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The Transparency of Jared Kushner

Posted by Marina B on December 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I did not know much about Jared Kushner when Donald Trump was running for President in 2016, other than he was already very wealthy before marrying Ivanka Trump and was a Chabadnik, a follower of modern orthodox Judaism. The rest I learned as he successfully transitioned the Republicans into digital media to win the 2016 race against many “pre-destined” or rather “pre-distributed” odds.

The Democrats were probably not expecting the digital success and popularity of DJT communicating directly to the “masses.” The Democrats, despite purporting to be the party representing the interests of the ordinary voters, have long ago became the party of massive conglomerate control from unions to media to big pharma to big tech.

Jared, like his father-in-law, does not need to sell out. The entire Trump clan openly and proudly went into the Trump Administration, forfeiting some of their business ventures, to help make America great again – not to make this slogan as hollow as so many of their predecessors have done.


MAGA, is like Frankie Valli’s lyrics:

It's got groove it's got meaning

Grease (MAGA) is the time, is the place, is the motion

Now, grease (MAGA) is the way we are feeling…


By mid-2015 I felt very tired, deceived, disturbed and scared by the doings of US politicians (I did not know enough then to refer to them as Deep State) of both parties during the 16 long years of Bush and Obama that have burdened me and millions of others with numerous inconsistencies between the leader’s statements and the actual events and the effect of political actions of US on ordinary people.

Before 2015, I also felt it, but since I never really paid intense attention to politics, with some exceptions, I was complacent.

As a long-time New Yorker, I remembered Trump for his unconventional big-mouth approach to both life and business, and for some of his good deeds he never got enough praise for. I never followed The Apprentice – not my cup of tea. Loving America – is! It was clear to me from day one that Trump is in it, because he loves America, and like me and millions others, he wants to rescue it from the destructive powers that have swooped into it for decades, tearing at the heart of it, until it broke in 2001.

That would not, could not be mended by the Arab-oil-dependent-Bushes, the anti-American Obamas and certainly not by the jail-bound (I then thought) Hillary Clinton, whose callous negligence on the night Amb. Stevens was murdered in Libya and long list of strange untimely deaths of the unwanted remind me of the Medici and Soviet Commissars.


I did not understand The Deep State until the wool the Democrat Party has pulled over my eyes cleared up.


In comes Jared, a Jew, who gets assigned a paid official position and undergoes the appropriate clearances, evoking, amid other mass hysteria of late 2016-early 2017, an outcry for nepotism! Spare me this bulls-t! To steal hundred of millions, billions, trillions, like The Obamas and The Clintons is somehow ok, but to get a transparent appointment of a trusted right hand – not! Theatrics led to anti-Semitic outcry by “the concerned” modern gangsters of BDS and other pro-“free-Palestine” groups, who immediately understood just where Jared’s efforts could lead to – the undesired peace.

In peace, you see, accountability is possible. In wartime, not! And war is how these “palestinians” are able to thrive. Ever seen the waterfront mansions in Gaza? You should.


Back to Jared. So, I learned that he has Berkowitz (same Russian spelling as mine) ancestors by reading about his Holocaust-survivor grandparents. I also learned that he was born on the first anniversary of my arrival to USA. That is my personal connection to Jared.


Over the past four years, largely due to his exceptional efforts – yes, exceptional, ‘cause no one before him could! – that the US embassy was relocated to Jerusalem and so far UAE and Bahrain have established diplomatic relations with Israel, and others are waiting to do so. Jared, somehow, discovered that long-lost pathway to recognition of Israel that the UN had abandoned eons ago… No coincidence, to me, that he, a grandchild of Holocaust survivors and an orthodox Jew, is the one who has been shown the way to finding it.


You’d think that all Jews would rejoice at the thought that this highly sought peace is finally on Israel’s horizon. Nah! There is no and there never will be any “Jewish unity.” Probably never was.


