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On The Precipice of Purpose

Posted by Marina B on January 16, 2021 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I have big plans for January 20, 2021 and beyond.


First, I will remember the idiocy of the pink pussy mad-hatters from four years ago, the violent threats and hatred that befell on what could very well be, the last decent president USA has ever had.

I will remember how TDS overwhelmed the envious, the corrupt, the MSM-brainwashed, the institutionally indoctrinated of you and how despicably behaved, and how for four years you terrorized The President, his family, his supporters and anyone who disagreed with your line of hatred by flipping everything upside down, until you made a mockery out of US and The Truth.

I will sit with my morning coffee enjoying the final moments of FREEDOM this country gave me, a refugee from socialism, and I will thank the founders of the United States for the forty one years of freedom I enjoyed.

As of 11:59 am, I will completely disconnect from the useful idiocy that will be tyrannically installing itself in the WH.

I will follow the example and wisdom of Dr. Victor Frankl, an Austrian psychologist, who survived The Holocaust and wrote a book of his experiences in the concentration camp, and I will follow the Torah teachings that have been guarded by my people for millennia.

The Torah teaches that everything is a will of G-d and humans have the free will only to the extent of the free choices they make. Dr. Frankl, after observing and surviving the despicable atrocities, concluded that the way a prisoner imagined the future affected his longevity, and that it is essential to identify a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then immerse yourself into it imagining only that outcome.

Here’s what I will be imagining behind my 21st century virtual barbwire:

1) The Truth will Triumph.

2) Yours is only a temporary triumph, on a way to revelations that will follow your excesses and terror. The Truth always comes out. The Truth is absolute and facts, as they are revealed, will serve The Truth.

3) All the damage you can do to this wonderful country, and consequently to the world, which follows and relies on US leadership, is not going to impact my vision of the outcome, i.e. Triumph of The Truth.

4) As part of my survival, I will pretend that none of you are, and what becomes of you is wholly and totally inconsequential to me. I will not be sympathetic to your painful realizations, as one by one you will discover that what I’ve been warning you about was true and the knowledge I was trying to pass on to to you, was factual.

5) I will pay as much attention to you as you did to me, and show you the same “kindness” as you bestowed on me and mine, after you travel the full journey and are ready for a conversation on the level. I will only have a conversation like that after your full and complete admission of your error in judgment, and you full apology – not to me – to this glorious nation you are destroying and to The Trump Family – every single one of whom so bravely fought to preserve it, as The Republic she was planned, functioned since 1776 and was meant to forever.


If I live through this difficult time.





About The Privilege of Freedom

Posted by Marina B on December 19, 2020 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I don’t give a hoot about your skin color, religion or sexuality as long as you do not a) impose them on me or b) deny me full respect of mine!

In 7th grade, I was a mentally and emotionally abused teen, who despite all that was being dumped onto me by my parents, school and the entire Soviet Union, chose to be like the Decembrists and other period heroes I admired, a freethinker. I define freethinking as upholding that knowledge should be grounded in facts, scientific inquiry, and logic. Coincidentally, that is exactly what my teachers were teaching in class. In practice, however, I was told time and time again by my teachers, my mother and other relations to learn how to hide my true sentiments, ideas, thoughts or else! In sum, I was being taught to lie.

Everyone in the USSR lied as a matter of practical survival.

I loathed lying as it created and perpetuated a logical conflict to the facts I observed and of which I wrote in detail in My Life Through My Dresses – Growing Up Socialist. An incident with my 7th grade Russian Language and Lit teacher, Valentina Lazarevna Shilo, who I hear is now gone and I do not have to worry about using her real name, is as fresh in my mind’s eye as if it happened yesterday.

VLS was my homeroom teacher, and on several occasions when Mama was too verbally abusive in her intolerably cruel way, I ran off to VLS and slept over. I yearned for a mother figure, and to some extent, this Jewish teacher and mom of two young sons, provided me with minimal comfort of a dinner and conversation. I suppose that was why, out of her best intentions, she proceeded to instruct me on how to stop pursuing truth. “If you will not stop this truth-searching,” VLS forewarned me, “you will suffer all your life. No one wants the truth. You’ll be penalized for it.”

It was after that particular phrase that I stopped seeking refuge at her home, because I figured out that just like Mama, VLS was a broken soviet woman, repressed in her views, as every soviet citizen, but more so by being a Jew in Kiev, the Capital of Ukrainian Anti-Semitism.

I decided to remain true to my nature, keep my innate moral center, my ideals of what I should do and how, and so I have been true to the truth seeker in me. Not to hold myself as a perfect human, I erred all through my life, but I have tried my best to guard that 13-year-old truth seeker through all her life battles.

People forgot that Soviet Union, The USSR, was the first ‘socialist paradise’. After socialism failed there, the Soviets taught the Chinese, the Cubans, the Vietnamese, the North Koreans, multiple African nations and on and on and on how to create the society based on socialist-communist lies of Lenin, Marx and Engels and breed generations of useful idiots, just like Stalin commanded.

As the “conversation about privilege” has now taken a racist overtone, I keep hearing about the white privilege. It’s the same lie the socialists planted in Russia to create religion and class struggle, redistribute wealth and power. Same methods. Same tactical moves. Same words. Religion is being steadily replaced by this new divisive value system with cultural atheism, which is nothing new to this old girl who grew up on them in the USSR. “All people are brothers,” they said at public meetings, and went on to teach their kids to hate, for instance, Jews or other national minorities. Jews, actually, were hate for being “that other religion” most people could not even bring themselves up to speak of out loud. No religious practice was allowed for decades. We were JINOs – Jews In Name Only. Never stopped anti-Semites from anti-Semitting! We, the less than 1% of world population, the ever-persecuted vulnerable, yet defiant keepers of Hanukkah!

