the future.

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Surviving Intellectual Dishonesty

Posted by Marina B on October 13, 2020 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

My reflections after today’s Senate confirmation hearings.

One of the most dangerous impacts of socialism, in addition to food shortages and physical punishment, is brainwash.

Brainwash (verb) is defined as making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. There are many synonyms for brainwashing, like mind or thought control, re-education or thought reform, but they all lead to the same result, altering the human mind by employing certain psychological methods and techniques that will affect the subjects’ ability to think independently.

The contemporary brainwashing we are observing in 2020 removed the inconvenient barriers of critical thinking through revisionism of both history and social norms. Summer of Floyd witnesses, who were horrified by the images of lawlessness, rioting, destruction and murder that ensued in USA following a controversial arrest of George Floyd. He was a known criminal whose cause of death was recorded as drug overdose. Then in a rush to something we know as Social Justice he was displayed in a gold casket at his funeral and his family was set for life of newly-found astronomical wealth through a multi-million dollar Gofundme collection. All that became an Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present) crown and scepter as the deceased was crowned (during the corona-virus pandemic, no relation) to lead the we-were-told currently-oppressed masses to redistribution of wealth, fundamental destruction of the still colonial United States (that pillar of slavery that had a elected black president twice!) and into socialism, politically, economically and societally.

What we were shown on TV, what was printed in the press for us to read via all MSM-run organs was a campaign of intellectual dishonesty, a complex weapon engaged in the Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present).

What is intellectual dishonesty and how and when does it convert to brainwash?

To understand the Intellectual Dishonesty one must first accept an ethical definition of Intellectual Honesty. Wikipedia states it is an applied method of problem solving, characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude, which can be demonstrated in a number of different ways:

• One's personal beliefs or politics do not interfere with the pursuit of truth;

• Relevant facts and information are not purposefully omitted even when such things may contradict one's hypothesis (MB: proposed explanations)

• Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another;

• References, or earlier work, are acknowledged where possible, and plagiarism (MB: representation of another author’s work, thoughts, expressions as if they were one’s own) is avoided.

Intellectual dishonesty is the pushing forward a position that is known to be false. Intentionally committed fallacies (intentionally invalid propositions) in debates and reasoning are examples of intellectual dishonesty. Misusing facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Denial of facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Misrepresenting revisionism of history, statue toppling, vandalism, aggressive protests and cancel culture is intellectual dishonesty. Labeling the above list “peaceful protests” is intellectual dishonesty. Praising the defund the police slogans, demeaning law and order, advocating for cop-killing is intellectual dishonesty. So are putting forward that black lives matters (more then all others or too, really same thing in this context) or denying that all lives matter equally, or at least should matter equally, at the end of second decade of the 21st century, demanding financial compensation for 500-200 hundred years ago slavery, kneeling during or walking away from the public performance arenas during the USA National Anthem are intellectually dishonest propositions. The list goes on and on.

Demanding your employees go through re-training to accept that black lives matter is brainwashing.

Restricting writers’ submissions to black voices, or people of color voices is the impact of brainwashing.

It happens very fast.

Most young people who eagerly accepted all that during The Summer of Floyd did not even realize how brainwashed they had been made, as their professors had also been brainwashed.

Brainwashing, therefore, is a cultural sterilization of thought, where the sterilizer may be written or spoken word. Honest debate, critical thinking, independent evaluation of written and spoken information and defiance in face of mob pressure or exertion of supervisory authority, refusal to submit to company politics and/or policies that infringe on one’s private opinions and one’s constitutional right to exercise free speech are tools necessary to survival. Arm yourselves with them if you want to advance as a free human being.

Today, US Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during the US Senate confirmation hearing, gave us all a lesson in composure, humility, ethics, morality, integrity and honesty.

Most of us would have wavered under a lesser pressure, Judge Amy displayed the strength of mental stability only the smartest among humans possess. From her pleasant, unaggressive demeanor, to her calm confidence, Judge ACB is a role model for women of all generations. 45 Democrat Senators barraged her for the second day in a row with convoluted orchestration of intellectual dishonesty designed to entrap and destroy this high-achieving woman, mother of 7, because it is inconvenient to them at this moment in their candidate’s campaign, inadvertently demonstrating to the world that they, Dems, care not for our country, only for the advancement of their agenda whilst pushing forward many positions that are known to be false. Their efforts to create alternative truth were painful to observe. I admire the grace with which Judge Barrett held herself through these first two days.

Truth always wins. Even after decades of brainwash, truth always has a propensity to shine through.

It did today through ACB. As a professional woman and a mother, I could not be more proud of her. I will be rooting for her approval and will commit to following her career no matter the outcome of this nomination. She represents me very well. I will strive to emulate her best I can.

She is the first Supreme Court nominee of my lifetime who is all that!


Un Free Press Role in Murdering America

Posted by Marina B on October 8, 2020 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I’ve been thinking about this for nearly four years while I witness the virtual assassination of President Donald J. Trump and murder of the United States of America that I love very dearly.

What would press be writing about Trump if its members were objective?

Vladimir Lenin in his revolution planning hideout somewhere in the Finnish countryside wrote that a swift takeover of the means of information is among the first priorities of socialist revolution.

Regrettably, I have to differ, schools are!

The revolution that we are currently witnessing in USA is made possible only because generations of youths have been propagandized to by their public school educators and college professors in the objectives and ideology of Marxism-Leninism, a subject I am bitterly familiar with, having grown up under its death-wish influence.

