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On The Precipice of Purpose

Posted by Marina B on January 16, 2021 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I have big plans for January 20, 2021 and beyond.


First, I will remember the idiocy of the pink pussy mad-hatters from four years ago, the violent threats and hatred that befell on what could very well be, the last decent president USA has ever had.

I will remember how TDS overwhelmed the envious, the corrupt, the MSM-brainwashed, the institutionally indoctrinated of you and how despicably behaved, and how for four years you terrorized The President, his family, his supporters and anyone who disagreed with your line of hatred by flipping everything upside down, until you made a mockery out of US and The Truth.

I will sit with my morning coffee enjoying the final moments of FREEDOM this country gave me, a refugee from socialism, and I will thank the founders of the United States for the forty one years of freedom I enjoyed.

As of 11:59 am, I will completely disconnect from the useful idiocy that will be tyrannically installing itself in the WH.

I will follow the example and wisdom of Dr. Victor Frankl, an Austrian psychologist, who survived The Holocaust and wrote a book of his experiences in the concentration camp, and I will follow the Torah teachings that have been guarded by my people for millennia.

The Torah teaches that everything is a will of G-d and humans have the free will only to the extent of the free choices they make. Dr. Frankl, after observing and surviving the despicable atrocities, concluded that the way a prisoner imagined the future affected his longevity, and that it is essential to identify a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then immerse yourself into it imagining only that outcome.

Here’s what I will be imagining behind my 21st century virtual barbwire:

1) The Truth will Triumph.

2) Yours is only a temporary triumph, on a way to revelations that will follow your excesses and terror. The Truth always comes out. The Truth is absolute and facts, as they are revealed, will serve The Truth.

3) All the damage you can do to this wonderful country, and consequently to the world, which follows and relies on US leadership, is not going to impact my vision of the outcome, i.e. Triumph of The Truth.

4) As part of my survival, I will pretend that none of you are, and what becomes of you is wholly and totally inconsequential to me. I will not be sympathetic to your painful realizations, as one by one you will discover that what I’ve been warning you about was true and the knowledge I was trying to pass on to to you, was factual.

5) I will pay as much attention to you as you did to me, and show you the same “kindness” as you bestowed on me and mine, after you travel the full journey and are ready for a conversation on the level. I will only have a conversation like that after your full and complete admission of your error in judgment, and you full apology – not to me – to this glorious nation you are destroying and to The Trump Family – every single one of whom so bravely fought to preserve it, as The Republic she was planned, functioned since 1776 and was meant to forever.


If I live through this difficult time.





About The Privilege of Freedom

Posted by Marina B on December 19, 2020 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I don’t give a hoot about your skin color, religion or sexuality as long as you do not a) impose them on me or b) deny me full respect of mine!

In 7th grade, I was a mentally and emotionally abused teen, who despite all that was being dumped onto me by my parents, school and the entire Soviet Union, chose to be like the Decembrists and other period heroes I admired, a freethinker. I define freethinking as upholding that knowledge should be grounded in facts, scientific inquiry, and logic. Coincidentally, that is exactly what my teachers were teaching in class. In practice, however, I was told time and time again by my teachers, my mother and other relations to learn how to hide my true sentiments, ideas, thoughts or else! In sum, I was being taught to lie.

Everyone in the USSR lied as a matter of practical survival.

I loathed lying as it created and perpetuated a logical conflict to the facts I observed and of which I wrote in detail in My Life Through My Dresses – Growing Up Socialist. An incident with my 7th grade Russian Language and Lit teacher, Valentina Lazarevna Shilo, who I hear is now gone and I do not have to worry about using her real name, is as fresh in my mind’s eye as if it happened yesterday.

VLS was my homeroom teacher, and on several occasions when Mama was too verbally abusive in her intolerably cruel way, I ran off to VLS and slept over. I yearned for a mother figure, and to some extent, this Jewish teacher and mom of two young sons, provided me with minimal comfort of a dinner and conversation. I suppose that was why, out of her best intentions, she proceeded to instruct me on how to stop pursuing truth. “If you will not stop this truth-searching,” VLS forewarned me, “you will suffer all your life. No one wants the truth. You’ll be penalized for it.”

It was after that particular phrase that I stopped seeking refuge at her home, because I figured out that just like Mama, VLS was a broken soviet woman, repressed in her views, as every soviet citizen, but more so by being a Jew in Kiev, the Capital of Ukrainian Anti-Semitism.

I decided to remain true to my nature, keep my innate moral center, my ideals of what I should do and how, and so I have been true to the truth seeker in me. Not to hold myself as a perfect human, I erred all through my life, but I have tried my best to guard that 13-year-old truth seeker through all her life battles.

