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If I ever hated anything, hearing or saying “I told you so” is it!

I love and respect my friends to never use these words. I do not think that I used them more than a couple times in childhood, and certainly not since I matured.


But today I must!


In anticipation of 100th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution I intensified my personal plight to better inform the population of the USA about the imminent threat of socialism. For the past five years I’ve written about it and presented, in various forms to multitudes of audiences, the materials I call “Socialism 101.” I was sincerely hoping that by educating Americans about socialism, I am opening their eyes and minds in time to prevent them from repeating the same mistake USSR, Germany, China and many other countries have already made – believing in benevolence of socialism.


I am not unique in doing this now, but at the beginning, at least in certain circles, I was. Inasmuch as I was being met with the usual interest former Soviet refugees still evoke among the people who are either anti-Communist (let’s agree that Communism is the ultimate quest of Socialism!) or have worked on and sponsored the release of Soviet Jewry from the USSR. With the first group, it usually is a semi-rewarding experience of preaching to the choir. With the second, an uphill battle against the deeply seeded belief in the underlying goodness of socialism.


Over the past century, American Jews, as well as non-Jews, adapted the ancient Judaic concept of Tikkun Olam, that is the prospect of overcoming all forms of idolatry, which over millennia of Jewish history has been reframed by other Jewish thinkers as an aspiration to behave and act constructively and beneficially, to equate to that of socialism.



Socialism, in the meantime, has a long bloody tail of revolutions, starvations, tortures, murders, break up of nuclear family, forced resettlements, forced labor in all kinds of gulags and concentration camps, disposal of God and replacement, via atheism camouflage, with Socialist/Communist Party idols, like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, just to throw in a few names at the gullible people, who continue to blindly praise socialism as they refuse to understand its meaning or study its inhumanely cruel history.


Every generation, I often heard, deserves what it gets.

Let that one sink in.

Do we all deserve this socialist plague?


I don’t! I already fled from it into the wonderful land of USA. That is, the wonderful land it used to be before the Obama Destroyer shook its fundament and toppled, one after the other, the cherished values America offered for almost two and a half centuries to every woman, man and child seeking freedom.



In two weeks all freedoms will be removed from under every freedom-appreciating American and will be replaced, as the Grand Masters Obama and Soros designed, by the values of American Cultural Revolution. All of the people of USA will be made into slaves to this revolution. I can now just as accurately predict just how it will unfold, as to what the useful idiots’ reaction will be. The removal of basic rights and freedoms, will be followed by the removal of basic conveniences, but that is OK with the meek. They do not seem disturbed by relinquishing those, little by little, as long as their leaders continue the perpetuation of lies they used to trap them, and everyone who resisted the cultural revolution, into this bottomless abyss of suffering. Those who do not seek The Truth, are never disturbed by the loss of it, until…yes, here’s my “I told you so” time.


I told you so! I told you that you will have no free speech, no fair elections, no patriotism, no love of America, no Judeo-Christian nation, no God, no respect for your neighbors, no real education in your schools – these and more will be replaced with propaganda ideology and forced submission to the Elite Communists (Or whatever they may be called on this turn!!!)


I told you so! You and your children will be miserable, perpetually angry, regretful, remorseful, embittered, destitute and hopeless. And possibly your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but you will not live that long! You will be hungry, recalling the everyday pleasure you had by eating your favorite foods, snacks, desserts. You will be restricted as to when you can shop and where, based on your political affinity until it is beaten out of you. You and your children will be held accountable for the incompetency of every leader you voted into the office during the last free election that you thought was yours to steal.

You will suffer!

You will suffer like three of my great-grandparents, who died in the first post-revolution winter in 1918 Ukraine at the bandits, pogromschiks, lack of medical care and food.

You will suffer like my fourth great-grandparent, who went from relative comfort and a promise of happiness to extreme poverty practically overnight and never had it good again for the remainder of her long lonely life.

You will suffer like my parents and aunts and uncles, who were brainwashed into believing that socialism is the tikkun olam, and even if they came to realize differently, they submitted, or they would have suffered even worse.

You will suffer like me, and will understand the pain I am now living through, having escaped out of this socialist nightmare for four decades, only to witness you take me down into this oblivion with you!