Loyal Leninists took over telephone, telegraph and newspapers of Sankt Petersburg on that unforgettable night onto November 7th 1917. New style date, as Russian calendar of that era was nearly two weeks behind. 13 days precisely, making the actual revolution date the 25th of October 1917, hence October Revolution. Teachers should be teaching this in USA schools. They do not. They also should have been teaching that this was the second revolution of 1917, why and how it was different, what events led into it and who really won, looking back philosophically at the total effect. The 1905 Bloody Sunday revolution should not have been left untaught either, as they each did not happen in the vacuum. They were steps into destruction of a country, culture, legacy… and created a lasting monstrosity.

Teachers should also be teaching American youths that Lenin’s regime caused mass exterminations of Russian citizens who did not support the revolutionary concepts of redistribution of assets, elimination of private property ownership and other social-economic reforms that always lead to starvation and extinction of the masses. US academia should have been passing the devastating lessons of Russian history, such as the bloody Civil War, that ensued immediately from November 7th 1918 and declared over on October 25, 1922, notably mashing the dates to declare proletariat’s victory on the anniversary of the bloodiest “bloodless revolution” of them all. In some parts of what would late be known as the USSR, the Civil War actually lasted for a few more years before it was suppressed by brutal Red force.

It was during the first year of the Civil War that Grandpa Lenin, as this idol was lovingly known to my generation of Soviet children, established a concentration camp system, later known as The Gulag. By 1921 there were 84 camps. Note: not defending Hitler here, but the world should stop crediting him with this invention! Modest calculations place approximately 18,000,000 behind that barbed wire.

American teachers impart Marxism-Leninism without divulging its dirty legacy.

All American reporters have graduated from schools whose academia adulate Marx and teach Lenin, socialism and social justice, as if these are the rewards of education, when in reality they are weapons of mass destruction, because they create the most powerful weapon of them all – brainwash.

Brainwashing, institutionally engrained into the young brains over lasting periods of time and reinforced through other supporting systems, like social ridicule and punishment of contradicting opinion, is a permanent weapon. Unless an afflicted person is put through a detox.

Personally, I remained blind to American media perversion and for the longest time assumed that everyone in the USA understands the evils of the USSR and would never want anything even remotely similar to happen in their country.

That does not mean that I approved of everything USA did 100%. I did not. But my faith in the wisdom and intellectual integrity of people reporting about the US government was overpowering.

The Iran Contras (Ronald Reagan), First Gulf War (George Bush), US Intervention in Bosnia (Bill Clinton)… I was still detoxing myself from under my Soviet brainwash and believed that an individual does not impact anything. Powerful governments do. Individuals who criticize them lose. Evidently, I was not alone. I lived in NYC, where majority of ordinary folk were lifelong democrats, belonged to unions, and did what their unions told them.

I then learned better, became anti-union, reinforced my capitalist beliefs and moved out of NY. But I still trusted the media, watched 20/20 and Anderson Cooper.

In 2000 I distinctly noted that the media is corrupt through a seemingly unimportant minutia – their eagerness to mispronounce ‘nucular’ a la GW Bush in order to kiss ass. Yes, GW had no ability to articulate ‘nuclear’ and our college-educated members of the press were readily dropping their ability to say it correctly. Why?

Next came the post-911 horrors MSM inability to discern fact from fiction in the War on Terror and their willingness to obliterate the common sense. That lack of journalistic integrity spread faster than COVID19 and sinfully afflicted most of MSM.

There were few exceptions, but overall, it was all downhill from there. By the time BHO got into the WH and gag orders were placed full force on everything and anything capable of bringing Truth to light, USA had no free press.

The Dark Age of Obama eliminated enemies of Marxism from every place in US, state and local government, fulfilling his beautifully delivered assurance of fundamentally changing USA to the glorification by MSM.

I was still willing to give BHO a chance and certainly I gave all due respect to the office of US President. Not in my worst nightmare, I could then imagine that he, BHO, with 2 portraits, would signal the end of respect for that office, he so ingloriously occupied for 8 dark years, unapologetically spilling blood of many, most notably, The Benghazi 4 and Dallas 5.

That is why President Donald J Trump does not command respect from the Obama half of the population. They are in the War on Trump, meaning the War Against America that BHO had declared. Peaceful transition of power did not happen in 2016. And our pathetic MSM was brain-dead, silent, or outright supportive of that coup. It suddenly became socially, societally, politically and educationally acceptable to destroy US citizens on fake charges (Michael Flynn), causing them and their families undue harm, financial and professional ruin and worse, like Roger Stone’s arrest. So many things immediately went off with the radicalized and cleverly steered by their socialist puppeteers saturated by fake news and narratives youths and socialists of every age, some of whom are clueless snowflakes, and some are very dangerous elements, who belong in jail for life, but whose assistance in this War Against America was engaged for pay online, in the open, advocated by every radical – BHO, Michelle, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sanders, Warren, Kamala, Hillary – and all those other united in their determination to fundamentally destroy the country that gave them everything!

Since time immemorial US Government had people of opposing opinions, ideas and goals serving the country for a salary paid by the people of the United States.

Some of these people served in the White House.

But only after Obama, had we seen the quantitative domestic terror from the wide spread anti-US network The Community Organizer In Chief established during his eight years. That was his administration’s focus – to prepare everything for socialism and, incidentally, but not less importantly, Islamization of America. All the ground work has been laid. We, the people, were being suppressed and believing that after BHO’s term normalcy would return, we waited. And they counted on it. With the help of the press, of course. Always, with the help of the press.