People forgot that Soviet Union, The USSR, was the first ‘socialist paradise’. After socialism failed there, the Soviets taught the Chinese, the Cubans, the Vietnamese, the North Koreans, multiple African nations and on and on and on how to create the society based on socialist-communist lies of Lenin, Marx and Engels and breed generations of useful idiots, just like Stalin commanded.

As the “conversation about privilege” has now taken a racist overtone, I keep hearing about the white privilege. It’s the same lie the socialists planted in Russia to create religion and class struggle, redistribute wealth and power. Same methods. Same tactical moves. Same words. Religion is being steadily replaced by this new divisive value system with cultural atheism, which is nothing new to this old girl who grew up on them in the USSR. “All people are brothers,” they said at public meetings, and went on to teach their kids to hate, for instance, Jews or other national minorities. Jews, actually, were hate for being “that other religion” most people could not even bring themselves up to speak of out loud. No religious practice was allowed for decades. We were JINOs – Jews In Name Only. Never stopped anti-Semites from anti-Semitting! We, the less than 1% of world population, the ever-persecuted vulnerable, yet defiant keepers of Hanukkah!

I am now moving on to the reason for this post - I am being cajoled into abstaining from truth by certain leaders of certain groups, who may be reading some of my social media posts, may not be comprehending the essence of my lifelong pursuits, may not even have used Google to learn that “useful idiot” is not to be interpreted as a literal “idiot”, yet they definitely are telling me and others under their care, that truth will be punished. “Play nice and fit in”, “don’t be an asshole,” “you will become an unwanted individual” and similar wisdoms are being dispensed in private rooms to hundreds just as BLM, George Floyd and anti-Trump ideology are being elevated to the Book of Genesis status and all invited guest are expected to uniformly praise the very socialist ideology I abhor and fight against. Whist I can.

Whilst I have the power of written word in me I will practice to the maximum extent I am able to The Privilege of Freedom I was granted with my US citizenship.

I will not heed the misguided suggestions to submit to mass hysteria of socialism from my “guides”. They are not my masters. They do not know or do not care to think and discover that crematoria were filled with submissive escapism just like that in mid-twentieth century.

I will not heed the submission to the will of media-influenced and brainwashed holders of power any more than I would listen to my writing community peers who have succumbed to pressures of leftists-dominated publishing industry or bought into the narrative of “our version of socialism will work”. NYET! I hate to disillusion you, my comrades in ink, socialism always works for just a few privileged ones – and if you sell your soul, you can be one of them.

I’ll stay true to my truth-seeking soul. I will not alter what I write about, whom I write to and for, or my form of expressing/communicating with my audience, because I will not be bowing to the demands of this anarchist and socialist mobs. You may do as you please. I will not! No accomplishment of mine will hold any value, if I arrive at it through submission to false idols. That includes Islamists and I am not afraid of using this word, because I know full well the difference between Islamists and Americans who are practicing Moslems without a terrorist or world domination intent. I despise Europeans that have submitted and lost their once magnificent countries to religious domination, socialist and new world order control.

I may not have been raised to be a proud Jewish woman. I came into this knowledge and realization slowly, painfully at times, and with great personal sacrifices. But I will die a proud Jewish woman, free in my mind and heart of any malfeasance, especially as an author. I pray this time is far off and those who are now obstructing my path will have already learned why they were wrong in their attempts to block me.


The Transparency of Jared Kushner

Posted by Marina B on December 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I did not know much about Jared Kushner when Donald Trump was running for President in 2016, other than he was already very wealthy before marrying Ivanka Trump and was a Chabadnik, a follower of modern orthodox Judaism. The rest I learned as he successfully transitioned the Republicans into digital media to win the 2016 race against many “pre-destined” or rather “pre-distributed” odds.

The Democrats were probably not expecting the digital success and popularity of DJT communicating directly to the “masses.” The Democrats, despite purporting to be the party representing the interests of the ordinary voters, have long ago became the party of massive conglomerate control from unions to media to big pharma to big tech.

Jared, like his father-in-law, does not need to sell out. The entire Trump clan openly and proudly went into the Trump Administration, forfeiting some of their business ventures, to help make America great again – not to make this slogan as hollow as so many of their predecessors have done.


MAGA, is like Frankie Valli’s lyrics:

It's got groove it's got meaning

Grease (MAGA) is the time, is the place, is the motion

Now, grease (MAGA) is the way we are feeling…


By mid-2015 I felt very tired, deceived, disturbed and scared by the doings of US politicians (I did not know enough then to refer to them as Deep State) of both parties during the 16 long years of Bush and Obama that have burdened me and millions of others with numerous inconsistencies between the leader’s statements and the actual events and the effect of political actions of US on ordinary people.