Yes, every time you will complain – and your days will be filled with complaining – I will draw special pleasure from saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”


And you would not listen. Now, pay the full price, as you deserve!


As it always happens, I, too, will suffer with you…

I will be full of regrets, the biggest one of them will be, I should have had a stronger voice and more influence, alas, I did not get it. As a teacher, I’ll stand back, after you immerse, mature and settle into your socialism. I TOLD YOU SO would be the only thing I could tell you then…if I have any voice left.


The Murky Times

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Once upon a time in Russia, there was a period known as Time of Trouble, in English. In Russian it’s called “Murky Time,” a better name, as it explains the very muddy and shadowy state of the state between 1598 and 1613.

In 1591, Tsar Ivan The Terrible’s youngest son, Dmitry Ivanovich, the Crown Prince of Russia, only 9 years of age, was ruthlessly assassinated by the greedy envious power usurpers.

His successor, Fyodor I, the oldest son of Ivan The Terrible, the last of the Rurik Dynasty, the founding dynasty of Russia, died without an heir in 1598. (1557-1598). His wife was the sister of Boris Godunov, the man who already acted like a Tsar for years of Feodor on the throne…Boris reigned 1598-1605. His son, Feodor II, reigned after, until June 10, 1605…

At that same time, three Pretender Tsars claimed the Throne of Russia.

Did they not teach you any of Russia’s Murky History in USA history classes? Well, perhaps, not in the last 40 years, when classic education was thrown out to accommodate “progressive change.”

The Three Pretender Tsars of Russia were:

Dmitry I, historically known as Pseudo-Demetrius I and False Dmitry I, proclaimed himself a Tsar and reigned from June 10, 1605 to May 17, 1606, his death, under the name of Dmitry Ivanovich.

He was the first, and most successful, of three Pretender Tsars of Russia. (самозванцы; самозванец, singular). All three claimed to be the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, and each claimed to have successfully escaped the assassination…in 1591…

False Dmitry I was survived by his wife, the beautiful Polish woman of many talents, Marina Mniszech, whose very last name will become a new word in the Russian lexicon – mnit', to imagine oneself to be….

False Dmitry II, d. 12/11/1610, aka Pseudo-Demetrius II and also called the rebel/criminal of Tushino, a then village near Moscow, now part of Moscow, was the second of three pretenders. He is believed to have been either a priest's son or a converted Jew and was relatively highly educated for the time. He spoke both the Russian and Polish languages and was an expert in liturgical matters. And – here’s my favorite tidbit – the widow Marina recognized Dmitry II in 1607 to be the real Dmitry I, who was “raised from the dead,” but actually not. Wars were fought and lives were lost in pursuits of the Polish Kingdom after the Russian Throne…as Don Cossacks became more powerful against The Swiss and The Poles… DII was killed by a tatar prince he previously flogged…

False Dmitry III, aka Pseudo-Demetrius III, died July 1612. He was the most enigmatic of the three, from Novgorod, but aka the rebel/criminal of Pskov, proclaimed himself Tsarevich (Prince) Dmitry on March 28, 1611. The Cossacks, who were leading a long campaign against Moscow, proclaimed him Tsar and kissed the cross (swore allegiance), but a year later, May 18, 1612 he was seized and delivered to Moscow, where he was secretly executed. Murky Times lasted until in 1613 Michael Romanoff ascended.

All students of government destabilization study The Murky Times aka Smuta in Russian.

Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression

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Or How George Floyd is Being Used To Destroy Jews

I was born a slave to socialism in the USSR, Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

I escaped at 18, after I had undergone complete Soviet Communist Party indoctrination and was miraculously shown the way out of the lies that are inherently built into the system of Socialism with Communist elite at the helm.

That was forty years ago.

As I write these words at my private residence that has more bedrooms and bathrooms than residents, I wonder where all the insanity of current cultural revolution and political coup in US is going to take it. Will I be forced, as my Russian predecessors in 1917, to surrender private ownership to everything I own, things of financial and sentimental value that took me a lifetime to assemble, after arriving to here with $90 and a small crate we were able to ship that contained mostly books, dishes and bedding. The hidden irony is that no one will want whatever is left of the dishes or linens, and most certainly, no one will read those books after me. To the current generation they represent only extra moving expenses. To my generation, they stood for Thought, Reason, Enlightenment, Integrity, History – ideals of irreplaceable value we fought, and some even lost their lives waiting for.