There is no end to the sly, clever, inventive meanness served under the guise of measured, well-rehearsed and practiced in front of a mirror, public image projection. Ability to control one’s temper to inflict a deliberately deceptive personality switch onto unsuspecting audiences is now being praised as a desirable character trait through speech-writers bait and switch ploys, like Michele’s “when they go low, we go high,” a postulate whose terms have been intentionally swapped, like the endless other substitutions of the politically corrected vocabulary. We no longer know the true definitions of certain words, like liberal, for instance. Used to actually mean possessing a kind, bleeding, heart. Now it is representative of socialist cold cruelty. Michelle’s hi, of course, is best illustrated by her response to the kidnapping, rape and slavery of hundreds of Nigerian Christian school girls and that forced photo op she posed for at the WH #bringbackourgirls – brings back so many memories – none of them about Obamas' kindness. They are a cruel cold socialist indoctrination in progress. They are a working family. One purpose, one goal, destroy USA. That is why they stayed in DC, used Soros’s money for the creation of shadow government and have fought the War Against America for 4 years.

I will probably end up in Obama Gulag for posting this. But I must. I will not be silenced by the oppressed press and its unwitting collaborators.


Babi Yar - Timeline of Tragedy

Posted by Marina B on September 29, 2020 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

 This photo, taken by a Nazi Officer in Babi Yar Sept 29-30 1941, was colorized recently.

We are each the sum of our memories and my most meaningful memories are about surviving anti-Semitism and Socialism. I even remember things I personally did not experience, but lived through the memories of others. I remember them always.

Kiev was bombed by the Nazis on June 22, 1941 at 4 a.m.

I have heard about it from all my relatives who remembered it, as well as from countless neighbors, including those non-Jews who lived in Kiev throughout the war.

My uncle Valera was born September 3, 1941 in Ural Mountains.

Counting back from his birth, I suspect that my maternal grandma, great-grandma, my uncle (10yo)and my mom (9yo), departed by train from Darnitza train station on or about August 6.

Other relatives evacuated as well.

Battle of Kiev lasted from 23 August to 26 September, 1941. My grandfather Avrum and some other relatives participated. Some dug the trenches. Avrum did at first. Then he was issued a uniform. Some time toward the end of this battle, his entire Army of Kiev Defenders was captured. So was he.

Kiev was occupied by the Nazis on September 19, 1941.

September 21, 1941 was Elul, 5701, Sunday, Erev Rosh Hashana.

How did the 40,000 or so Kiev Jews who did not evacuate for whatever reason mark it? I never thought about it until this year, 2020. Were they able to have a traditional meal with any traditional food? There was flour and water and maybe eggs and chickens in the numerous Kiev “dvoriki” yards. Did the women bake? Did they dip apples into honey? Did they pray? I assume so, because the old ones always do. And in scary times as such, so do many younger ones.

September 22, 1941 was 1st of Tishrei, 5702, Monday, Rosh Hashana 5702.

How did they spend the first day of that New Year? Who will tell me that story?

September 24, 1941 there were explosions of the ancient Kreschatik, Kiev’s beautiful main artery. The Red Army hurriedly set that off in a poorly conceived and executed plan. Many Nazi officers were killed in their hotel and surrounding best buildings in the city. The Reds were captured and tortured before executions to find out of other planned defenses/attacks, depending on the perspective.

September 26, 1941, Friday. Kurt Eberhard, the field commander of Kiev, assembled a meeting and assigned the responsibility for September 24th to the Jews.

How did the Jews of Kiev spend their last Shabbat? Most of them were young enough not to practice Judaism any longer. They were good and observant socialists. But I want to think they still called to G-d on that Shabbat. Did they?

September 27, 1941, Saturday. Did the old men discuss prayers? Did the women give their kids special treats? I do not know that Kiev. I can only imagine it because of the bits and pieces I know about its history and from growing up there.

September 28, 1941, Sunday. The following notice was posted in Russian, Ukrainian and German all through the city. "All the Yids of the city of Kiev and its vicinity must appear on Monday September 29, 1941 by 8 a.m. at the corner of Melnikova and Dokhterivskaya streets (next to the cemetery). Bring documents, money and valuables, and also warm clothing, bed linen etc. Any Yids who do not follow this order and are found elsewhere will be shot. Any civilians who enter the dwellings left by Yids and appropriate the things in them will be shot".

September 29, 1941

I remember this day because it is impossible to be a Jew from Kiev and to not remember this day.

I remember it because a Russian boy, Anatoly Kuznetzov, 12 yo at the onset of the war, remembered it for me in his book Babi Yar, A Document in the Form of a Novel, a memoir he published 1966.

I remember it because Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote a poem that was published in 1961, the year of my birth.

I remember it because a Jewish survivor, Dina Pronicheva, whom Kuznetsov interviewed, testified on January 24, 1946 at a Kiev war-crimes trial of 15 members of the German police responsible for the Kiev Region.

I remember it because for the 18 years I lived among Kievans who never ceased to call me a kike and regretted that not all Jews died in Babi Yar.

I remember it because the legless man, Grandma Reeva’s neighbor, WWI survivor, said in early August 1941 to her “Germans are cultured. I was in their captivity. They treated me well.” He died with his grandson, my uncle’s and father’s classmate Syoma, in Babi Yar. His sister jumped out of the window early in the day on the 29th. Kuznetsov mentions her, but does not know her name. I do! She was beautiful! She was 17! I remember her every year and will light a candle for her tomorrow.

September 30, 9th of Tishrei, 5702, Tuesday, Erev Yom Kippur (Yad Vashem records it as September 29)

From Einsatzgruppe C reports: "The bitter hostility of the Ukrainian population against the Jews is extremely great, because it is thought that they were responsible for the explosions in Kiev. They are also seen as NKVD informers and agents, who unleashed the terror against the Ukrainian people. All Jews were arrested in retaliation for the arson in Kiev, and altogether 33,771 Jews were executed on September 29th and 30th. Gold, valuables and clothing were collected and put at the disposal of the National-Socialist Welfare Association (NSV), for the equipment of the Volksdeutsche, and part given to the appointed city administration for distribution to the needy population".

