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Of liberals, progressives and destroyers of USA

Posted on June 19, 2020 at 4:15 PM

To say that I am depressed on the eve of my always important birthday is not to say anything at all. The country that I love, the one I chose for my home, the one that accepted and loved me back, is in dire danger. With the cultural revolution, insurrection, widespread political and judicial corruption, with demoralized population that is being oppressed by people who ironically call themselves 'liberal' and 'progressive', who preach down to average American citizens that they fight for 'social justice' whilst suppressing inconvenient and disagreeing opinion in totalitarian style - that's my throw back to the USSR! Been there! Lived it! Know what''s coming - it's been written in black and white! Not the racial one! The inked one. To say that I am disappointed in my fellow Americans, my fellow New Yorkers, my fellow Jews is not to say anything at all. USA has been blessed to not have a significant invasion by foreign armies. Generations of trusting and naive citizens became complacent. Into this fertile ground, to serve certain political interests, hundreds of sleepers were smuggled in openly, across porous and open borders, despite some protesting, and maybe in spite of it. Now we are all in danger. Those who knew better, those who were gullible, those who were duped -- everyone! The awakening is not happening fast enough. With only 4.5 months left to the most critical election this country has ever known, I realize that what we are all witnessing is the actual struggle between good and evil. Just as in the Bible! Just as at the root of every religion. Just as at the root of every principle of a functioning human society the atheists/socialists/communists want to upend once again. Even when I was such atheist and thought USSR was superior to USA, because that's what my brainwashers propagandized upon me, I knew that what makes for human survival is preservation of hope. Loss of Hope is the last loss a human experiences before dying. For my birthday wish I ask you to contemplate on hope for the United States of America and all the good people who are at this time as depressed as I am or maybe more, as afraid as I am or maybe more, and whose only hope is The Survival of USA as the Great Nation it is.


Posted on June 17, 2020 at 4:15 PM

Some cultures create, others destroy. It is far more lasting to build a structure than to ruin it by rabble. Some world structures are recognizable at once even if the current civilized world has never laid eyes on them in their glory days. Vandals have traditionally been associated with lower levels of human intelligence and progression. Nothing symbolizes world slavery better than the Colosseum of Rome. Slavery that ended long ago before any of our traceable ancestors were born. World slavery never discriminated by race. Never! All races had it. Some have it still. Most of the civilized world considers it unacceptable. Just as vandalism. Just as anarchy. Just as godlessness.


It is apparent to me through the broken glass of 2020 vandalism in USA that it, this vandalism, represents the lowest layers in USA civilization since its inception. I hope we rise as a nation out of this rubble with the help of  #Trump2020 And you all cry babies who never accepted him DJT as POTUS - GROW UP, sweep up your broken illusions and toss them into garbage with the NYC broken glass. Or you are the next slave! Or, if you get so lucky, slave owner!


Posted on June 14, 2020 at 4:55 PM


Americans need to know this. The closest group to American Negro slaves were Russian serfs, who were emancipated in 1861, just as US Civil War began...


USA Slaves 1860 census = 3,953,762 slaves

Russian Serfs/Slaves 1861=23,100,000 private serfs

and additional 23,000,000 were state owned serfs who also could be sold/deeded with the land, just as those in private ownership.


Read this excerpt i am copying from a Wiki article to use in this post.:

As a whole, serfdom both came and remained in Russia much later than in other European countries. Slavery remained a legally recognized institution in Russia until 1723, when Peter the Great converted the household slaves into house serfs. Russian agricultural slaves were formally converted into serfs earlier in 1679.

Formal conversion to serf status and the later ban on the sale of serfs without a land did not stop the trade in household slaves; this trade merely changed its name. The private owners of the serfs regarded the law as a mere formality. Instead of "sale of a peasant" the papers would advertise "servant for hire" or similar.

By the eighteenth century, the practice of selling serfs without land had become commonplace. Owners had absolute control over their serfs' lives, and could buy, sell and trade them at will, giving them as much power over serfs as Americans had over chattel slaves, though owners did not always choose to exercise their powers over serfs to the fullest extent.

The official estimate is that 10.5 million Russians were privately owned, 9.5 million were in state ownership and another 900,000 serfs were under the Tsar's patronage before the Great Emancipation of 1861.