Will my IRAs be confiscated? Maybe that is why I always had such hard time saving and never could envision living in comfort in my old age.

Will I be forced into one room of my house, once redistribution hits full swing? Which room? The smallest, for sure. There undoubtedly will be a family of six using the larger bedroom and bathroom. There always are the more needy that cannot pull themselves up. They will benefit a little. I will suffer a lot!

I’d be lucky to use a shower, if the water will still be running. In the USSR, we never had it running in summers. Is there a well nearby? The river is at least 3 miles away. How would I be able to carry water? I’m not getting any younger.

House the size of mine could house three proletarian class families, at least. All women sharing one kitchen. The constantly disappearing food. No one could leave their soup unattended, lest the always-feuding neighbors spit into it.

I wake up, praying, or dear God, please not!

In today’s speak, proletarians are not revolting against the government. It is the intelligentsia class that is directing this coup, just as in the past, perhaps, once again, genuinely believing that they can “make a better world for you and me.”

I like my world, whatever is still left of it, after the destruction and redistribution we had already endured during the Obama administration, that he is still determined not to transfer out of.

There is so much insanity that awaits, the revolutionaries have been dropping hints and conducting drills all along. Out in the open. And they are becoming less guarded, so entitled they feel. Like the 2020 election fraud.

The most blatant was The Summer of Floyd, when a criminal was elevated to the status of martyrdom to serve a revolutionary purpose. The coup, the revolution against Trump, is really against me and my house. I own things others covet and will take away from me, because that is how revolutions work. And I will become one of those old ladies, who cries into her handkerchief mourning the gentility of the past. If I am lucky to survive at all.

As a Jew, I sit here knowing that the escalating anti-Semitism will blow up into another round of horror. Last night I read that an American Holocaust Museum has opened an exhibition about the death of George Floyd. This morning I check it out and true, The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Orlando, Florida, its leadership, to be precise, are the new same old useful idiots I never get tired of cautioning against!

It was not enough for the useful idiots dishonoring the legacy of The Holocaust by diluting its very tragedy, the deliberate, well-planned and organized extermination of six million of European Jewry through all-inclusiveness and diversity policies and permitting a combination with WWII victims of all other nationalities, even though these were not specifically targeted for such genocide.

Now, having duly belittled and destroyed the newer generations’ concept and perception of THE HOLOCAUST. The intolerant left is declaring war against the Jews by…using a Jewish legacy and Jewish hands to perpetuate yet another annihilation of Jews.

While I can still speak freely, the right I can foretell will evaporate in the not so distant future, I implore you to think independently, without listening to pundits and news purveyors for fact analyses. Use your common sense!

George Floyd is now being used to destroy Jews!

George Floyd was a criminal.

He has no relation to The Holocaust.

There is no genocide of blacks in USA! There never was!

Stop this travesty before it becomes the norm! Whilst you still can exercise your right to think and express yourself freely.

Someone is manipulating everything in the world to rebalance the power.

You and I will end up with a substantially diminished world.

If we sill have our right to live.

Everyone has their right to express their views. Even those, who knowingly exploit the george floyds of this country. But they have no right to express their views by destroying the legacy of the 20th century tragedy of MY PEOPLE.

Not even MY PEOPLE have that right. Enough with your cultural revolution, your coup, your revisionism, redistribution, anti-Trump hatred!

The despicable level of low-intellect involved in preservation of the sanctity of The Holocaust Legacy is making me sick!

By the time they come for me, there will not be anyone left to speak! And that time, I fear, is just around the bend…


Un Free Press Role in Murdering America

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So, I’ve been thinking about this for nearly four years while I witness the virtual assassination of President Donald J. Trump and murder of the United States of America that I love very dearly.

What would press be writing about Trump if its members were objective?

Vladimir Lenin in his revolution planning hideout somewhere in the Finnish countryside wrote that a swift takeover of the means of information is among the first priorities of socialist revolution.

Regrettably, I have to differ, schools are!

The revolution that we are currently witnessing in USA is made possible only because generations of youths have been propagandized to by their public school educators and college professors in the objectives and ideology of Marxism-Leninism, a subject I am bitterly familiar with, having grown up under its death-wish influence.