October 01, 10th of Tishrei, 5702, Wed, Yom Kippur

From Yad Vashem: Arranging the mass executions of the Jews on the days of Soviet or Jewish holidays was a frequent occurrence and had symbolic meaning of triumph for the Germans.

Those Jews who were not murdered during the two-day massacre of late September 1941 were locked up in garages on Melnikova Street near Babi Yar. These Jews were murdered in Babi Yar by members of Einsatzkommando 5 on October 1-3, 1941.

October 05, 14th of Tishrei, 5702, Sun, Erev Sukkot -

October 06, 15th of Tishrei, 5702, Mon, Sukkot -

Zakhar Trubakov, a Jewish survivor from Kiev, remembered “I did not go myself and urged others as best I could not to go. I told many people how the Nazis had murdered the Jews of Minsk – the capital of Byelorussia. People listened but, as often happens, did not hear. They answered that they had nowhere to hide, especially those with little kids. And many simply refused to believe the worst… "

Oh, people of Israel, hear my prayer…

Word Inversion Is World Inversion

Posted by Marina B on August 30, 2020 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)


In my youth I was fascinated with my "discovery" that all life originated from Africa. There were no blacks living in the USSR. In some large cities, there were foreign students, but those were exceptions. Black people had my fascination.

The way the children in the USSR classrooms got to learn about the origin of life in Africa was to substitute Darwin for scripture. God was not allowed on a doorstep of Soviet Socialist classrooms since 1917. God’s place of honor was always occupied by V.I. Lenin and what was passed to us and pounded into our heads as his teachings.

The Soviet creative Darwinism, for instance, flourished between 1930s and 1950s from the selective Darwin’s works, and had led to the transmutation of species. That allowed for the acceptance of various genetics experimentations that were conducted mostly in the subhuman conditions of GULAG and mostly in competition with similarly subhuman genetic experiments that were conducted in the NAZI concentration camps over most of the same time period. Such comparison, of course, had I vocalized it back in the USSR, could have landed me in the 1970s GULAG, always a scary place. So none of us vocalized much contradiction to government. We were afraid. We were taught to be afraid.

Similarly, we did not contradict our teachers in history or civics classes. Well, actually I did, for an entire year. Read about it in my book My Life Through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist. But I was young and daring, naïve and inexperienced. In other times, I could have perished. Or been tortured. Or at least humiliated, like some were humiliated this past summer in the US and elsewhere for not subscribing to the public hysteria, chaos, anarchy and pressure.

You see, of course, life began in Africa. I know now it is not a contradiction to God. It is a work of God and history of its chosen people. Israel is on a crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. But people of Israel had never been black. Olive skinned, like the Italians and Arabs, but not black. Since much of written and archeological evidence is being obliterated at times of conquests, much of what was known about the world is always being inverted whenever facts are substituted with layers of “fake evidence.” A fairly recent example of this is Googling “European people history” then clicking "image" tab. The picture above is what is being returned. Someone took deliberate measures to substitute these clearly deceiving images to invert the general perception of the world and European history.

Why have they done it? and

Who has done it? should be the questions asked on CNN, etc.

I bet most of you never even knew it.

Similarly, the inversion is happening in the United States of America. It is being forced through PC word meanings’ inversions, inversions of values and traditions. It is the cultural revolution’s homage to the new idols people are or about to be forced to worship, just like we worshiped Grandpa Lenin in the USSR. It is unpleasant and has already become dangerous. I hope it is still curable!

Submission to radicalized values always happens under duress and with extreme physical force. Ordinary people are never stupid. They know when their values are inverted. They will resist. That is individual people will. But how long will courageous individuals resist is my question. Everyone wants to live. And socialist history, of which we have plenty recoverable evidence, clearly shows the bloody trail of submission to the inverted values of the dominating forces. Because masses behave as masses do and they are traditionally stupid!

Six short months ago USA laughed at the possibility of COVID-19 pandemic and leaders like Pelosi and Schumer were angrily calling President Trump all sorts of intellectually stimulating words in the deliberate attempt to invert his role in pandemic prevention when he immediately closed China from entering the US. Now they are inverting again, blaming him for not acting swiftly, etc. etc. Inversion is the profession they know well. Just like faking.

Three months ago most US Americans had no clue of BLM or ANTIFA. Marixists and NAZIs as they are… Some of US were following their story since 2016.

Here’s the inversion I am observing in August 2020 – instead of the 1960s Black Panthers someone, presumably with George Soros's money, brainwashed and rounded up white youths to perpetrate the BLM-ANTIFA dirty bloody work… I fear the worst will come in the weeks before the election and in the months that will follow.

In the meantime, we have to deal with real tragedies that were inflicted on us because SOCIALISM always inflicts terror on the peaceful ordinary hard-working people. Always!

I am no longer fascinated with Black people. Forty years in USA exposed me to people of all races, religions and vvalues. I am fascinated with people who can move the world out of this inversion. Like Ben Carson moved USA out of the imminent black hole at National Prayer breakfast in 2013.


Know Your Idols

Posted by Marina B on August 5, 2020 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Autors of various works, plans and strategies of how to take YOURS to make it THEIRS

Grandpa Friedrich Engels, (11/28/1820 – 8/5/1895), son of an early German industrialist, a passionate critic and defender of workers’ safety and fair economic conditions; primary creator of what is now Marxism, so be noted. He walked away from both the class conflict and the ensuing socialist revisionism as he “sobered up” with age and returned to his industrialist family values. The family supported him, he worked in the family businesses. He supported Marx financially, sharing this “burden” with Marx’s father–in-law and wife.

Social class: industrialist and middle class bourgeois.