One particular source of indignation in Europe was Kolokol published in London, England (1857–65) and Geneva (1865–67). It collected many cases of horrendous physical, emotional and sexual abuse of the serfs by the landowners.

Practical Pointers on Resisting SOCIALISM - Pointer 3

Posted on May 26, 2020 at 4:45 PM


Resist Removal of GOD.

When God is present in people’s minds, hearts and homes, people have a completely different set of morality, family values, and other classic measures of “normality”. When God is removed, a void is formed in people’s minds, hearts and homes that is easily invaded by the corrupt propaganda pushers and filled with another set of values that will allow the tyrants to best control and dominate masses. Without God people lose sense of honor and integrity. You cannot appeal to their morals. People inevitably become ruthless and indifferent to human condition. We have been witnessing the removal of God over the past two decades, at least, and consequently, the replacement of values has been effectively happening for at least as long.

Socialists always force masses to abandon religion. First willingly, then under duress, and lastly at gunpoint.

In the USSR, all religion was outlawed, yet some houses of worship remained open not because they offered God, religion and hope, but because they became part of a countrywide spy web and a paid arm of KGB.

The post-socialism examples of countries and regions that overturned their dictators demonstrated that the road an individual must travel from atheism back to religion has rivers of blood shed by those who thought it would be alright to forsake God.

You just had some of ‘reporting on your neighbors’ experiences in US, Canada and Russia where neighbors reported on neighbors for not wearing masks or disobeying the stay at home orders. Twilight Zone is here now! Fahrenheit 951 is next!

Are you morally strong enough to resist the steady advance of socialist revisionism of your values?

(originally posted on my Facebook page on May 26, 2020)

Practical Pointers on Resisting SOCIALISM - Pointer 2

Posted on May 25, 2020 at 4:40 PM


Resist Socialist Slogans like “We’ll give you FREE stuff.”

From alluring prepayments of ultimate free healthcare to free education, you, the people, have never received and will never receive anything free. These slogans are a long-term Ponzi scheme aimed at duping the common people into promises no government, politician, or un-elected official will ever be capable of successfully sustaining for long periods of time. Without wealth regeneration there is no wealth to redistribute. All that’s free from socialists ends in poverty and ruin.

From the moment medical field of the USSR turned to socialized medicine, no one could not get medication, surgery, doctor’s visit etc. without a “gift” for the doctor. Over time, gift demands from doctors become larger and are heavier to sustain. College placement – gift! Vacation in summertime – gift! Summer Camp for children – gift! Meat at the supermarket – gift! Highest “gift” was for doctors and nurses who performed abortions. Socialism always aims at limiting births.

Toilet paper – not even with gift! You just tried that in USA! Like it yet?

(originally posted on my Facebook page on May 25, 2020)

Practical Pointers on Resisting SOCIALISM - Pointer I

Posted on May 24, 2020 at 4:25 PM

Resist Media and Press.

Journalism is dead. We’ve all witnessed its disgraceful demise. With several notable exceptions, it has now firmly established itself as a corrupt corps of propaganda pushers akin to all socialist regimes everywhere at all times. Media and press members are now habitually lecturing general viewing, listening and reading public on topics such of racism, religion, gun control, climate change, the benefits of equality of male into female transgenderism in girls’ and women’s sports, same sex bathrooms, the evils of patriotism, etc. By doing so that are actually admitting their own bias they formed/sold for cushy “journalistic” jobs that have no semblance to journalism. During COVID, for instance, they are lecturing to the people on mask wearing without wearing masks, and on safer-at-home they have not practiced to the people who are going broke while they, the “journalists”, are earning their paychecks.

 They have muzzled everyone who had dared to disagree, literally and figuratively.

In the USSR, the Alma Mater of my Socialist Reality, we practiced reading between the lines from as early in life as the age of ten and sometimes even earlier. We filtered everything through the prism of journalistic lies. They were earning their salaries to lie to us. Now, they are earning their salaries to lie to YOU. Americans have actually been reading between the lines since after 9/11 and still tolerating the increasing necessity to do so without or with very little protest. The time to resist is now. Or never!