Before 2015, I also felt it, but since I never really paid intense attention to politics, with some exceptions, I was complacent.

As a long-time New Yorker, I remembered Trump for his unconventional big-mouth approach to both life and business, and for some of his good deeds he never got enough praise for. I never followed The Apprentice – not my cup of tea. Loving America – is! It was clear to me from day one that Trump is in it, because he loves America, and like me and millions others, he wants to rescue it from the destructive powers that have swooped into it for decades, tearing at the heart of it, until it broke in 2001.

That would not, could not be mended by the Arab-oil-dependent-Bushes, the anti-American Obamas and certainly not by the jail-bound (I then thought) Hillary Clinton, whose callous negligence on the night Amb. Stevens was murdered in Libya and long list of strange untimely deaths of the unwanted remind me of the Medici and Soviet Commissars.


I did not understand The Deep State until the wool the Democrat Party has pulled over my eyes cleared up.


In comes Jared, a Jew, who gets assigned a paid official position and undergoes the appropriate clearances, evoking, amid other mass hysteria of late 2016-early 2017, an outcry for nepotism! Spare me this bulls-t! To steal hundred of millions, billions, trillions, like The Obamas and The Clintons is somehow ok, but to get a transparent appointment of a trusted right hand – not! Theatrics led to anti-Semitic outcry by “the concerned” modern gangsters of BDS and other pro-“free-Palestine” groups, who immediately understood just where Jared’s efforts could lead to – the undesired peace.

In peace, you see, accountability is possible. In wartime, not! And war is how these “palestinians” are able to thrive. Ever seen the waterfront mansions in Gaza? You should.


Back to Jared. So, I learned that he has Berkowitz (same Russian spelling as mine) ancestors by reading about his Holocaust-survivor grandparents. I also learned that he was born on the first anniversary of my arrival to USA. That is my personal connection to Jared.


Over the past four years, largely due to his exceptional efforts – yes, exceptional, ‘cause no one before him could! – that the US embassy was relocated to Jerusalem and so far UAE and Bahrain have established diplomatic relations with Israel, and others are waiting to do so. Jared, somehow, discovered that long-lost pathway to recognition of Israel that the UN had abandoned eons ago… No coincidence, to me, that he, a grandchild of Holocaust survivors and an orthodox Jew, is the one who has been shown the way to finding it.


You’d think that all Jews would rejoice at the thought that this highly sought peace is finally on Israel’s horizon. Nah! There is no and there never will be any “Jewish unity.” Probably never was.


Reform Judaism is threatened by the revival of Jewish Orthodoxy. Instead of admitting to themselves that such resurgence is a direct result of contemporary Reform Judaism stepping so far away from the actual reformation of Judaism the 19th century enlightenment intended, that it became, in many ways, destructive to the basic traditions of Judaism that it was the Orthodox who preserved it for us through the millennia, and taking steps to reconcile, the Reform Jews are openly promoting hatred against the Orthodoxy, stemming out of basic human envy and self-servicing desires of the Reform leaders of all levels. Just read some of their correspondence or listen to their anti-Trump sermons, and everything falls into place – they hate Jared for his orthodoxy as much, if not more, than his Trump connection.


Incidentally, they hate Ivanka for converting even more, and destroyed her business completely. The most hate, of course, comes from the “tolerant left” and is not exclusively Jewish. For God’s sake, Jews are only 1% of population!


And this brings me to the reason I felt like writing this is important – in The Forward Facebook post this weekend Jared was accused of failing his grandparents’ Holocaust legacy and then hundreds of “tolerant” Jews proceeded to bash Jared, shamelessly exposing their own brainwashed hatred, as something desirable and admirably sanctified. Peace in Israel, therefore, one must infer, is something undesirable and evil. As is the word “god” in the phrase “in god we trust.”


I admire Jared and Ivanka for their unfailing work to strengthen The United States of America on her course constitutional course as a Judeo-Christian nation. This young couple has given US four years of their time, brought in their negotiating skills to empower minorities, women, small businesses and foreign relations that promote and support the America First status of our nation.

They sacrificed four years of attention that they diverted from their children to pressing State priorities and subjected their family to hatred from all the people whose livelihood depends on stealing from the government, as opposed to empowering it. They did it for US! For us, for you and me! For the remainder of their lives, they will need security details. Private, not government. They do not expect gratitude, but they most certainly deserve it! As they do respect!

If you are smart, you will contrast what Jared (Ivanka) have done whilst in office to what the grown children, including in-laws, of The Clintons and The Bidens, for instance, have done.

If you are ignorant through your own choice of your party affiliation or your job pressures, you will continue to disregard The Truth and by the time you get it, I hope you are still free and I am still alive, because I choose to serve The Truth.