I am now moving on to the reason for this post - I am being cajoled into abstaining from truth by certain leaders of certain groups, who may be reading some of my social media posts, may not be comprehending the essence of my lifelong pursuits, may not even have used Google to learn that “useful idiot” is not to be interpreted as a literal “idiot”, yet they definitely are telling me and others under their care, that truth will be punished. “Play nice and fit in”, “don’t be an asshole,” “you will become an unwanted individual” and similar wisdoms are being dispensed in private rooms to hundreds just as BLM, George Floyd and anti-Trump ideology are being elevated to the Book of Genesis status and all invited guest are expected to uniformly praise the very socialist ideology I abhor and fight against. Whist I can.

Whilst I have the power of written word in me I will practice to the maximum extent I am able to The Privilege of Freedom I was granted with my US citizenship.

I will not heed the misguided suggestions to submit to mass hysteria of socialism from my “guides”. They are not my masters. They do not know or do not care to think and discover that crematoria were filled with submissive escapism just like that in mid-twentieth century.

I will not heed the submission to the will of media-influenced and brainwashed holders of power any more than I would listen to my writing community peers who have succumbed to pressures of leftists-dominated publishing industry or bought into the narrative of “our version of socialism will work”. NYET! I hate to disillusion you, my comrades in ink, socialism always works for just a few privileged ones – and if you sell your soul, you can be one of them.

I’ll stay true to my truth-seeking soul. I will not alter what I write about, whom I write to and for, or my form of expressing/communicating with my audience, because I will not be bowing to the demands of this anarchist and socialist mobs. You may do as you please. I will not! No accomplishment of mine will hold any value, if I arrive at it through submission to false idols. That includes Islamists and I am not afraid of using this word, because I know full well the difference between Islamists and Americans who are practicing Moslems without a terrorist or world domination intent. I despise Europeans that have submitted and lost their once magnificent countries to religious domination, socialist and new world order control.

I may not have been raised to be a proud Jewish woman. I came into this knowledge and realization slowly, painfully at times, and with great personal sacrifices. But I will die a proud Jewish woman, free in my mind and heart of any malfeasance, especially as an author. I pray this time is far off and those who are now obstructing my path will have already learned why they were wrong in their attempts to block me.



Posted by Marina B on December 2, 2020 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

If I ever hated anything, hearing or saying “I told you so” is it!

I love and respect my friends to never use these words. I do not think that I used them more than a couple times in childhood, and certainly not since I matured.


But today I must!


In anticipation of 100th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution I intensified my personal plight to better inform the population of the USA about the imminent threat of socialism. For the past five years I’ve written about it and presented, in various forms to multitudes of audiences, the materials I call “Socialism 101.” I was sincerely hoping that by educating Americans about socialism, I am opening their eyes and minds in time to prevent them from repeating the same mistake USSR, Germany, China and many other countries have already made – believing in benevolence of socialism.


I am not unique in doing this now, but at the beginning, at least in certain circles, I was. Inasmuch as I was being met with the usual interest former Soviet refugees still evoke among the people who are either anti-Communist (let’s agree that Communism is the ultimate quest of Socialism!) or have worked on and sponsored the release of Soviet Jewry from the USSR. With the first group, it usually is a semi-rewarding experience of preaching to the choir. With the second, an uphill battle against the deeply seeded belief in the underlying goodness of socialism.


Over the past century, American Jews, as well as non-Jews, adapted the ancient Judaic concept of Tikkun Olam, that is the prospect of overcoming all forms of idolatry, which over millennia of Jewish history has been reframed by other Jewish thinkers as an aspiration to behave and act constructively and beneficially, to equate to that of socialism.



Socialism, in the meantime, has a long bloody tail of revolutions, starvations, tortures, murders, break up of nuclear family, forced resettlements, forced labor in all kinds of gulags and concentration camps, disposal of God and replacement, via atheism camouflage, with Socialist/Communist Party idols, like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, just to throw in a few names at the gullible people, who continue to blindly praise socialism as they refuse to understand its meaning or study its inhumanely cruel history.


Every generation, I often heard, deserves what it gets.

Let that one sink in.

Do we all deserve this socialist plague?


I don’t! I already fled from it into the wonderful land of USA. That is, the wonderful land it used to be before the Obama Destroyer shook its fundament and toppled, one after the other, the cherished values America offered for almost two and a half centuries to every woman, man and child seeking freedom.



In two weeks all freedoms will be removed from under every freedom-appreciating American and will be replaced, as the Grand Masters Obama and Soros designed, by the values of American Cultural Revolution. All of the people of USA will be made into slaves to this revolution. I can now just as accurately predict just how it will unfold, as to what the useful idiots’ reaction will be. The removal of basic rights and freedoms, will be followed by the removal of basic conveniences, but that is OK with the meek. They do not seem disturbed by relinquishing those, little by little, as long as their leaders continue the perpetuation of lies they used to trap them, and everyone who resisted the cultural revolution, into this bottomless abyss of suffering. Those who do not seek The Truth, are never disturbed by the loss of it, until…yes, here’s my “I told you so” time.


I told you so! I told you that you will have no free speech, no fair elections, no patriotism, no love of America, no Judeo-Christian nation, no God, no respect for your neighbors, no real education in your schools – these and more will be replaced with propaganda ideology and forced submission to the Elite Communists (Or whatever they may be called on this turn!!!)


I told you so! You and your children will be miserable, perpetually angry, regretful, remorseful, embittered, destitute and hopeless. And possibly your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but you will not live that long! You will be hungry, recalling the everyday pleasure you had by eating your favorite foods, snacks, desserts. You will be restricted as to when you can shop and where, based on your political affinity until it is beaten out of you. You and your children will be held accountable for the incompetency of every leader you voted into the office during the last free election that you thought was yours to steal.

You will suffer!

