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My Friend David C

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 3:10 PM

My friend David C was born on November 7th in the USSR.

"What a joke!" he used to joke, smiling sardonically, because deep down he kinda liked being born on The Great October Bolshevik Revolution Day." It made him special. Everyone remembered his birthday. It was so hard to forget the day ingrained in our Socialist being by our Socialist Educators. David was so anti-Soviet, anti-Socialist, anti-Communist, anti-USSR. More so than many people I have met and I've known plenty who were anti- all that through my journey.

David loved to tell fibs about his Jewish grandma, She was probably the most beloved woman in his life. Except Luba. But David's Jewish grandma tales were numerous and hilarious. I wish I could at least recall one, but no - they all left me. The laughter never did. And that's how I remember David -- always ready to make me laugh,

Oh, I was a very tough customer then. Depressed and unconsolable at the onset of our friendship, I became stronger and clearer daily under David's fellowship. He was patient, wise, and very intelligent. Not in the traditionally expected way, but in the best possible of ways, because David was a philosopher. Lonely, heart-broken, responsible and committed are words that come to mind. Unattractive is another,

David endured separation from the love of his love best he could, but in the end it got him, along with the incurable aggravated debilitating MS.

We all went far, his companions of the early days in America. Some became rich, some excelled in their careers, all got married, some got divorced, some had kids. He was deprived of all that. After suffering privately, sheltered by his family from outside interference, from the age of 27, he had a massive stroke, and became completely submerged into his immobile world. What thought went through his brilliant mind, what anecdotes, what romances, what dreams he fulfilled, only he knew.

27 years after he got ill, he died on Lenin's birthday, a couple years ago - a lasting joke! I am convinced, he is laughing with me as I write down this tribute to my very dear unforgettable friend.

I love you, David C. Always do!


Posted on March 24, 2017 at 5:05 PM

   Hatred is the ultimate form of expressing envy. All the hate-Trump people, in lesser or greater form, are experiencing the uncontrollable surge of envy at the win of the other party candidate. It is also being fueled by the expert envy-fuel-mongers, who like to strike matches amid the envy fumes permiating the air.

Another riot, another policeman murder, another hastily concucted social justice issue, or newly resurrected struggle of an old extinguished cause. Another hate.

A long time ago, I must have been in my early twenties, a wise man said: be careful for love and hate burn off the same match.

Every love is in danger of becoming a hate. Just look at the feminists. They truly love women. It is the envy they have that's turned that love into hate of women who disagree with them. Like me. Yet when I was a working mom, alone among men, too busy to realize the disadvantages of being a career woman, like caretakers having more influence on the children than their mother over time. I lost when hate took over love and envy dominated.

Kind of makes me an expert on living in between the damage of all these emotions. And now I am observing the country I love going into hate seizures triggered by envy because someone they love lost.Learning to lose is a really good lifeskill. Like learning to be wrong.

Why did Hitler and his party hate the Jews to the point of The Holocaust - envy! No matter what, no matter how hard they try, the envious people are always comparing someone's successes to their own failures, instead of comparing their own failure to their own actions that caused it. Example: Hitler was not a great painter, failed to gain entry to the Academy, and blamed others, whom he deemed less talented than himself, yet who were free of envy and erhaps had better, freeer, form or methods of expression, and were admitted and/or became well-known.

Early 20th century was the time to prove oneself worthy of acceptance into society as a painter, writer, or poet. This time, our time, the early 21st century is the time to prove yourslef capable of saving a nation from useful idiots, Islamic terorists and other evil forces so determined to derail the wonderful train of USA. Envy! The entire world envies the US. Yes some who envy are still capable of love, and others turn that love into hate.

Your choices are only yours, but they affect everyone.