Reform Judaism is threatened by the revival of Jewish Orthodoxy. Instead of admitting to themselves that such resurgence is a direct result of contemporary Reform Judaism stepping so far away from the actual reformation of Judaism the 19th century enlightenment intended, that it became, in many ways, destructive to the basic traditions of Judaism that it was the Orthodox who preserved it for us through the millennia, and taking steps to reconcile, the Reform Jews are openly promoting hatred against the Orthodoxy, stemming out of basic human envy and self-servicing desires of the Reform leaders of all levels. Just read some of their correspondence or listen to their anti-Trump sermons, and everything falls into place – they hate Jared for his orthodoxy as much, if not more, than his Trump connection.


Incidentally, they hate Ivanka for converting even more, and destroyed her business completely. The most hate, of course, comes from the “tolerant left” and is not exclusively Jewish. For God’s sake, Jews are only 1% of population!


And this brings me to the reason I felt like writing this is important – in The Forward Facebook post this weekend Jared was accused of failing his grandparents’ Holocaust legacy and then hundreds of “tolerant” Jews proceeded to bash Jared, shamelessly exposing their own brainwashed hatred, as something desirable and admirably sanctified. Peace in Israel, therefore, one must infer, is something undesirable and evil. As is the word “god” in the phrase “in god we trust.”


I admire Jared and Ivanka for their unfailing work to strengthen The United States of America on her course constitutional course as a Judeo-Christian nation. This young couple has given US four years of their time, brought in their negotiating skills to empower minorities, women, small businesses and foreign relations that promote and support the America First status of our nation.

They sacrificed four years of attention that they diverted from their children to pressing State priorities and subjected their family to hatred from all the people whose livelihood depends on stealing from the government, as opposed to empowering it. They did it for US! For us, for you and me! For the remainder of their lives, they will need security details. Private, not government. They do not expect gratitude, but they most certainly deserve it! As they do respect!

If you are smart, you will contrast what Jared (Ivanka) have done whilst in office to what the grown children, including in-laws, of The Clintons and The Bidens, for instance, have done.

If you are ignorant through your own choice of your party affiliation or your job pressures, you will continue to disregard The Truth and by the time you get it, I hope you are still free and I am still alive, because I choose to serve The Truth.


November 9, 2020, a week after...

Posted by Marina B on November 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It’s been a week of uncertainty, treachery, mockery, flippant hijacking of due democratic process, gloating by the 4-year-long-anger-mongers who had never accepted that Donald J. Trump is THE President of USA.

It’s been a week of exposing the unprecedented levels of vote thievery, forgery, fraud, pillaging and harboring of vote crime perps by their willful colluders at MSM.

It’s been a week of zero rioting by those deplorable Trump supporting chumps, the no-goodniks who even at their moments of deepest grief found courage to joke, and make alternate plans, like what to do 4 years from now.

It’s also been a week of celebration by and of an impostor, culminating with Bejing-bought Ukraine-sought criminal Joe Biden getting up on stage to proclaim himself President-elect, dismissing the fact that no such proclamation was certified by any of the individual states and electoral college, and that his opponent did not concede, and is, in fact, suing for recounts. In his fake election “winning speech” Joe did not even bother to reference his predecessor, the current duly elected and fantastically pro-American President, thereby displaying in the open his/his party’s desire, intent and ability to revision history as it happens in addition to hating America and stealing/usurping every achievement of current, highly productive and successful, administration.

And half the country loves that Joe did that.

Which means half the country are supporting crooks of varying levels – from street rioters and thugs to police killers and high-level government officials who are insubordinate or derelict their duties, from social media phony fact-checkers to full force free-speech censors, like Neil Cavutto, from critics of Donald Trump to his haters, who wish him dead and so onto his children, from ballot-drop-off-box burners to election officials filling in the fake ballots for dead people.

The damage to the American election process is unfathomable.

In essence, Barak Obama just achieved what he set out to do – the country is on the verge of collapse of its fundamentals. The only miracle that could save us is, of course, the miracle of Donald J. Trump.