You will suffer like three of my great-grandparents, who died in the first post-revolution winter in 1918 Ukraine at the bandits, pogromschiks, lack of medical care and food.

You will suffer like my fourth great-grandparent, who went from relative comfort and a promise of happiness to extreme poverty practically overnight and never had it good again for the remainder of her long lonely life.

You will suffer like my parents and aunts and uncles, who were brainwashed into believing that socialism is the tikkun olam, and even if they came to realize differently, they submitted, or they would have suffered even worse.

You will suffer like me, and will understand the pain I am now living through, having escaped out of this socialist nightmare for four decades, only to witness you take me down into this oblivion with you!

Yes, every time you will complain – and your days will be filled with complaining – I will draw special pleasure from saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”


And you would not listen. Now, pay the full price, as you deserve!


As it always happens, I, too, will suffer with you…

I will be full of regrets, the biggest one of them will be, I should have had a stronger voice and more influence, alas, I did not get it. As a teacher, I’ll stand back, after you immerse, mature and settle into your socialism. I TOLD YOU SO would be the only thing I could tell you then…if I have any voice left.


Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression

Posted by Marina B on November 24, 2020 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Or How George Floyd is Being Used To Destroy Jews

I was born a slave to socialism in the USSR, Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

I escaped at 18, after I had undergone complete Soviet Communist Party indoctrination and was miraculously shown the way out of the lies that are inherently built into the system of Socialism with Communist elite at the helm.

That was forty years ago.

As I write these words at my private residence that has more bedrooms and bathrooms than residents, I wonder where all the insanity of current cultural revolution and political coup in US is going to take it. Will I be forced, as my Russian predecessors in 1917, to surrender private ownership to everything I own, things of financial and sentimental value that took me a lifetime to assemble, after arriving to here with $90 and a small crate we were able to ship that contained mostly books, dishes and bedding. The hidden irony is that no one will want whatever is left of the dishes or linens, and most certainly, no one will read those books after me. To the current generation they represent only extra moving expenses. To my generation, they stood for Thought, Reason, Enlightenment, Integrity, History – ideals of irreplaceable value we fought, and some even lost their lives waiting for.

Will my IRAs be confiscated? Maybe that is why I always had such hard time saving and never could envision living in comfort in my old age.

Will I be forced into one room of my house, once redistribution hits full swing? Which room? The smallest, for sure. There undoubtedly will be a family of six using the larger bedroom and bathroom. There always are the more needy that cannot pull themselves up. They will benefit a little. I will suffer a lot!

I’d be lucky to use a shower, if the water will still be running. In the USSR, we never had it running in summers. Is there a well nearby? The river is at least 3 miles away. How would I be able to carry water? I’m not getting any younger.

House the size of mine could house three proletarian class families, at least. All women sharing one kitchen. The constantly disappearing food. No one could leave their soup unattended, lest the always-feuding neighbors spit into it.

I wake up, praying, or dear God, please not!

In today’s speak, proletarians are not revolting against the government. It is the intelligentsia class that is directing this coup, just as in the past, perhaps, once again, genuinely believing that they can “make a better world for you and me.”

I like my world, whatever is still left of it, after the destruction and redistribution we had already endured during the Obama administration, that he is still determined not to transfer out of.

There is so much insanity that awaits, the revolutionaries have been dropping hints and conducting drills all along. Out in the open. And they are becoming less guarded, so entitled they feel. Like the 2020 election fraud.

The most blatant was The Summer of Floyd, when a criminal was elevated to the status of martyrdom to serve a revolutionary purpose. The coup, the revolution against Trump, is really against me and my house. I own things others covet and will take away from me, because that is how revolutions work. And I will become one of those old ladies, who cries into her handkerchief mourning the gentility of the past. If I am lucky to survive at all.

As a Jew, I sit here knowing that the escalating anti-Semitism will blow up into another round of horror. Last night I read that an American Holocaust Museum has opened an exhibition about the death of George Floyd. This morning I check it out and true, The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Orlando, Florida, its leadership, to be precise, are the new same old useful idiots I never get tired of cautioning against!

It was not enough for the useful idiots dishonoring the legacy of The Holocaust by diluting its very tragedy, the deliberate, well-planned and organized extermination of six million of European Jewry through all-inclusiveness and diversity policies and permitting a combination with WWII victims of all other nationalities, even though these were not specifically targeted for such genocide.

Now, having duly belittled and destroyed the newer generations’ concept and perception of THE HOLOCAUST. The intolerant left is declaring war against the Jews by…using a Jewish legacy and Jewish hands to perpetuate yet another annihilation of Jews.

While I can still speak freely, the right I can foretell will evaporate in the not so distant future, I implore you to think independently, without listening to pundits and news purveyors for fact analyses. Use your common sense!

George Floyd is now being used to destroy Jews!

George Floyd was a criminal.

He has no relation to The Holocaust.

There is no genocide of blacks in USA! There never was!

Stop this travesty before it becomes the norm! Whilst you still can exercise your right to think and express yourself freely.

Someone is manipulating everything in the world to rebalance the power.

You and I will end up with a substantially diminished world.

If we sill have our right to live.

Everyone has their right to express their views. Even those, who knowingly exploit the george floyds of this country. But they have no right to express their views by destroying the legacy of the 20th century tragedy of MY PEOPLE.

Not even MY PEOPLE have that right. Enough with your cultural revolution, your coup, your revisionism, redistribution, anti-Trump hatred!

The despicable level of low-intellect involved in preservation of the sanctity of The Holocaust Legacy is making me sick!

By the time they come for me, there will not be anyone left to speak! And that time, I fear, is just around the bend…


November 9, 2020, a week after...

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It’s been a week of uncertainty, treachery, mockery, flippant hijacking of due democratic process, gloating by the 4-year-long-anger-mongers who had never accepted that Donald J. Trump is THE President of USA.