Grandpa Karl Marx, (5/5/1818 – 3/14/1883) a poor man, whose father said that his son was possessed by a demon. Karl’s social standing was elevated to prosperity via a lucrative marriage to a woman of wealth, four years older and from a noble family, who shared, and more likely, fueled his “demonic drive” aimed at the destruction of German and world government, redistribution of wealth and power, and creation of a classless society. Marx relied on Engels to co-create his globalist plans, later usurped the credit, and is now 100% credited for Marxism by majority of the globe. Karl spent his life writing against the very hand that fed him and his huge family – seven children. All 4 daughters named Jenny, like their baroness mother…

Spent most of his adult life in exile, after deportation from Prussian Empire (Germany) for his anti-government activities

Social class: middle class bourgeois, after marriage, upper class nobility

Grandpa Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov alias Lenin (4/22/1970 – 1/21/1924) a progressive teacher’s son in the epoch following the one known as "enlightenment". Lenin's brother, 4 years older, a Russian terrorist Alexander Ulyanov, was executed at age 21 for his principal role in political ideology, organization and bomb-making of March 1, 1887 assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander III of Russia, whose father, Alexander II, was assassinated on March 1, 1881. Lenin’s famous quote “we will go another route” refers to the different course, proletarian revolution, which he ultimately headed with German money. (Note: Germany had direct interest in it because of WWI.)

Spent most of his life living off donations to “the cause” of socialist revolution. In prison, in hiding, in exile. On foreign payroll.

Social class: middle class bourgeois and professional revolutionary.

About The Attitude

Posted by Marina B on August 4, 2020 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

As I am knee deep in my next pre-query work, I recently stumbled upon a blog by a very famous literary agent. He had advertised an entry from his  blog as THE QUERY to emulate. Well, I counted several, more than five, grammatical errors in the very query...

As a non-native speaker and writer, I expect to make grammatical errors in the language whose grammar I was barely taught.

But if the attitude of the famous literary agents is that of "do as I say and as I do," then I have this to say - show me, don't tell me! Live up to your own expectations. Or read and respond to every query with typos. Do not throw away writers' hopes and chances, because we are all human.

Not only you.

Reading Between The Lines

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Hendrick Smith, the legendary NYT reporter who spent significant time in the USSR and wrote about it, cites a famous joke of the cold, gloomy and deficient 1970's "There's no truth in The News (Izvestia) and no news in The Truth (Pravda)," two of our leading newspapers that were like the The WaPo and NYT of modern day USA. He was a really good foreign correspondent, but he was not a Soviet. All Soviet citizens knew something that Mr. Smith did not - we are the in-between-the-lines readers. It is a skill only the "natives" garner – the oppressed, the deceived, the persecuted, the penalized, the ostracized. We knew how to seek and find droplets of TRUTH as well as tidbits of the REAL NEWS amid fields of literary manure that was our Soviet Press - The Truth (Pravda), The Komsomol Truth, The Labor, The News (Izvestia) - were our four leading newspapers (pictured above). We also knew how to not share THE TRUTH with our social circles, except for the most trusted and vetted out. We were expected and often required to read these papers by our “bosses” – our work, school, The Young Pioneeers League (boy/girl scouts to you), The Young Communist League (Komsomol) and The Party (Communist! What other party is there?!)

The first time I had to prepare the newspaper report was in 4th grade. I detested anything that had to do with the demagogue-authored endless articles and promulgations and such other faithful heavily worded declarations of The Party allegiances by orators, writers and speakers from early on. So, I always made my reports from obscure and fun news items, the space plugs like “a woman was hit by a car in UK and awoke speaking an ancient language no one understands.” I was into the weird news even then. Most of my classmates were much less abstinent. They compliantly and faithfully reported on the agricultural and domestic items that became especially indigestible around party congresses.

USSR operated on a 5-year plan, something that the Democrat Party of USA is set on introducing to Americans in the event of their 2020 presidential win. Whenever we read in the newspapers or heard on TV of the record-breaking grain-harvesting, for instance, and then compared it to the unavailability of certain grains on our "supermarket" shelves, we learned an easy read-between-the-lines lesson - assume the reverse of what you are reading/hearing/watching/witnessing is true.

Another lesson was using learning to use nothing except your own common sense when reading and comprehending sentences like "the entire workforce collectives of Vladivostok factories and offices came out to the streets to enthusiastically welcome US President Gerald Ford." That was in 1974. While there was always a curiosity factor in such public outpourings of enthusiasm - who'd ever get to see real Americans otherwise? - most normal people had to be corralled by something we called "voluntarily-forcible" manner to partake in anything outside of their exhausting and depressing routines. It was a part of the collective (mass mob) mentality. Like we did in our school, when polit-preparation speakers came to "educate" us about the various writings of our leaders - dead and living. Like, Brezhnev's letter during my senior year, 1978, to Hafiz Al-Assad, General Secretary of Arab Renaissance Socialist Party, in which the General Secretary of The Communist Party of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (GenSec) praised Progressive National Front of Syria, Palestine Liberation Organization and Syrian Communist Party while calling for the withdrawal of all Israel troops from the territories Israel annexed in 1967 (after the war it was provoked into and dared to win! - that's me, not GenSec). Sounds familiar? Similar to now? Doesn't Obama say this? Biden? Who else?

Americans have no idea how the between-the-lines-reading works. They did not grow up on the Bolshevik revolution stories praising secret communication in jails that Marxists invented. They don;t even know what Marxism is and allowed it to occupy USA! Americans did not have to lie and pretend they like Marxism-Leninism ideals during the stomach-turning nauseating hours-long meetings; they did not have to submit to the strong-armed enforcers of totalitarian oppression. Until The Summer of Floyd. When in their workplaces they are being forced by their superiors to submit to praisings of Antifa, BLM, "Saint George" and other equally disturbing demonstrations/sneak previews of what awaits USA after the "peaceful demonstrators" win.