Yet, so many of his supporters can be heard shifting the blame onto his huge shoulders – “he should have tweeted less, should have been nicer to people in his cabinet, should have not gotten so anxious during the first debate, should have never given interviews to people who’d use it against him”…

Shoulda, whoulda, coulda – Trump’s been dealing with and getting rid of that losing wing for decades of his winning, winning, winning.

Get yourself in line, pull yourself up, support him more today than you did last week – that’s all he ever asked of you, weaklings! Do just this little for him!

And all you others so eager to concede you cannot wait until the final fat lady aria is sung! No! We cannot embrace Joe and reconcile with the party that shows no iota of respect to President Trump! That is like it’s 1941, Hitler and Stalin are meeting to reach a non-invasion deal and you are asking us to make nice with Hitler all over again. You are like Stalin! You are Stalin! You will build the Gulags next, place them under AOC, who’d make you eat grass like cows, and lick her boots clean like the real Nazis did in Ukraine after it was captured. Nancy Pelosi will be like eating gelatos out of her big ice cream fridge just to show you that she can, yes, she can!

Nothing that is happening now is new to humanity. Another set of tyrants is power-grabbing big time and destroying a thriving country, on whose protection many others depend. The swamp is deep and wide; every alligator has very sharp teeth, swims faster that you and will try to eat you alive, like that woman in Alligator Alley last weekend.

Beware, boys and girls, this fight will get very ugly. Much uglier than you have ever seen. They already threatened that you should not speak out, or you would be unemployable for life.

This proletarian has nothing to lose. Not even her chains.



Why Trump2020 is The Only Choice, Unless You Are a Socialist

Posted by Marina B on October 24, 2020 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Photo Credit: Diana Mustain Watt

Pumpkin Carving Artist: Hannah Watt


In the real world, people need to make simple choices – life is complicated as it is, in an overly convoluted way. Every day we are losing more of our once famous “American privacy,” as the Big Techs encroach into our individual worlds by offering us conveniently fast means of modern communication to which we are, let’s face it, addictively hooked, and for which we pay dearly with their demands on our time, finances and freedoms. And they censor us a la wartime censorship departments…arbitrarily, and we have been tolerating it…and so that circle goes.


I look at America’s presidential choice through the prism of my personal journey away from socialism, atheism, socialized medicine, statelessness, and ask why?

Most Americans are so mercantile. Serve them the wrong size coffee or a wrong condiment and they notice, complain, demand refund. The Clintons and Obamas robbed them blind and they ate it up. I think it is because the currently living generations had never learned how to do without. Some call them “spoiled.” I think they are blessed by their abundances and yet at the same time are not burdened by their complacency. Last March, severe deficit of toilet paper and hand sanitizer gave them a little preview of socialist reality, had they cared to analyze. But as soon as they got their replacements, all was forgotten, no lasting lesson learned and that is why and how everything got twisted into a historically inaccurate mess as we watched Donald Trump solve the crisis, build committees and alliances, while his Democrat nemeses could hardly conceal their envy – yes envy – that he was successful at that, too! (Think Brothers Cuomo!) The entire unfortunate and tragic idiocy of The Summer of Floyd followed. Insane! But like the obediently complacent sheep, a large portion of populous predictably grew weak in the knees, brains, hearts.

You all know The Truth.

It is impossible not to know it, no matter the views or experience. Truth is Truth and always is. It’s just that for some it is inconvenient, for others, not profitable, a few are in denial of it, and so it wilts, like a house plant of a traveling family, without water, but is always ready to perk up as soon as the roots get water circulating up the stem.

For the past five years Donald J. Trump has been that water source of The American Truth. He’s been watering the roots of our plants – our souls – and reminding us to remember to send a vital supply of nourishment to our brains and hearts. Americans, mercantile or not, have historically excellent hearts. None of this USA experiment would have been achievable without that prerequisite. In our American hearts Truth occupies a special chamber. Some may just need a stent or two to clear the pathway.