Loyal Leninists took over telephone, telegraph and newspapers of Sankt Petersburg on that unforgettable night onto November 7th 1917. New style date, as Russian calendar of that era was nearly two weeks behind. 13 days precisely, making the actual revolution date the 25th of October 1917, hence October Revolution. Teachers should be teaching this in USA schools. They do not. They also should have been teaching that this was the second revolution of 1917, why and how it was different, what events led into it and who really won, looking back philosophically at the total effect. The 1905 Bloody Sunday revolution should not have been left untaught either, as they each did not happen in the vacuum. They were steps into destruction of a country, culture, legacy… and created a lasting monstrosity.

Teachers should also be teaching American youths that Lenin’s regime caused mass exterminations of Russian citizens who did not support the revolutionary concepts of redistribution of assets, elimination of private property ownership and other social-economic reforms that always lead to starvation and extinction of the masses. US academia should have been passing the devastating lessons of Russian history, such as the bloody Civil War, that ensued immediately from November 7th 1918 and declared over on October 25, 1922, notably mashing the dates to declare proletariat’s victory on the anniversary of the bloodiest “bloodless revolution” of them all. In some parts of what would late be known as the USSR, the Civil War actually lasted for a few more years before it was suppressed by brutal Red force.

It was during the first year of the Civil War that Grandpa Lenin, as this idol was lovingly known to my generation of Soviet children, established a concentration camp system, later known as The Gulag. By 1921 there were 84 camps. Note: not defending Hitler here, but the world should stop crediting him with this invention! Modest calculations place approximately 18,000,000 behind that barbed wire.

American teachers impart Marxism-Leninism without divulging its dirty legacy.

All American reporters have graduated from schools whose academia adulate Marx and teach Lenin, socialism and social justice, as if these are the rewards of education, when in reality they are weapons of mass destruction, because they create the most powerful weapon of them all – brainwash.

Brainwashing, institutionally engrained into the young brains over lasting periods of time and reinforced through other supporting systems, like social ridicule and punishment of contradicting opinion, is a permanent weapon. Unless an afflicted person is put through a detox.

Personally, I remained blind to American media perversion and for the longest time assumed that everyone in the USA understands the evils of the USSR and would never want anything even remotely similar to happen in their country.

That does not mean that I approved of everything USA did 100%. I did not. But my faith in the wisdom and intellectual integrity of people reporting about the US government was overpowering.

The Iran Contras (Ronald Reagan), First Gulf War (George Bush), US Intervention in Bosnia (Bill Clinton)… I was still detoxing myself from under my Soviet brainwash and believed that an individual does not impact anything. Powerful governments do. Individuals who criticize them lose. Evidently, I was not alone. I lived in NYC, where majority of ordinary folk were lifelong democrats, belonged to unions, and did what their unions told them.

I then learned better, became anti-union, reinforced my capitalist beliefs and moved out of NY. But I still trusted the media, watched 20/20 and Anderson Cooper.

In 2000 I distinctly noted that the media is corrupt through a seemingly unimportant minutia – their eagerness to mispronounce ‘nucular’ a la GW Bush in order to kiss ass. Yes, GW had no ability to articulate ‘nuclear’ and our college-educated members of the press were readily dropping their ability to say it correctly. Why?

Next came the post-911 horrors MSM inability to discern fact from fiction in the War on Terror and their willingness to obliterate the common sense. That lack of journalistic integrity spread faster than COVID19 and sinfully afflicted most of MSM.

There were few exceptions, but overall, it was all downhill from there. By the time BHO got into the WH and gag orders were placed full force on everything and anything capable of bringing Truth to light, USA had no free press.

The Dark Age of Obama eliminated enemies of Marxism from every place in US, state and local government, fulfilling his beautifully delivered assurance of fundamentally changing USA to the glorification by MSM.

I was still willing to give BHO a chance and certainly I gave all due respect to the office of US President. Not in my worst nightmare, I could then imagine that he, BHO, with 2 portraits, would signal the end of respect for that office, he so ingloriously occupied for 8 dark years, unapologetically spilling blood of many, most notably, The Benghazi 4 and Dallas 5.