21st Century Feminism: Heels, a backward move

Posted on March 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Whenever my husband and I get dressed up to attend a big deal event I still put on my high heel shoes. Not as high as I regularly wore in my tweenties and thirties, but high enough to slow me down,

Sans heels, I walk as fast as my husband and have no problem keeping up with his pace. However, with heels, I am always seven steps behind him, like the Japanese wives... No matter how I ask, remind, beg and demand, we can never get in sync when I'm all heeled up. My husband, you see, walks only at his own pace. He can lag bahind pnly 4-5 steps and then - off he sprints. It is not out of disrespect to me. It is because he, as a very busy and very creative man, immediately upon walking he starts assessing his own whatevers that are happening in his brain at that moment. Took me a while to adjust to this. And now, I am totally OK with it; morever, I just give him directions like a back-seat walker, "turn left," "fix your coattails." And if I am completely exhausted - I just sit on the nearest bench, chair, anything and wait for him to bring my low heels out of the car. But that's usually on the way back, after the event.

This brings me Melania Trump and the envy of her haters. Those self-righteous, self-proclamed feminists, majority of whom whould not recognize true trailblazing faminism as it stared at them, are holding Mr. President in contempt for walking in front of his wife. Melania's heels are way higher than mine ever were. They are always photograthed on the way to the event. DT is probably not unlike my husband, thinking of whaever the important thoughts cross his mind, not about Melania's inability to keep up with his walking pace.

So to all you arrogant hate-filled no-goodnicks - here's what I say - you have no geniuine claims! Your artificially concocted causes and allegations of discrimination, your meaningless speeches, and purists' opinions are making every woman who actually asserted herself in a male world despite adversities cringe or turn in her grave.

You do not know what feminism is! Like every concept of your liberal leftist progrerssives' sponsored propaganda, you diluted the essense of feminism with crocodile tears of your spoiled or damaged nature. You do not do females any service, or credit. So put on your high heels and run the marathon or something like it.

Stop telling me that I am subsurvient to my husband because I trail him when I chose to wear faminine attire.

Meeting Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 4:35 PM

Today is 100 years since the February Revolution which overthrew the Romanoffs in Russia - Google it to learn more! After that came the Bolshevik Revolution, which among other actions subdued all Islamic nations in Russia’s collection of subdued nations and kept violent Islam from spreading while Socialism was in control. I am not against Islam. I do, however, understand it the least of the 3 religions sharing the same God. I am afraid of terrorism, which is 100% Islamic! Dr. Jasser understands the conflicts his religion poses to an average human being. He is full of hope to educate his people and all others, so that progress can be made. Not the kind of progress that was forced upon the world by denials under Obama. Real progress. The kind that comes from conversations, arguments, and conflict resolutions by real peace seekers. The kind of peace-seekers whose honor would not allow them to be entered into Nobel Peace Prize consideration at the onset of their work. But I hope that some day, Dr. Jasser will be getting that Nobel recognition for the work he has commenced. As I posted last night and a friend of mine just noted, if all Muslims were like Dr. Jasser, we would have peace between Arabs and Jews in 5 minutes. Regrettably, Dr. Jasser, who is a great man of wisdom, an American patriot, knowledgeable about history, religion, faith, geography and human nature, for right now, is still an exception. He started an organization to help other decent Middle Eastern and other regions’ Muslims to coalesce and reform their hijacked religion from under the tyrannical spread of ISIS. How fortunate was I, a Jewish woman, who grew up under the ego of antisemitic Socialist tyranny, to meet this Islamic man last night! I’ve met many Arabs, Christians and Muslims. He represents the best Islamic countries ever had to offer - insightful wisdom and generations of refined intelligence convergent onto the descendant of Aleppo Syria family. I asked a question at the end of his Q&A: Must be a difficult time to grow up as a Muslim child in USA these days. Do you have a strategy on how to bring the young people into 21st century? Dr. Jasser’s answer was, inasmuch as I can remember it a day later: I ask my children when they have trouble with it, would you rather live in Syria, or Iran, or anywhere else in the Muslim world, without regard for human rights? He continued to explain that in creating reform Muslim movement, their goal is that democracy will prevail with the youth, and they will become like all other US nationalities and religions - American first and foremost.

44 years ago my favorite teacher in the world died, a Russian woman, who made this Jewish girl proud to be a carrier of the Russian language and culture, who could not talk freely, muzzled as all USSR was, but gave me enough references to become a decent human being for life. Interesting, isn’t it, how life turns and what impact various people make on us during our short lives.