It’s been a week of exposing the unprecedented levels of vote thievery, forgery, fraud, pillaging and harboring of vote crime perps by their willful colluders at MSM.

It’s been a week of zero rioting by those deplorable Trump supporting chumps, the no-goodniks who even at their moments of deepest grief found courage to joke, and make alternate plans, like what to do 4 years from now.

It’s also been a week of celebration by and of an impostor, culminating with Bejing-bought Ukraine-sought criminal Joe Biden getting up on stage to proclaim himself President-elect, dismissing the fact that no such proclamation was certified by any of the individual states and electoral college, and that his opponent did not concede, and is, in fact, suing for recounts. In his fake election “winning speech” Joe did not even bother to reference his predecessor, the current duly elected and fantastically pro-American President, thereby displaying in the open his/his party’s desire, intent and ability to revision history as it happens in addition to hating America and stealing/usurping every achievement of current, highly productive and successful, administration.

And half the country loves that Joe did that.

Which means half the country are supporting crooks of varying levels – from street rioters and thugs to police killers and high-level government officials who are insubordinate or derelict their duties, from social media phony fact-checkers to full force free-speech censors, like Neil Cavutto, from critics of Donald Trump to his haters, who wish him dead and so onto his children, from ballot-drop-off-box burners to election officials filling in the fake ballots for dead people.

The damage to the American election process is unfathomable.

In essence, Barak Obama just achieved what he set out to do – the country is on the verge of collapse of its fundamentals. The only miracle that could save us is, of course, the miracle of Donald J. Trump.

Yet, so many of his supporters can be heard shifting the blame onto his huge shoulders – “he should have tweeted less, should have been nicer to people in his cabinet, should have not gotten so anxious during the first debate, should have never given interviews to people who’d use it against him”…

Shoulda, whoulda, coulda – Trump’s been dealing with and getting rid of that losing wing for decades of his winning, winning, winning.

Get yourself in line, pull yourself up, support him more today than you did last week – that’s all he ever asked of you, weaklings! Do just this little for him!

And all you others so eager to concede you cannot wait until the final fat lady aria is sung! No! We cannot embrace Joe and reconcile with the party that shows no iota of respect to President Trump! That is like it’s 1941, Hitler and Stalin are meeting to reach a non-invasion deal and you are asking us to make nice with Hitler all over again. You are like Stalin! You are Stalin! You will build the Gulags next, place them under AOC, who’d make you eat grass like cows, and lick her boots clean like the real Nazis did in Ukraine after it was captured. Nancy Pelosi will be like eating gelatos out of her big ice cream fridge just to show you that she can, yes, she can!

Nothing that is happening now is new to humanity. Another set of tyrants is power-grabbing big time and destroying a thriving country, on whose protection many others depend. The swamp is deep and wide; every alligator has very sharp teeth, swims faster that you and will try to eat you alive, like that woman in Alligator Alley last weekend.

Beware, boys and girls, this fight will get very ugly. Much uglier than you have ever seen. They already threatened that you should not speak out, or you would be unemployable for life.

This proletarian has nothing to lose. Not even her chains.



Why Trump2020 is The Only Choice, Unless You Are a Socialist

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Photo Credit: Diana Mustain Watt

Pumpkin Carving Artist: Hannah Watt


In the real world, people need to make simple choices – life is complicated as it is, in an overly convoluted way. Every day we are losing more of our once famous “American privacy,” as the Big Techs encroach into our individual worlds by offering us conveniently fast means of modern communication to which we are, let’s face it, addictively hooked, and for which we pay dearly with their demands on our time, finances and freedoms. And they censor us a la wartime censorship departments…arbitrarily, and we have been tolerating it…and so that circle goes.


I look at America’s presidential choice through the prism of my personal journey away from socialism, atheism, socialized medicine, statelessness, and ask why?

Most Americans are so mercantile. Serve them the wrong size coffee or a wrong condiment and they notice, complain, demand refund. The Clintons and Obamas robbed them blind and they ate it up. I think it is because the currently living generations had never learned how to do without. Some call them “spoiled.” I think they are blessed by their abundances and yet at the same time are not burdened by their complacency. Last March, severe deficit of toilet paper and hand sanitizer gave them a little preview of socialist reality, had they cared to analyze. But as soon as they got their replacements, all was forgotten, no lasting lesson learned and that is why and how everything got twisted into a historically inaccurate mess as we watched Donald Trump solve the crisis, build committees and alliances, while his Democrat nemeses could hardly conceal their envy – yes envy – that he was successful at that, too! (Think Brothers Cuomo!) The entire unfortunate and tragic idiocy of The Summer of Floyd followed. Insane! But like the obediently complacent sheep, a large portion of populous predictably grew weak in the knees, brains, hearts.

You all know The Truth.

It is impossible not to know it, no matter the views or experience. Truth is Truth and always is. It’s just that for some it is inconvenient, for others, not profitable, a few are in denial of it, and so it wilts, like a house plant of a traveling family, without water, but is always ready to perk up as soon as the roots get water circulating up the stem.

For the past five years Donald J. Trump has been that water source of The American Truth. He’s been watering the roots of our plants – our souls – and reminding us to remember to send a vital supply of nourishment to our brains and hearts. Americans, mercantile or not, have historically excellent hearts. None of this USA experiment would have been achievable without that prerequisite. In our American hearts Truth occupies a special chamber. Some may just need a stent or two to clear the pathway.

At the very least in 2016, they were “With Her”, an understandable desire to get a female into Presidency, even though that specific choice was soiled and sordid.