That is why President Donald J Trump does not command respect from the Obama half of the population. They are in the War on Trump, meaning the War Against America that BHO had declared. Peaceful transition of power did not happen in 2016. And our pathetic MSM was brain-dead, silent, or outright supportive of that coup. It suddenly became socially, societally, politically and educationally acceptable to destroy US citizens on fake charges (Michael Flynn), causing them and their families undue harm, financial and professional ruin and worse, like Roger Stone’s arrest. So many things immediately went off with the radicalized and cleverly steered by their socialist puppeteers saturated by fake news and narratives youths and socialists of every age, some of whom are clueless snowflakes, and some are very dangerous elements, who belong in jail for life, but whose assistance in this War Against America was engaged for pay online, in the open, advocated by every radical – BHO, Michelle, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sanders, Warren, Kamala, Hillary – and all those other united in their determination to fundamentally destroy the country that gave them everything!

Since time immemorial US Government had people of opposing opinions, ideas and goals serving the country for a salary paid by the people of the United States.

Some of these people served in the White House.

But only after Obama, had we seen the quantitative domestic terror from the wide spread anti-US network The Community Organizer In Chief established during his eight years. That was his administration’s focus – to prepare everything for socialism and, incidentally, but not less importantly, Islamization of America. All the ground work has been laid. We, the people, were being suppressed and believing that after BHO’s term normalcy would return, we waited. And they counted on it. With the help of the press, of course. Always, with the help of the press.

There is no end to the sly, clever, inventive meanness served under the guise of measured, well-rehearsed and practiced in front of a mirror, public image projection. Ability to control one’s temper to inflict a deliberately deceptive personality switch onto unsuspecting audiences is now being praised as a desirable character trait through speech-writers bait and switch ploys, like Michele’s “when they go low, we go high,” a postulate whose terms have been intentionally swapped, like the endless other substitutions of the politically corrected vocabulary. We no longer know the true definitions of certain words, like liberal, for instance. Used to actually mean possessing a kind, bleeding, heart. Now it is representative of socialist cold cruelty. Michelle’s hi, of course, is best illustrated by her response to the kidnapping, rape and slavery of hundreds of Nigerian Christian school girls and that forced photo op she posed for at the WH #bringbackourgirls – brings back so many memories – none of them about Obamas' kindness. They are a cruel cold socialist indoctrination in progress. They are a working family. One purpose, one goal, destroy USA. That is why they stayed in DC, used Soros’s money for the creation of shadow government and have fought the War Against America for 4 years.

I will probably end up in Obama Gulag for posting this. But I must. I will not be silenced by the oppressed press and its unwitting collaborators.


Babi Yar - Timeline of Tragedy

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 This photo, taken by a Nazi Officer in Babi Yar Sept 29-30 1941, was colorized recently.

We are each the sum of our memories and my most meaningful memories are about surviving anti-Semitism and Socialism. I even remember things I personally did not experience, but lived through the memories of others. I remember them always.

Kiev was bombed by the Nazis on June 22, 1941 at 4 a.m.

I have heard about it from all my relatives who remembered it, as well as from countless neighbors, including those non-Jews who lived in Kiev throughout the war.

My uncle Valera was born September 3, 1941 in Ural Mountains.

Counting back from his birth, I suspect that my maternal grandma, great-grandma, my uncle (10yo)and my mom (9yo), departed by train from Darnitza train station on or about August 6.

Other relatives evacuated as well.

Battle of Kiev lasted from 23 August to 26 September, 1941. My grandfather Avrum and some other relatives participated. Some dug the trenches. Avrum did at first. Then he was issued a uniform. Some time toward the end of this battle, his entire Army of Kiev Defenders was captured. So was he.

Kiev was occupied by the Nazis on September 19, 1941.

September 21, 1941 was Elul, 5701, Sunday, Erev Rosh Hashana.

How did the 40,000 or so Kiev Jews who did not evacuate for whatever reason mark it? I never thought about it until this year, 2020. Were they able to have a traditional meal with any traditional food? There was flour and water and maybe eggs and chickens in the numerous Kiev “dvoriki” yards. Did the women bake? Did they dip apples into honey? Did they pray? I assume so, because the old ones always do. And in scary times as such, so do many younger ones.

September 22, 1941 was 1st of Tishrei, 5702, Monday, Rosh Hashana 5702.