Trump is to Hitler like Obama to God

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 10:15 PM

It the era of fakes the real is struggling for acceptance by the fakers. It's a logical development in the world where reality TV blurred any recognition of reality.

It is irresponsible and destructive to compare Capitalist Donald Trump, a self-made man, who was revered by his very destroyers until he became a Republican frontrunner in the 2016 election field, to a man who destroyed 12 million people by murdering them without the use of weapons of mass destruction. Hitler, the fanatical, ruthless, hatred-driven specimen of a rare sort, was exterminating certain nationalities one person at a time in one of the bloodiest and insane exterminations of 20th century perpetrated by the man who identified themselves as socialists.

Hitler's fanatical followers, as if mesmerized by his smooth, if dramatically loud delivery of speeches tailored to brainwash generations, committed the actual atrocities. Their commander in chief set them on a kill. Only the very evil at heart are so poised to destroy. But USA was a Superpower back then not to trifle with. We won! The Devil hid itself.

Obama, a man so revered over the 8 years of high-profile ascension to the office of ultimate democracy, turned the Office, the House and the country of US President into a mockery of the sacred system of US Constitution. Only the very evil at heart are so poised to destroy. And only the very ignorant and naive are so willing to be duped... the useful idiots... or rather the useless ones...

The entire rise of Islamic Terror via Obama's insistence at every turn that Islam is a religion of peace and restriction, by ways of guiltyfying, any free speech against Islam, terror, ISIS, Muslims and their invasion of Western civilization with a purpose and order of organized conquest and subjugation, makes Obama a comlisitor. Certainly on the Oh, Devil! side.

Trump, on the other hand, is the savior in a fashion of St. Patrick, who wants to rid USA, and the Western civilized world with it, of the snake Obama and Hitler before him fed so well - the hateful Hydra of anti-Capitalism and anti-Civilized World forces.

If you are one of the people who are comparing Trump to Hitler, you are not only showing your poor understanding of history, you are devaluing the tragedy of the 12 million that happened in the 1930's and 1940's in Europe.

Trump is a powerful man with strong convictions. The kind of a leader this nation did not have in nearly 30 years. But his message is not hate, not murder, not terror. In fact, it is just the opposite. He is speaking out for you, because if he does not rescue this country of ours, Obama's Hydra will eat it. It is the newly retired from US top position Devil, the Socialist-Islamist-Democratic-Progressive-Liberal-Left Hydra, The Obamination!

Day 7-8 Melania and The Liberals

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Melania is a beautiful intelligent woman, who speaks many languages and is holding her own in this powerful family. The attacks she and her child were subjected to thus far are appauling. I, for one, made fun of the Obamas for naming their daughter Natasha (Sasha for short) because that is stupid! Natasha and Sasha are 2 absolutely distinct names, but the Red fervor the Obamas displayed there says it all. But I was never-ever-ever making fun of their girls. Only the liberals (read tyrants) of the modern day can terrorize children of the president.

One liberal imbecile refused to interview Melania because she speaks with an accent. That is what passes as "liberal" values these days.

Synonyms of LIBERAL are tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; More permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing, libertarian, indulgent, lenient. That, my friends is not present in the "liberal media" and "liberal masses"... If you pick an argument over this - you are the intolerant member of "liberal masses." Unless you are in media, of course. Then you are altogether another creature. But more about that another time.

Day 6 Visas, Wall, Hold the MONEY...DOW 20,000

Posted on January 25, 2017 at 8:05 PM

The liberal socialists, communists and other idiots who support Islam, because they are either too stoned or too ignorant to understand the danger, are now creating the narrative of an unhappy idiots Trump family so that they can take control and continue where Obama did not finish the dissimation of this wonderful nation USA.

In 6 days of just working - not gulfing, lunching, redecorating his offices or other bull - our President Trump had signed intelligent acts, which will begin bringing us from under the yoke of the tyrant and ururper, who may very well turn out to be an impostor like the world has never seen yet, Barak Hussein Obama.