(originally pubished on my Facebook page as a note on May 24, 2020)


Posted on June 15, 2018 at 2:50 PM

 Morning of May 6, 2018 in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan

Fukuoka is a prefecture with capital city, Fukuoka city. It was formed from a castle town and Edo-period fortress ruins can still be seen among Maizuru Park’s cherry blossoms. Hakata is another city in Fukuoka, which my husband and I were lucky to visit.

English Lesson 2 for the Native Speakers

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM

There are no reasons to not know the proper forms of greeting and address of people one already knows or may meet, yet there is too much confusion by old and young, alike.

The young will “hey” you verbally, in social media and even in written correspondence, such as business emails and letters.

The old may have even learned to “hey” from the four well-dressed Brits in the sixties. After all, when Sir Paul sings “Hey Jude,” he doesn’t earn any demerits.

But when my 17-year-old trainee writes an email starting with “Hey guys” I remember Rose R., my now deceased former mother in law. “Hay is for horses,” Rose said to anyone who’d “hey” her. She was not a proper lady by any means. She was a working class woman who spent her entire life in service to her family, and her manicure clients. But Rose had the benefit of excellent schooling and she knew her native language very well.

Those were the 1930s, and 40’s, when three of the four cornerstones of American education were pounded into young minds by demanding teachers who accepted no excuses. Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic – the three R’s of English education were beloved by Rose R… She was first, like all children of the time, taught the primary 2 R’s – Respect and Responsibility – by her hard-working poorly educated family, who wanted their children to do better. There was a time in that long ago America, when children were first taught how to be good students, so that once they were in the classroom they would want to learn from their teachers.

The fourth cornerstone of American education came from the word beginning with a “P”. Patriotism was taught at home and at school. There was no alternative to patriotism in that long ago America. Except to become a traitor and a coward. Those were the draft days of long ago, when every boy knew that he may some day be called upon to defend his country in the battlefield. And every girl knew that she may some day lose a brother or a sweetheart to a war far away from the American soil.

None of that is true in our days. So the boys throw their “heys” and the girls add “hey guys” when addressing other girls.

We have lost the meaning of Respect, Responsibility, Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic and Patriotism and I want it back. So, stop heying me! My name is Marina, when you are my age, or know me very well, or are related to me, or a friend, or if I gave you permission to call me by my first name.

If I did not - you will address me as Ms. Berkovich until further notice!

Got it?

The Myth, Mystique and Offense of Christopher Columbus

Posted on October 10, 2017 at 9:10 PM

When I first conceived the move to America, I knew so very little about it.

The 1970’s. Long gasoline lines, anti-police protests, protests by the blacks against exploitation by whites were pretty much the USSR nightly TV newsfare.

At school it was the petitions to free Angela Davis: at home – the bass of Paul Robson came from the radio. There was a cute children’s story I loved that about the spelling of Mississippi, one of the longest rivers of America. And yes, the Kennedys! First John, the president, then his brother, Robert, the would-be president, brutally assassinated by the contra-something forces.

Contra-what? It was so easy on that side of the Iron Curtain. You clearly knew who your enemies were. At least from my cheap seat in the poorly compensated and even poorer yet connected layer of the workforce.

There was this one historical truth I understood about America from the get-go of my self-education –a man named Christopher Columbus discovered it. Who was he? Why he sailed there? Like everyone else who studied the century of greatest discoveries, I knew that Columbus sailed to the West looking for India and gold. He found the people we now call Indians prefacing with American. That is never confusing to an European, because we know geography much better than modern Americans, and also have paradoxes like Georgia, a former Soviet Republic, not a state in what now is United States of America.

Europeans have been rewriting their history for at least two thousand years. Other cultures, longer.

History is prone to revisionism, because most of it consists of eyewitness accounts of events, retold, re-edited, and re-recorded until distortion. Events, however, begin out of facts. And facts, no matter how twisted, are those tidbits of history that despite best efforts of revisionists, remain constant, for as long as there is a trace. Historical discoveries, mathematically speaking, need to pass the four questions test: Who? What? When? Where?

And Christopher passed it with flying colors.

OK, so he did not actually discover the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. He never stepped foot on either of the continental Americas – North or South. Maybe, that’s why they are not named after him!? Duh!