In advancing a washed up old white man without emulatable accomplishments to a nomination, the Democrat Party now demonstrated their corrupt essence. Through covering up and censorship, the MSM demonstrated their uselessness. Perhaps, conventional Media had outlived its useful life and became obsolete, like the old inventory does when the product demand dries up. Besides, neither the Media nor The Democrat Party itself have contributed anything of a significant value to the United States of America for too long a run. Like two decades. As often happens in decaying organizations and companies, they are only plucking at their slice of the pie, hoarding the crust in their caves and dens, and threaten those seeing The Truth with the Dark Winter they’d call upon if and when they regain the reigns.

Like a socialite debutante or a beauty pageant contestant, whose lies about wanting “world peace” whilst really coveting that year of crowned glory and earnings, Candidate Joe is willing to say anything at all that he deems will appeal to his pageant audience, even though they all know it is ALL LIES!

There are different sets and standards of expectations for each of the two candidates, where there should exist only one – leadership of good old USA.

A former auditor, I assume that everyone is suspect, but I also have that impeccable auditor’s sense that led me to catching several serious thieves during my career. A thief, even when cornered, continues to push the same or invent new lies. Joe is excellent at that. Much better than Trump could ever be. But it’s just not his game. He is not a politician. He’s been learning on the job at a very vigorous 74 and doing better than most of his predecessors, ever!

I believed in the promise of Trump since 2015. Perhaps not as immediately as when he descended down that escalator. I admired Ben Carson for his unmatched bravery at the National Prayer Breakfast where he was the first one who dared to publically confront Obama. And I certainly was not “With Her”. Why would anyone in their right mind trust a woman, a mother, who heartlessly went to bed as 9-11-Benghazi unfolded and later dismissively swept any questions about it under her very soiled magic carpet that made many things disappear – emails, money, people? That happened on Joe’s watch. He was, is, responsible for it, too.

Experts will write thousands of books about The Trump Phenomenon. He is capable of turning the country around and that is what his Make America Great Again call means. Not white supremacy or other backward idiocy as MSM and Joe’s supporters propagate.

My someday maybe great-grandchildren will study Trump’s klutzy New Yorker leadership style in schools. I actually hope they do. Everybody’s awakening moment will come sooner or later, sooner if Trump wins 2020, later and much more painfully, should he loose and the socialist doom enters.

Freedom is an immeasurably volatile personal commodity. Freedom of Speech even more so. Millions are free, as in un-jailed, in the world today. Only a sampling of those have the ability to practice free speech, even here in USA, where it has been practically muzzled by the Big Techs and other collaborators of the DemParty.


As an escapee from socialism, communism and Marxism, I speak freely on every topic I chose. Reelecting President Trump will give me four more years of Free Speech and that is the absolute reason that I am proud to vote for Trump again.

Free Speech and all who worship at its alter will be killed if America turns to socialism.



Institutionalized Discrimination

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As a long ago victim of bona fide, not imaginary, revisionary or artificially created, institutionalized discrimination, I too want to contribute to this suddenly popular conversation, but not in the way pc culturists obstruct the truth by diverting your attention to their skillful misuse of linguistics.


What is a plain old ordinary Discrimination? It is the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex; the act of making unjustified distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they actually belong or are perceived to belong.


What is Institutionalized Discrimination? It is unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions as a whole, through unequal intentional or unintentional bias or selection, as opposed to individuals making a conscious choice to discriminate.

The oft thrown about since last summer Systemic Discrimination involves a pattern or practice, policy, or class case where discrimination has a broad impact on an industry, profession, company or geographic area.


I started my life in the maternity room of Kiev, USSR hospital with nurses and doctors refusing to assist my mom, because she was a “kike”, a severely derogatory term for a Jew. USSR, as a socialist country, presented itself to the world and its own population as the most brotherly of world nations for 70 arduous years of this horrific social experiment at government control over the individual. In my 18 years there, I have witnessed and was target of plain old ordinary discrimination, institutionalized discrimination and systemic discrimination. As the Russians say, I ate a dog in discrimination! (Old adage meaning there’s nothing you can tell me about it that I don’t already know.)

In my 40 years in the US, more than half was spent in Tri-State geo area, I had witnessed diversity, integration, segregation and discrimination of various sorts. Yet last summer, someone – BLM, Antifa, their back ground handlers, like Grandpa Soros and whomever – reinvented discrimination to conveniently propagandize their mind-control agenda to the poorly prepared and/or outright brainwashed part of US population.

Since 1965, the US embraced the Affirmative action, or a set of laws, policies, guidelines, and administrative practices "intended to end and correct the effects of a specific form of discrimination" that include government-mandated, government-approved, and voluntary private programs. That was 55 years ago!


What is Affirmative Action as it relates allocation of resources, employment or education? It is the practice or policy of favoring individuals belonging to groups known to have been discriminated against previously, including but not limited to a set of policies and practices within a government or organization favoring particular groups based on their gender, race, creed or nationality in areas in which they were excluded in the past such as education and employment.

So effectively, for 55 years, discrimination was systemically replaced by the Affirmative action. That time span yielded 3, possibly 4, generations of children who were born and raised in the post-discrimination era.

There is no question in my mind that Affirmative action was needed to fix and reconcile certain prejudicial treatment of individuals and groups such as blacks or Jews, and later gays. There is also no question in my mind that like all good intentions, it comes with a hefty price.

Affirmative action gave rise to the Institutionalized reverse discrimination.

What is Reverse Discrimination? Reverse discrimination is discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group. Vivid examples are BET, all black colleges and the restriction on Asian student admissions by Ivy League.

During my years in NYC, I experienced a sampling of that as well.

The first Black American President would have served this nation best after he was elected to the highest office of the land, twice, to do away with this outdated fix by readdressing the issues at stake. Instead, racial tensions were deliberately instigated via deployment of socialist, Marxist and even terrorist tactics that heavily relied on complacency of corrupt MSM and punished groups that insisted on not subscribing to mass hysteria and personality cult the Obama administration had instituted, praised and rewarded.