We stopped giving away visas to teerorist countries, we will build the wall on the southern border to keep the illegals away, we will prove that 1.8 million dead voters were Democrats for Hillary illegal or otherwise liars. Finally, we can start raising our heads proudly again.

I am looking forward to the time CNN and NBC will pay the heavy price for dispensing socialism and love for Shariah. I am looking forward to new system of Education, free of the socialist, pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam propaganda. Looking forward to day 7. As we all know, President Trump does not rest.

Day 5 PP, TPP, tbd...

Posted on January 24, 2017 at 9:50 PM

Women's Rights? Who's kidding whom?!

Your same old same old is getting OLDER! These women last weekend did not march so that there will be women's healthcare options for women. They already have them! In the USSR - a woman I knew had 28 abortions by the age of 25! The women who marched in DC last week were mostly communists and socialists wanting to make USSR out of USA. Do you want to experience 28 abortions? If yes, support Planned Parenthood, and you may eventually beat that record!  PP is the organization that has outlived its purpose. In the olden days, they were needed. Now every doctor, clinic, hospital are doing the same... People who defend Planned Parenthood were never their customers! Or if they were, they are still unaware of plethora better choices for woman's health, prenatal care and all that jazz. We've come a long way, babes! Let's move forward to a better tomorrow.Stop this ludicrous pretense of a fight for your existing rights! Enjoy them by having healthy reproductive organs and don't forget to use the contraceptives!


All I know is that there used to be a thriving Garment District in Manhattan, and I visited many unique shops and small factories there. And then one day, there was nothing left except a statue of a man who used to work there.

tbd (to be determined)

The liberal loudnmoths are screaming anything they can, because if they scream, they probably think, they can outshout their opponents. That is in itself a form of superbullying. They resort to all sorts of low blows, because that's all that they are left with after eight years of Obama's deception. Of course if you contantly repeat to yourself "when they go low, we go high." you may eventually ascribe a new high to the word "low." In reality, it is a statement of poor coordination. No handshake can arise out of such idiotic stance. So they show pictures of smaller crowds, and intently-listening Trumps, and Facebook idiocy after idiocy, because there is no low they have not learned from teh Obamas... With Trumps. many changes are taking place now, and it is to be determined how quickly they will have a side effect of redefining the word high to mean "high."

Reflection on Matters Days 1-4

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 9:25 PM

Day 1, Friday. This is why I love USA

On January 20, 2017, heading to 12:00 luncheon, a non- political one, where valet drop off-line with no alternative held us up for half hour, my husband and I walked into the room of 250 strangers and immediately realized that the speaker is also late. The Ritz connected them to live streaming of CNN so that they were all watching inauguration on a large presentation screen. We sat down moments before the start of the National Anthem. Everyone got up, placed their right hand over their hearts and sang it. When I grew up under socialism, they watched us to make sure we would be singing. Here, 250 strangers of different beliefs and politics got up to unite in their love for USA! Nothing can take my love of USA away!

Day 2,  Saturday Jan 21 Women that March to Soros's Drum are DUMB

They descended on DC and while some of them were honestly dumb, women like Madonna, who read statements so obviously prepared for them by the adenga propagandeurs are scum! I can cite of 100 years of socialist history, one idiot woman after another buying this evil nonsense.

Madonna"s Net Worth is $560 mil, Scarlett Johansson"s $80 mil, Ashley Judd's $22 million! Show me a man you personally know who amassed a fortune like that! These women are the living testament to equality! And also to stupidity! If they really wanted to help women or inspire them - they would have spent a day in one of Washington DC's ghetto neighborhoods building homes for teenage mothers, or something like that. They certainly had able bodied crowd of 500,000 with nothing to do but release frustration, they could have shamed into it! They could have spent the day productively, building, creating, positively. Helping others could have made a difference. But it was just a publicity stunt to those super wealthy chicks! They screamed obsenities, littered the streets. Well, we were all lucky this group did not vandalize stores...