OK, too, that he actually was not the very first European to set foot on the Western Hemisphere’s terra firma. The Vikings! The Jews fleeing into Diaspora, who have reached the South American continent and left legends and stone carvings… There undoubtedly have been others…Undocumented. Unheralded. Unrecorded to the annals of history.

Columbus’s quest has been well documented, celebrated and then berated. His achievements, almost from the very first, were denounced by those who benefited most from his discovery. The civilized world begrudged him this legacy, yet has no choice but to live with the fact of it. There were always anti-Columbus forces at work. Since before his First Voyage, and certainly after it.

Fact IS: On October 12, 1492, Columbus, being the leader of the expedition, discovered “America.”

In those 526 years ago days, it was indeed the leaders who claimed all titles and gains. No biggie here! Go study history, and all other academic disciplines!

Good education will help conquer the ineffective bored youth! There is so much uproar this year, so much revisionism and destruction of acceptable traditions. I am not surprised, since this year is marks 100 years since the wildest, the most horrific revisionism of history began with Bolshevik Revolution. They are contra-something!

I’m concerned for Columbus, predominantly, because as a Jew by birth, he is in the path of Socialist/Bolshevik/Communist terror, and that is why, in my opinion, he is being vociferously discredited for something which was normal and commonplace by standards of his day – slavery. There is so much to be said about slavery that it requires its own space. Next time. The revisionists, i.e. the anarchists in whose footsteps the destroyers always follow, demanded the removal of the Columbus Statue from Columbus Square in NYC so violently that NYC police had to guard it 24/7, on overtime!

Christopher Columbus, I have no doubts, never lived to fulfill his own expectations. He was quite ill from the age of 41, the age of his greatest discovery, to his death, at probably 54 years. The reason “probably” always qualifies his birth date, is because his birth was only notated in the Hebrew manner. His family converted to Christianity while in Kingdom of Genoa, which they soon after left to never return. Their Christian lives are all that is known to the outward world. Their Hebrew lives were those of the rest of the countless maranos, Jews who converted to Christianity in order to survive the adversities of the Inquisition.

Columbus’s body rests with honor and respect at the Cathedral of Seville, where I paid him a visit once, silently thanking him for guiding me to the shores he helped put on the map.

There are violent demonstrations on the American television. There are/were some gasoline lines following the severe hurricanes we just underwent. Angela Davis is now a respected leftist elder, with an agenda to destroy America as I love it. So are many of the anti-Columbus protesters. They want socialism. I don’t think it’s funny. I think it’s scary. I’ve already lived it. I know the price of socialism. They want to put their people through it. None of the diseases the Europeans introduced to this wonderful land of America is scarier than socialism.

If America stops honoring Columbus, it will be socialist. That will be slavery, indeed.


English Lesson 1 for Native Speakers: In Conjunction

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 11:55 AM

My very first English lesson happened when I was about five in my Soviet Union pre-school.

Here’s what we were taught to sing:

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.

Good morning, good morning, we are glad to see you.

I was obsessed with the sound of foreign words, which seemed to just roll off my tongue in a mysterious way.

It was the day when, I believe, I understood the blessing human beings have in understanding other humans’ way of communicating.

Jumping forward. It took me another 20 years to master the English Language. While I was learning, I first had to drop the inhibition of being corrected when I mispronounced or misused a word, and all such other countless inhibitions (excuses?) that so many foreign speakers are afraid to shed. Thankfully, I was in America, where most people do not use English properly. In conjunction with that I learned to always appreciate when people improve my English and I hope you do, too.

On with the lesson:

Homophone is defined as follows: each of the two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g.: there and their. 'There' means a place. 'Their' means a bunch of 'her,' ‘his,' 'your' and 'my.' There is also a conjunction of “they are.” It is "they're." And if you need explanation for that, I can’t help you any further.

I reel when I see seemingly educated and/or smart people of all ages post to social media a confusion like “I’m their now” or “There good people.”

In my USSR classrooms we were fed propaganda in volumes that exceed the vast quantities modern day American students are fed today. There were only twenty minutes, I guess, of subject-matter learning in every forty-five minute lesson. So, I’m not here to chastise you. I’m here to help you discern and master the difference. Vive le difference! Oops – wrong language!