America got its fastest read-between-the-lines lesson now with "peaceful protestors" who are looting, vandalizing, terrorizing and killing the normal citizens and police odfficers in every metropolis this summer. With the organs of American press and nearly all news stations already serving as propaganda for The Democrat Party, Socialism is at American door, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yo Socialism Mama knows about this wolf, Do you? American youth and other sheep, having swallowed sufficient volumes of brainwash for decades and lacking even the basic knowledge and understanding about the tendency of Mother History to repeat her tough luck lessons, are forcing US into the new codification of messages in order to retain at least some illusion of freedom and democracy before socialist insanity will prevail.

There is no truth in The Washington Post, and no news in The New York Times.


The Role of A Teacher - Then and Now

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"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teacher, leave them kids alone"

I loved Brick in The Wall by Pink Floyd, the song that was super popular in the year of my arrival to USA. I don't think I clearly heard or understood all the words in it, and I am certain, I had no idea how the deliberately distorted the English language was. It defined the characters, who were sarcastically demanding improvements in their education. Just like I did only a short while before then.

To my freshly out of the USSR ears and my bewildered by the year of resettlement mind, it was a hymn to the dismantlement of the lifetime powers my socialist teachers had just finished subjecting me to after ten long years. I sat through the countless classes, concerts and meetings of brainwash. First without understanding that I was being groomed, then with full understanding and compliance, and lastly, with defiance.

Socialism was something that I understood as the "thought control" in Pink Floyd's song. Thought control, behavior control, life control ... these were the very reasons why I escaped from it, paying dearly for the opportunity to change the course of my life. I thought that I got rid of the strong, powerful, debilitating hold of Socialism and the society and system it builds - forever.

During my school years, I had a number of wonderful teachers who understood, not unlike many of the USSR citizens, the damage socialist teachings were doing to our young minds, but could not stop teaching us the socialist ideology of Marx-Lenin and Brezhnev, who was The Premiere of the Central Committee of the USSR then. It was part of their loss and socialism's win - complete submission to the totalitarian authority. "If you're not with us, you are against us," Lenin said. His anxious followers eliminated those who where against. Simple reason not to dispute who's in charge at all times. No matter how harsh the reality as contrasted to the utopian ideal if its promise.

Most people living now no longer know what USSR was - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - the country that gave birth to the socialist experiment and started the largest mass murder of the 20th century - 100,000,000 dead because they protested, or just simply expressed their dislike, or were removed by more deserving socialists, who needed to redistribute their homes and furniture to themselves. Neighbor against neighbor. The Russian Revolution, that was a technically bloodless event of November 7,1917, left a long red trek in its wake. It is so long and so lasting, it seems eternal at times.

I, too, wanted to become a teacher. In fact, it was the only aspiration I ever had as a child and teen. I played teacher, I practiced to be a teacher, I substituted for sick teachers since I was in 5th grade, I trained to be a teacher. I even had a job waiting for me. Yet, as I realized that there is no escape from brainwashing the new generations of Soviets into the same socialist nightmare I already knew, I decided to not partake in that cycle, choosing instead to a stateless refugee...with all the fears of the unknown that were ahead.

So, I already know what it feels like to be condemned by your close friends, who secretly envy your bravery but for whatever the reason cannot be brave. I already know what it is like to be ostracized by the circle of peers and society, to be spied on by neighbors, to be tagged and branded, to be corralled and join the horde. I know what it is like to be treated as an enemy. Why would anyone want to relive what I went through?

Like right now, on July 31, 2020, in USA, during The Summer of Floyd. Not Pink Floyd! George Floyd, he unfortunate criminal, whose death was so skillfully used by the Marxists aimed at the overthrow of the United States of America and turning it into yet another Socialist "success" with food lines and mandated medicine that make no pretense that ordinary humans only matter to the regime to serve as slaves to it.

I taught in the United States instead. To the adults, who like me, underwent lived through their individual variation of exodus. Teaching is very gratifying experience for the teacher. As I shaped my adult students' professional knowledge, I also imparted on them some humorous ways of dealing with speaking with an accent and becoming a rightful member of the democracy.

In retrospect, I probably could not have lasted long in US as a teacher. 10 years into my immigration, I became an American patriot, and my academic head would have rolled, had I not complied. I wouldn't have, so now you know.

I am mortified at the socialist brainwash the so-called "educators" of America imposed on generations of American youth. Brainwash is as contrary to the concept of education as child molestation. Yet we punish only the molesters ...we reward the brainwashers, because most of them are in the teachers unions and are serving the unions agenda. Not at all as the best teachers in history, who went unremarkably nameless, but created great minds like Leonardo, Einstein and Curie. in every sphere at every epoch of human development.

The role of the teacher first and foremost is to teach to reason and rationalize, to build and develop the strength of character to pursue lifetime learning and search for The Truth. Not to recite the works of Lenin or Marx or the myriads of socialist professors of America who are required to publish, so they push their socialist agenda onto our brilliant republic, its democracy, and the mesmerized by the failed promise of socialism generations of the useful idiots our institutions of learning put out.


Kiev Sept 1941 to USA in 2020, looters, invaders, and ordinary peoples fates.

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Hitler’s Germany attacked USSR on June 22, 1941. Kiev was bombed at 4 a.m. Once Nazis entered Kiev on September 19, 1941, the remaining population did what civilians caught in the war zone do - they fended for themselves, because they had no government over them to keep law and order. Most of them hated the Soviets-Bolsheviks-Communists. They had no idea what just rolled into town...

The people of fallen Kiev run on the stores, broke the glass window panes and stole everything - food, lamps, matches, candles, furniture - whatever. The invading army gave them three days, as invaders usually do their own soldiers. The Nazis also took part but since the Germans were a more civilized, cultured, intellectually superior class, they feasted by raping and killing.