Day 3, Sunday Jan 22 The Press Conference Lessons in Journalism

If the newly installed President's Press Secretary has to teach journalists how to be journalists, their conscience has been on vacation with Barak Obama during the last eight years. There are none of them that are visibly endowed with honor, integrity or even common sense. They were riding on the Barak Obama's "I'm above reproach, cause I'm the first Black President" band wagon, never criticizing or condemning, so that he got away with an array of crimes...I can't wait until they are persecuted - The Obamas and The Clintons...Journalists can be chosen anew to form a pool of intelligent, fair-minded, objective, patriotic reporters, like in the good old days of 20th century...

Day 4, Monday January 23 A New Sheriff in Town sweeping with The New Broom

...let's help with the clean-up and the resistance to loosers who have been building and will continue to build roadblocks to progress. They may call themselves progressives, but it reminds me of a girlfriend of mine (in a pure use of the word) who kept saying about herself that she is "so wonderful" hoping everyne else will buy it. And we all did after hearing it for years. After hearing anything for years, one is bound to buy into it! Obama was counting on it! He forgot that freedom speaks with a clearer and louder voice! Trump is sweeping everything. There is so much garbage that was created by Obama. So much was stolen, way into the final minutes of his occupying that office of decency! Every day will be a productive day for The Donald. Excuse me, Mr. President Trump.

9/11/2001 Fifteen Years Later

Posted on September 11, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Yes, that's me - happily celebrating my birthday on the NY harbour boat, a short cruise we arranged for family and friends, heading toward downtown Manhattan, toward sunset, posing for and taking some of the most memorable photos of the spectacular NYC skyline, the way we knew it then. World Trade Center to my right, behind me...

Then at 9AM on 9/11/01 a friend called from her office to ask: "Are you watching it?" "What?" I said switching to CNN that instant and just in time to watch the second plane hit.

It was just about noon on 9/11/01, most phones had stopped working, we have not been able to reach my daughter's dad and I headed to high school to pick her up, dreading the moment I would have to tell her this. As it turned out when he was able to call at around 6pm, he was transferred out from 68th floor, where he would have most certainly died from impact, to the building a couple blocks away, just a few days prior. From his new office he watched the second plane flying by his window. He saw the passengers' horrified faces and followed them with his eyes to the point of hitting the South Tower just where he would have been... He was on the phone with London co-workers who in turn were on the phone with the coworkers who walked up in hopes to escape and then either jumped or collapsed with the building...I am forever a broken-hearted New Yorker with many similar stories to remember.

I think we still had the TV transmission at about 3pm on 9/11/01 when my mom's significant other called. He then worked in the Piano Museum right by WTC, was in the basement at the time of the South Tower collapse, heard and felt it and, completely ignorant of what was going on, opened the door to the street to find himself in the midst of all that white debris cloud. He and his 3 coworkers locked the Museum, and walked to NJ ferry. They witnessed many horrors, such as people jumping and landing near them, and stepping over bodies and body parts. We picked him up in NJ, white from head to toe, unable to utter a single complete sentence. He did not talk about what he saw until years later...I will never forget or let anyone else forget that it was Islamic Terrorism that caused America's heartbreak! 

On September 11. 2001 millions of parents around the world had to explain to their children what terrorism is and how heartless the "humans" who carry out such acts of terror against civilians and civilization. It was not an easy task and we were all doing best we could, while ourselves trying to understand what just happened. My daughter made a new friend on 9/10/01. At about 8PM on 9/11 her mom called our home through very unstable telephone service, looking for Darina. The girl could not return home, they were in a midst of a move to NJ, and her mom was in NY on the other side of now closed bridges and tunnels. Darina was picked up from HS by their thoughtful family friends earlier in the day, as it later turned out, but became my temporary third child for the next few months, when in the aftermath of 9/11, their house purchase fell through, because the sellers were supposed to move to Battery Park...The flowers Darina gave me on the day of the girls' graduation were very special to me. She was G-d's gift to our family to help us endure these next several months, when Radio Free Europe was working in our home studio at all odd hours of day and night, because they lost access to their downtown building, and we had 2 film directors working on the 9/11 films right in our home as well...9/11 in our home lasted for a long time. We did not lose anyone close to us, like so many people whose stories we helped get out. We gained a temporary child to help us all cope and heel together.