How did they spend the first day of that New Year? Who will tell me that story?

September 24, 1941 there were explosions of the ancient Kreschatik, Kiev’s beautiful main artery. The Red Army hurriedly set that off in a poorly conceived and executed plan. Many Nazi officers were killed in their hotel and surrounding best buildings in the city. The Reds were captured and tortured before executions to find out of other planned defenses/attacks, depending on the perspective.

September 26, 1941, Friday. Kurt Eberhard, the field commander of Kiev, assembled a meeting and assigned the responsibility for September 24th to the Jews.

How did the Jews of Kiev spend their last Shabbat? Most of them were young enough not to practice Judaism any longer. They were good and observant socialists. But I want to think they still called to G-d on that Shabbat. Did they?

September 27, 1941, Saturday. Did the old men discuss prayers? Did the women give their kids special treats? I do not know that Kiev. I can only imagine it because of the bits and pieces I know about its history and from growing up there.

September 28, 1941, Sunday. The following notice was posted in Russian, Ukrainian and German all through the city. "All the Yids of the city of Kiev and its vicinity must appear on Monday September 29, 1941 by 8 a.m. at the corner of Melnikova and Dokhterivskaya streets (next to the cemetery). Bring documents, money and valuables, and also warm clothing, bed linen etc. Any Yids who do not follow this order and are found elsewhere will be shot. Any civilians who enter the dwellings left by Yids and appropriate the things in them will be shot".

September 29, 1941

I remember this day because it is impossible to be a Jew from Kiev and to not remember this day.

I remember it because a Russian boy, Anatoly Kuznetzov, 12 yo at the onset of the war, remembered it for me in his book Babi Yar, A Document in the Form of a Novel, a memoir he published 1966.

I remember it because Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote a poem that was published in 1961, the year of my birth.

I remember it because a Jewish survivor, Dina Pronicheva, whom Kuznetsov interviewed, testified on January 24, 1946 at a Kiev war-crimes trial of 15 members of the German police responsible for the Kiev Region.

I remember it because for the 18 years I lived among Kievans who never ceased to call me a kike and regretted that not all Jews died in Babi Yar.

I remember it because the legless man, Grandma Reeva’s neighbor, WWI survivor, said in early August 1941 to her “Germans are cultured. I was in their captivity. They treated me well.” He died with his grandson, my uncle’s and father’s classmate Syoma, in Babi Yar. His sister jumped out of the window early in the day on the 29th. Kuznetsov mentions her, but does not know her name. I do! She was beautiful! She was 17! I remember her every year and will light a candle for her tomorrow.

September 30, 9th of Tishrei, 5702, Tuesday, Erev Yom Kippur (Yad Vashem records it as September 29)

From Einsatzgruppe C reports: "The bitter hostility of the Ukrainian population against the Jews is extremely great, because it is thought that they were responsible for the explosions in Kiev. They are also seen as NKVD informers and agents, who unleashed the terror against the Ukrainian people. All Jews were arrested in retaliation for the arson in Kiev, and altogether 33,771 Jews were executed on September 29th and 30th. Gold, valuables and clothing were collected and put at the disposal of the National-Socialist Welfare Association (NSV), for the equipment of the Volksdeutsche, and part given to the appointed city administration for distribution to the needy population".

October 01, 10th of Tishrei, 5702, Wed, Yom Kippur

From Yad Vashem: Arranging the mass executions of the Jews on the days of Soviet or Jewish holidays was a frequent occurrence and had symbolic meaning of triumph for the Germans.

Those Jews who were not murdered during the two-day massacre of late September 1941 were locked up in garages on Melnikova Street near Babi Yar. These Jews were murdered in Babi Yar by members of Einsatzkommando 5 on October 1-3, 1941.

October 05, 14th of Tishrei, 5702, Sun, Erev Sukkot -

October 06, 15th of Tishrei, 5702, Mon, Sukkot -

Zakhar Trubakov, a Jewish survivor from Kiev, remembered “I did not go myself and urged others as best I could not to go. I told many people how the Nazis had murdered the Jews of Minsk – the capital of Byelorussia. People listened but, as often happens, did not hear. They answered that they had nowhere to hide, especially those with little kids. And many simply refused to believe the worst… "

Oh, people of Israel, hear my prayer…