One 11 year old boy, Anatoly Kunetsov, observed much of this, even participated in some petty looting with his neighborhood mob in a desperate attempt to provide for his family, took some notes, and reported about everything he witnessed during occupation in his incredible book Babiy Yar after he survived, grew up and became a writer.

What was the NAZI response after the “grace period” was over? How did they restore order? They issued one of their many edicts. It was a flyer, typed in Russian and pasted in many places overnight. The people read it in the morning and quickly spread the news, faster than we do over Facebook - through the neighborhood grapevine - the ancient, most effective method to spread fear. The order mandated all looters to return 100% of the their booty to the loot gathering centers. Death for the non-compliant. Immediate fear spread through the city. People, who for three days proudly carried the stolen goods into their homes, then ate and drank their stolen goodies, were now mortified that they could be shot by the invaders, who authoritatively walked around the city, shooting on site any Soviet Army men, or Komsomol (young communist league) members they discovered. In all neighborhoods the lines formed to return the loot. Anatoly returned what he stole, after some contemplation. After 30 years of Socialist rule, everyone, even children, knew to be afraid of their neighbors more even than the authorities. What government could not discover, willing neighborhood spies did for a price, under any of the many regimes. If you wonder what happened to the recovered “loot,” it was passed on, in a very organized manner, to the Nazi-collaborating store-keepers for resale, after the Nazis took their “finder’s fee.” The were no protesting rightful owners, i.e. Soviet Government. They were conquered. Destroyed.

Even before The Summer of Floyd, many Trump-haters were comparing his presidency to Nazi Germany and POTUS himself to Hitler. It’s beneath me to reflect on the idiocy of such parallels - it speaks entirely of the prejudices and hatred of these fraudsters who know neither history nor honor. The intellectuals they undoubtedly consider themselves are not unlike the Germans of the 1930’s and 40’s. I offer to you, instead, a thought on how US Federal Government handled the insurrectionists’ looting and rioting under the magnificent democracy of US constitution - the Feds allowed the state and local level governments to address the situation locally, using the citizen-paid resources. What happened next? How did each municipal government address the theft, vandalism and destruction of citizens’ and businesses’ private property, murders and mayhem? They, the “invaders” did not! They condone it by repeatedly pretending it is ok to rob and destroy, especially if Federal property or even lives are at stake. I think, they are the ones behaving like the Nazis in Kiev in September of 1941 or most likely, even worse. But with a twist - they control by dismantling order to inflict anarchy until they are ready for the totalitarian takeover.

No one was asked to return anything they stole from the hundreds, thousands of places! In fact, the blame has been shifted from the “invaders” to the rightful owners - businesses, private citizens, police, Federal Government and, of course, The President, who has been patiently waiting for the local and state governments to return to their paid duties - maintaining law and order in the municipalities people entrusted to their care. That is so Hitler, right?! The invaders are provoking a to-the-death situation with each passing day.

The defenders of Kiev in 1941, blew up the city center to get rid of the Nazis in a heroic but poorly delivered action, which led to the anyway inevitable mass murder of the remaining Jews of Kiev - 33,771 shot by bullets in the ravine called Babiy Yar on September 29 and 30th. That is what you see in the deliberately blurred photo above. A happy Nazi made sure he captured a lot of scenes. It’s all online for those who want to study and educate others to never forget.

Jews are now being blamed more and more by the invaders and insurrectionists in The Summer of Floyd through various anti-Semitic methods of libel. We are so used to that, aren’t we? Inevitably, they always line us up in our next Babiy Yar and fire, or whatever the means of execution they’ll use this time. My bet’s on chipping, so they can send us off like in Logan’s Run, but hey, I could think of a real pandemic or two or three.

The inability of so many ordinary people to discern who is who in the modern day scenarios comes into play because for fifty years or so, the right wing of the Republican Party has been associated with KKK through the Democrat Party’s intentional deliberate distortion. Yes, there are radicals who are in the Republican Party who hate. Like, yes, there are many Jews who vote Democrat because they are socialists in their hearts and think that “social justice’ is the best cure for humankind. There are huge numbers of Jews who vote Republican because they have common sense in addition to whatever intelligence is attributed to the Jews by Jew-haters and think that social justice is not a reasonable measure to gain equality in a modern society. Just like there are huge numbers of Republicans who do not hate anyone and never did. Even if their ancestry were white or black slave-owners. There are still plenty of people left in The Democrat Party who are torn between their multi-generational party loyalties and their own common sense as they witness the domestic terrorism in action. That is no social justice! Social Justice, in its present form, is nothing but a call for vindictiveness. An eye for an eye. Drop the Party platform and look at The Truth and nothing but The Truth, so help you Gd!

We are now at the point of history where Democrat Party is rapidly becoming like the marriage of Hitler Jugent to Brownshirts, a mob of exalted radicalized executioners torturing everything in their path to serve the dictatorial regime whose declared leader is actually already hiding in his “bunker.”

I awake feeling like I am the boy Anatoly Kuznetsov in Kiev in the ten days of September 1941 between the 19th and 29th, frantically trying to figure out what the invaders will do next and always failing. I shake with fear that once again the Jews will be told to gather with their most valued possessions and be marched by the mob to their final ravine and this time, their Christian friends and defenders of common sense, American Patriotism, capitalism, freedom and all that is so great about USA, will also be accosted and annihilated at the same pyre.

Today, as I witnessed AG Barr Democrat Party Inquisitionists, I cried, because I could already smell the smoke and taste the final bloody breath I will take - there is no other logical way of looking at this - The Invaders have been sanctioned by The Leaders of The Democrat Party of The United States to destroy all people who oppose their invasion.