In the years since 2008, a generation ripened on the brainwash ideology of reparations, redistribution of wealth, cultural and religious superiority, such as atheism and disdain of patriotism, that came of age during the Summer of Floyd and forced itself onto revolutionary stage through looting and cop-killing to secure its army in the ongoing Civil War on Trump.

The tables have turned. Since 2016, and especially since COVID, the ordinary discrimination against conservatives, practicing Christians, Orthodox Jews and traditional values, which include love and patriotism for country and Office of US President, had escalated beyond plain old Institutional Discrimination.

We have entered a VIRTUAL DISCRIMINATION GULAG era with Big Tech finishing what Lenin started in 1917, the elimination of undesirables without trial. Don’t wanna kneel, fired! Vote for Trump, fired! Don’t wear a mask, no admittance to medical office or supermarket. No vaccination, no freedom!

As in the Soviet GULAGs, criminals control everything, they rule over the weak, the good, the inexperienced, breaking them into submission.

GULAG is the ultimate child of institutionalized discrimination – no bribe - no food, no soap in the shower, no protection from rape and beatings, and no life!

If Biden should win in 14 days, on which side of the virtual barbed wire will you find yourself? A rapid history lesson: the compliant ones are always killed anyway. But first, they are forced to kill off the neighbors, friends, and even family. Submission is king! Individual is dirt! State is father!

Are you ready for Mother Kamala?!


* thanks Wikipedia for the core definitions of terms



Surviving Intellectual Dishonesty

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My reflections after today’s Senate confirmation hearings.

One of the most dangerous impacts of socialism, in addition to food shortages and physical punishment, is brainwash.

Brainwash (verb) is defined as making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. There are many synonyms for brainwashing, like mind or thought control, re-education or thought reform, but they all lead to the same result, altering the human mind by employing certain psychological methods and techniques that will affect the subjects’ ability to think independently.

The contemporary brainwashing we are observing in 2020 removed the inconvenient barriers of critical thinking through revisionism of both history and social norms. Summer of Floyd witnesses, who were horrified by the images of lawlessness, rioting, destruction and murder that ensued in USA following a controversial arrest of George Floyd. He was a known criminal whose cause of death was recorded as drug overdose. Then in a rush to something we know as Social Justice he was displayed in a gold casket at his funeral and his family was set for life of newly-found astronomical wealth through a multi-million dollar Gofundme collection. All that became an Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present) crown and scepter as the deceased was crowned (during the corona-virus pandemic, no relation) to lead the we-were-told currently-oppressed masses to redistribution of wealth, fundamental destruction of the still colonial United States (that pillar of slavery that had a elected black president twice!) and into socialism, politically, economically and societally.

What we were shown on TV, what was printed in the press for us to read via all MSM-run organs was a campaign of intellectual dishonesty, a complex weapon engaged in the Anti-Trump Civil War (2016-present).

What is intellectual dishonesty and how and when does it convert to brainwash?

To understand the Intellectual Dishonesty one must first accept an ethical definition of Intellectual Honesty. Wikipedia states it is an applied method of problem solving, characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude, which can be demonstrated in a number of different ways:

• One's personal beliefs or politics do not interfere with the pursuit of truth;

• Relevant facts and information are not purposefully omitted even when such things may contradict one's hypothesis (MB: proposed explanations)

• Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another;

• References, or earlier work, are acknowledged where possible, and plagiarism (MB: representation of another author’s work, thoughts, expressions as if they were one’s own) is avoided.

Intellectual dishonesty is the pushing forward a position that is known to be false. Intentionally committed fallacies (intentionally invalid propositions) in debates and reasoning are examples of intellectual dishonesty. Misusing facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Denial of facts to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is intellectual dishonesty. Misrepresenting revisionism of history, statue toppling, vandalism, aggressive protests and cancel culture is intellectual dishonesty. Labeling the above list “peaceful protests” is intellectual dishonesty. Praising the defund the police slogans, demeaning law and order, advocating for cop-killing is intellectual dishonesty. So are putting forward that black lives matters (more then all others or too, really same thing in this context) or denying that all lives matter equally, or at least should matter equally, at the end of second decade of the 21st century, demanding financial compensation for 500-200 hundred years ago slavery, kneeling during or walking away from the public performance arenas during the USA National Anthem are intellectually dishonest propositions. The list goes on and on.

Demanding your employees go through re-training to accept that black lives matter is brainwashing.

Restricting writers’ submissions to black voices, or people of color voices is the impact of brainwashing.

It happens very fast.

Most young people who eagerly accepted all that during The Summer of Floyd did not even realize how brainwashed they had been made, as their professors had also been brainwashed.

Brainwashing, therefore, is a cultural sterilization of thought, where the sterilizer may be written or spoken word. Honest debate, critical thinking, independent evaluation of written and spoken information and defiance in face of mob pressure or exertion of supervisory authority, refusal to submit to company politics and/or policies that infringe on one’s private opinions and one’s constitutional right to exercise free speech are tools necessary to survival. Arm yourselves with them if you want to advance as a free human being.

Today, US Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during the US Senate confirmation hearing, gave us all a lesson in composure, humility, ethics, morality, integrity and honesty.

Most of us would have wavered under a lesser pressure, Judge Amy displayed the strength of mental stability only the smartest among humans possess. From her pleasant, unaggressive demeanor, to her calm confidence, Judge ACB is a role model for women of all generations. 45 Democrat Senators barraged her for the second day in a row with convoluted orchestration of intellectual dishonesty designed to entrap and destroy this high-achieving woman, mother of 7, because it is inconvenient to them at this moment in their candidate’s campaign, inadvertently demonstrating to the world that they, Dems, care not for our country, only for the advancement of their agenda whilst pushing forward many positions that are known to be false. Their efforts to create alternative truth were painful to observe. I admire the grace with which Judge Barrett held herself through these first two days.

Truth always wins. Even after decades of brainwash, truth always has a propensity to shine through.

It did today through ACB. As a professional woman and a mother, I could not be more proud of her. I will be rooting for her approval and will commit to following her career no matter the outcome of this nomination. She represents me very well. I will strive to emulate her best I can.

She is the first Supreme Court nominee of my lifetime who is all that!


Un Free Press Role in Murdering America

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So, I’ve been thinking about this for nearly four years while I witness the virtual assassination of President Donald J. Trump and murder of the United States of America that I love very dearly.

What would press be writing about Trump if its members were objective?

Vladimir Lenin in his revolution planning hideout somewhere in the Finnish countryside wrote that a swift takeover of the means of information is among the first priorities of socialist revolution.

Regrettably, I have to differ, schools are!

The revolution that we are currently witnessing in USA is made possible only because generations of youths have been propagandized to by their public school educators and college professors in the objectives and ideology of Marxism-Leninism, a subject I am bitterly familiar with, having grown up under its death-wish influence.

Loyal Leninists took over telephone, telegraph and newspapers of Sankt Petersburg on that unforgettable night onto November 7th 1917. New style date, as Russian calendar of that era was nearly two weeks behind. 13 days precisely, making the actual revolution date the 25th of October 1917, hence October Revolution. Teachers should be teaching this in USA schools. They do not. They also should have been teaching that this was the second revolution of 1917, why and how it was different, what events led into it and who really won, looking back philosophically at the total effect. The 1905 Bloody Sunday revolution should not have been left untaught either, as they each did not happen in the vacuum. They were steps into destruction of a country, culture, legacy… and created a lasting monstrosity.

Teachers should also be teaching American youths that Lenin’s regime caused mass exterminations of Russian citizens who did not support the revolutionary concepts of redistribution of assets, elimination of private property ownership and other social-economic reforms that always lead to starvation and extinction of the masses. US academia should have been passing the devastating lessons of Russian history, such as the bloody Civil War, that ensued immediately from November 7th 1918 and declared over on October 25, 1922, notably mashing the dates to declare proletariat’s victory on the anniversary of the bloodiest “bloodless revolution” of them all. In some parts of what would late be known as the USSR, the Civil War actually lasted for a few more years before it was suppressed by brutal Red force.

It was during the first year of the Civil War that Grandpa Lenin, as this idol was lovingly known to my generation of Soviet children, established a concentration camp system, later known as The Gulag. By 1921 there were 84 camps. Note: not defending Hitler here, but the world should stop crediting him with this invention! Modest calculations place approximately 18,000,000 behind that barbed wire.

American teachers impart Marxism-Leninism without divulging its dirty legacy.

All American reporters have graduated from schools whose academia adulate Marx and teach Lenin, socialism and social justice, as if these are the rewards of education, when in reality they are weapons of mass destruction, because they create the most powerful weapon of them all – brainwash.

Brainwashing, institutionally engrained into the young brains over lasting periods of time and reinforced through other supporting systems, like social ridicule and punishment of contradicting opinion, is a permanent weapon. Unless an afflicted person is put through a detox.

Personally, I remained blind to American media perversion and for the longest time assumed that everyone in the USA understands the evils of the USSR and would never want anything even remotely similar to happen in their country.

That does not mean that I approved of everything USA did 100%. I did not. But my faith in the wisdom and intellectual integrity of people reporting about the US government was overpowering.

The Iran Contras (Ronald Reagan), First Gulf War (George Bush), US Intervention in Bosnia (Bill Clinton)… I was still detoxing myself from under my Soviet brainwash and believed that an individual does not impact anything. Powerful governments do. Individuals who criticize them lose. Evidently, I was not alone. I lived in NYC, where majority of ordinary folk were lifelong democrats, belonged to unions, and did what their unions told them.

I then learned better, became anti-union, reinforced my capitalist beliefs and moved out of NY. But I still trusted the media, watched 20/20 and Anderson Cooper.

In 2000 I distinctly noted that the media is corrupt through a seemingly unimportant minutia – their eagerness to mispronounce ‘nucular’ a la GW Bush in order to kiss ass. Yes, GW had no ability to articulate ‘nuclear’ and our college-educated members of the press were readily dropping their ability to say it correctly. Why?

Next came the post-911 horrors MSM inability to discern fact from fiction in the War on Terror and their willingness to obliterate the common sense. That lack of journalistic integrity spread faster than COVID19 and sinfully afflicted most of MSM.

There were few exceptions, but overall, it was all downhill from there. By the time BHO got into the WH and gag orders were placed full force on everything and anything capable of bringing Truth to light, USA had no free press.

The Dark Age of Obama eliminated enemies of Marxism from every place in US, state and local government, fulfilling his beautifully delivered assurance of fundamentally changing USA to the glorification by MSM.

I was still willing to give BHO a chance and certainly I gave all due respect to the office of US President. Not in my worst nightmare, I could then imagine that he, BHO, with 2 portraits, would signal the end of respect for that office, he so ingloriously occupied for 8 dark years, unapologetically spilling blood of many, most notably, The Benghazi 4 and Dallas 5.

That is why President Donald J Trump does not command respect from the Obama half of the population. They are in the War on Trump, meaning the War Against America that BHO had declared. Peaceful transition of power did not happen in 2016. And our pathetic MSM was brain-dead, silent, or outright supportive of that coup. It suddenly became socially, societally, politically and educationally acceptable to destroy US citizens on fake charges (Michael Flynn), causing them and their families undue harm, financial and professional ruin and worse, like Roger Stone’s arrest. So many things immediately went off with the radicalized and cleverly steered by their socialist puppeteers saturated by fake news and narratives youths and socialists of every age, some of whom are clueless snowflakes, and some are very dangerous elements, who belong in jail for life, but whose assistance in this War Against America was engaged for pay online, in the open, advocated by every radical – BHO, Michelle, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sanders, Warren, Kamala, Hillary – and all those other united in their determination to fundamentally destroy the country that gave them everything!