Today is a sad day for history of USA. We are all permanently shut away in our homes instead of gathering by millions to defend our freedom! Whilst we still can!

The Iron Mask of COVID19 or how to lie down and hide under a white sheet...

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The most lastingly vivid example of personal injustice literature and history offer us is the story of a twin-king who, for his personal security and well-being, was isolated from the world and hidden behind a contraption shown in this photo, the Iron Mask. We know him as The Man in The Iron Mask. We all read Dumas, didn’t we? If you did not, you probably learned little or nothing from the films showing his captivity; none of his mental torment. But even he was not deprived of the ability to speak...his lips were free, his tongue was not cut-off, like the Romans in Britain or Indians or Chinese or Arabs would have done, and he was not forced to inhale his own CO2... like the modern mask wearers... What does it matter now? The French Revolution rolled over him, his brother, his country, his countries’ revolutionaries... as the next revolution will over the next people its crooked or insane leaders strive to “liberate” in order to enslave them into the next new order...

In the 1960s and 1970s, during the Cold War, I, behind the Iron Curtain, you, underneath The Stars and Stripes you so proudly saluted to every morning, were told to practice what to do in case of activated nuclear threat. I remember, “get down to the floor, cover your body with a white sheet”... “Will that help me live?” I asked my teacher once. “No, but it will keep your body from turning to dust,” she answered. Oh my teachers, they all also told me that socialism will turn into communism by the year 2000, whilst we were all equally deprived of food, clothing, housing, medicine, truth, etc. They could not tell me anything different, because their teachers’ union would have sanctions and severely punish them. By putting a figurative muzzle (mask) on them and cutting their tongue (imprisonment).

After arriving to America, every foreigner from Soviet-block countries noticed that Americans smiled and were welcoming. It became part of my assimilation process. A foreign born, Naturalized American Citizen usually treasures USA and everything about it. We know the difference of gaining freedom. Sorry, native-born, you usually do not! You were lucky to have freedom at birth. You have no idea how to smile without smiling because you really don’t have much to smile about. Or maybe now you do. The events of 2020 have been teaching you that freedom is yours to lose. But are you seeing the lesson? Are you willing to protect your freedom? To fight for Lady Liberty, whenever she needs you?

In the USSR, where everyone had all sorts of winter flues and colds and whatever, we were told to stay at home, keep our distance, not to exhale or cough into the faces of others, wash our hands and not to share dishes with other household members. Then I came to USA, New York, more specifically, where everyone went everywhere whilst coughing and sneezing. People at work used the same telephones without ever using a disinfectant. On subways and buses, they wiped their noses and grabbed the handles others would grab after them in a moment. No one wiped any shopping carts. Or paper money. Or whatever. Our children, like us, were taught to ignore minor symptoms and go to school. Since moving to Florida in 2004, I have witnessed the snowbirds flying in sick on airplanes. Going to the supermarkets and sneezing and coughing on fruit, vegetables, and other shoppers. People would look at me like I was crazy, when I tried to distance myself from them instead of saying “Gd bless you!” or wiping my carts at Publix in a maniacal manner. NO ONE EVER WORE MASKS! Except in Japan. Or our guests from Japan here in Florida. Just last February.

A civilian wears a medical mask for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only: 1) to protect himself from contamination 2) to avoid knowingly contaminating others with what he already has.

If I am not sick, I cannot contaminate you. If I am in a closed space, like an airplane, one of the filthiest, most unsanitary quarters humans are canned into, I may want to wear a mask to prevent catching whatever you or other passengers may have. When you choose to wear a mask that is not N95 or otherwise contagion preventative, all you are doing is making yourself more vulnerable. Without it, your healthy immune system fights. With it, you may make yourself sick and become another improperly counted COVID statistic...

No one ever wore a mask because “we were all in it together” socialist slogan had never before been applied to so successfully to rapidly brainwash a generation. No one ever wore a mask out of sheer “concern for others.” Mask-wearing in 2020 is becoming a selfish act of voluntary servitude. The liberal left is politicizing it and blames the Republicans for politicizing it, like they twist and turn and burn everything in their destructive path to globalization of socialism.

Some people, who think of themselves as my friends, felt the urge to berate me for my very strong viewpoint. I guess, we were just never friends. Friends respect each others’ opinions. Or have a balanced way to deal with differences of their opinions.

Nobody, not even Presidents Trump, Xi or Putin, know the full truth about COVID. It is probably buried somewhere by Hillary Clinton’s able assistant Huma...(LOL)

I had an appointment with my eye doctor at the hospital yesterday. Had to wear a mask to get in. They also took my temp. I am healthy! There were no other people in the waiting area. I glimpsed into a couple offices. They were all mask-less. I lowered my mask. I met no one. No one had me breathing on them. When the doc came out, I pulled my mask on and we later agreed to lower it below my nose, while we were sitting opposite each other 1 foot apart. I reserve the right to exercise my judgement and I am not judging anyone who wears their mask even when driving alone and also with their rubber gloves on... Anyway, I could not breathe and still I was fogging the equipment. The good things about masks - neither doc nor I smelled each others lunch breath...

I am harshly judging careless idiots who dispose of their worn masks in parking lots via littering! Or anyone who fails to recognize the totalitarian control measure of mask mandates at non-pandemic pandemic of COVID!

I know for certain, that by forcing upon a nation of friendly people of USA a repressive mask mandate along with stay at home, unemployment and cultural revolution 100+ days before The Most Imperative Presidential Election in USA History, you are saying to me that I should get that white funeral sheet, because if I will not be pulverized, I will be enslaved like the man in the Iron Mask - until the end of my days.

Well you do that! I’m not stopping you from inhaling CO2! I am not stopping you from wearing your “Iron Mask.”

As for me, I’d like to look you and death in the face with my uncovered smile!