Since time immemorial US Government had people of opposing opinions, ideas and goals serving the country for a salary paid by the people of the United States.

Some of these people served in the White House.

But only after Obama, had we seen the quantitative domestic terror from the wide spread anti-US network The Community Organizer In Chief established during his eight years. That was his administration’s focus – to prepare everything for socialism and, incidentally, but not less importantly, Islamization of America. All the ground work has been laid. We, the people, were being suppressed and believing that after BHO’s term normalcy would return, we waited. And they counted on it. With the help of the press, of course. Always, with the help of the press.

There is no end to the sly, clever, inventive meanness served under the guise of measured, well-rehearsed and practiced in front of a mirror, public image projection. Ability to control one’s temper to inflict a deliberately deceptive personality switch onto unsuspecting audiences is now being praised as a desirable character trait through speech-writers bait and switch ploys, like Michele’s “when they go low, we go high,” a postulate whose terms have been intentionally swapped, like the endless other substitutions of the politically corrected vocabulary. We no longer know the true definitions of certain words, like liberal, for instance. Used to actually mean possessing a kind, bleeding, heart. Now it is representative of socialist cold cruelty. Michelle’s hi, of course, is best illustrated by her response to the kidnapping, rape and slavery of hundreds of Nigerian Christian school girls and that forced photo op she posed for at the WH #bringbackourgirls – brings back so many memories – none of them about Obamas' kindness. They are a cruel cold socialist indoctrination in progress. They are a working family. One purpose, one goal, destroy USA. That is why they stayed in DC, used Soros’s money for the creation of shadow government and have fought the War Against America for 4 years.

I will probably end up in Obama Gulag for posting this. But I must. I will not be silenced by the oppressed press and its unwitting collaborators.


Word Inversion Is World Inversion

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In my youth I was fascinated with my "discovery" that all life originated from Africa. There were no blacks living in the USSR. In some large cities, there were foreign students, but those were exceptions. Black people had my fascination.

The way the children in the USSR classrooms got to learn about the origin of life in Africa was to substitute Darwin for scripture. God was not allowed on a doorstep of Soviet Socialist classrooms since 1917. God’s place of honor was always occupied by V.I. Lenin and what was passed to us and pounded into our heads as his teachings.

The Soviet creative Darwinism, for instance, flourished between 1930s and 1950s from the selective Darwin’s works, and had led to the transmutation of species. That allowed for the acceptance of various genetics experimentations that were conducted mostly in the subhuman conditions of GULAG and mostly in competition with similarly subhuman genetic experiments that were conducted in the NAZI concentration camps over most of the same time period. Such comparison, of course, had I vocalized it back in the USSR, could have landed me in the 1970s GULAG, always a scary place. So none of us vocalized much contradiction to government. We were afraid. We were taught to be afraid.

Similarly, we did not contradict our teachers in history or civics classes. Well, actually I did, for an entire year. Read about it in my book My Life Through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist. But I was young and daring, naïve and inexperienced. In other times, I could have perished. Or been tortured. Or at least humiliated, like some were humiliated this past summer in the US and elsewhere for not subscribing to the public hysteria, chaos, anarchy and pressure.

You see, of course, life began in Africa. I know now it is not a contradiction to God. It is a work of God and history of its chosen people. Israel is on a crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. But people of Israel had never been black. Olive skinned, like the Italians and Arabs, but not black. Since much of written and archeological evidence is being obliterated at times of conquests, much of what was known about the world is always being inverted whenever facts are substituted with layers of “fake evidence.” A fairly recent example of this is Googling “European people history” then clicking "image" tab. The picture above is what is being returned. Someone took deliberate measures to substitute these clearly deceiving images to invert the general perception of the world and European history.

Why have they done it? and

Who has done it? should be the questions asked on CNN, etc.

I bet most of you never even knew it.

Similarly, the inversion is happening in the United States of America. It is being forced through PC word meanings’ inversions, inversions of values and traditions. It is the cultural revolution’s homage to the new idols people are or about to be forced to worship, just like we worshiped Grandpa Lenin in the USSR. It is unpleasant and has already become dangerous. I hope it is still curable!

Submission to radicalized values always happens under duress and with extreme physical force. Ordinary people are never stupid. They know when their values are inverted. They will resist. That is individual people will. But how long will courageous individuals resist is my question. Everyone wants to live. And socialist history, of which we have plenty recoverable evidence, clearly shows the bloody trail of submission to the inverted values of the dominating forces. Because masses behave as masses do and they are traditionally stupid!

Six short months ago USA laughed at the possibility of COVID-19 pandemic and leaders like Pelosi and Schumer were angrily calling President Trump all sorts of intellectually stimulating words in the deliberate attempt to invert his role in pandemic prevention when he immediately closed China from entering the US. Now they are inverting again, blaming him for not acting swiftly, etc. etc. Inversion is the profession they know well. Just like faking.

Three months ago most US Americans had no clue of BLM or ANTIFA. Marixists and NAZIs as they are… Some of US were following their story since 2016.

Here’s the inversion I am observing in August 2020 – instead of the 1960s Black Panthers someone, presumably with George Soros's money, brainwashed and rounded up white youths to perpetrate the BLM-ANTIFA dirty bloody work… I fear the worst will come in the weeks before the election and in the months that will follow.

In the meantime, we have to deal with real tragedies that were inflicted on us because SOCIALISM always inflicts terror on the peaceful ordinary hard-working people. Always!

I am no longer fascinated with Black people. Forty years in USA exposed me to people of all races, religions and vvalues. I am fascinated with people who can move the world out of this inversion. Like Ben Carson moved USA out of the imminent black hole at National Prayer breakfast in 2013.