At the very least in 2016, they were “With Her”, an understandable desire to get a female into Presidency, even though that specific choice was soiled and sordid.

In advancing a washed up old white man without emulatable accomplishments to a nomination, the Democrat Party now demonstrated their corrupt essence. Through covering up and censorship, the MSM demonstrated their uselessness. Perhaps, conventional Media had outlived its useful life and became obsolete, like the old inventory does when the product demand dries up. Besides, neither the Media nor The Democrat Party itself have contributed anything of a significant value to the United States of America for too long a run. Like two decades. As often happens in decaying organizations and companies, they are only plucking at their slice of the pie, hoarding the crust in their caves and dens, and threaten those seeing The Truth with the Dark Winter they’d call upon if and when they regain the reigns.

Like a socialite debutante or a beauty pageant contestant, whose lies about wanting “world peace” whilst really coveting that year of crowned glory and earnings, Candidate Joe is willing to say anything at all that he deems will appeal to his pageant audience, even though they all know it is ALL LIES!

There are different sets and standards of expectations for each of the two candidates, where there should exist only one – leadership of good old USA.

A former auditor, I assume that everyone is suspect, but I also have that impeccable auditor’s sense that led me to catching several serious thieves during my career. A thief, even when cornered, continues to push the same or invent new lies. Joe is excellent at that. Much better than Trump could ever be. But it’s just not his game. He is not a politician. He’s been learning on the job at a very vigorous 74 and doing better than most of his predecessors, ever!

I believed in the promise of Trump since 2015. Perhaps not as immediately as when he descended down that escalator. I admired Ben Carson for his unmatched bravery at the National Prayer Breakfast where he was the first one who dared to publically confront Obama. And I certainly was not “With Her”. Why would anyone in their right mind trust a woman, a mother, who heartlessly went to bed as 9-11-Benghazi unfolded and later dismissively swept any questions about it under her very soiled magic carpet that made many things disappear – emails, money, people? That happened on Joe’s watch. He was, is, responsible for it, too.

Experts will write thousands of books about The Trump Phenomenon. He is capable of turning the country around and that is what his Make America Great Again call means. Not white supremacy or other backward idiocy as MSM and Joe’s supporters propagate.

My someday maybe great-grandchildren will study Trump’s klutzy New Yorker leadership style in schools. I actually hope they do. Everybody’s awakening moment will come sooner or later, sooner if Trump wins 2020, later and much more painfully, should he loose and the socialist doom enters.

Freedom is an immeasurably volatile personal commodity. Freedom of Speech even more so. Millions are free, as in un-jailed, in the world today. Only a sampling of those have the ability to practice free speech, even here in USA, where it has been practically muzzled by the Big Techs and other collaborators of the DemParty.


As an escapee from socialism, communism and Marxism, I speak freely on every topic I chose. Reelecting President Trump will give me four more years of Free Speech and that is the absolute reason that I am proud to vote for Trump again.

Free Speech and all who worship at its alter will be killed if America turns to socialism.



Institutionalized Discrimination

Posted by Marina B on October 20, 2020 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

As a long ago victim of bona fide, not imaginary, revisionary or artificially created, institutionalized discrimination, I too want to contribute to this suddenly popular conversation, but not in the way pc culturists obstruct the truth by diverting your attention to their skillful misuse of linguistics.


What is a plain old ordinary Discrimination? It is the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex; the act of making unjustified distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they actually belong or are perceived to belong.


What is Institutionalized Discrimination? It is unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions as a whole, through unequal intentional or unintentional bias or selection, as opposed to individuals making a conscious choice to discriminate.

The oft thrown about since last summer Systemic Discrimination involves a pattern or practice, policy, or class case where discrimination has a broad impact on an industry, profession, company or geographic area.


I started my life in the maternity room of Kiev, USSR hospital with nurses and doctors refusing to assist my mom, because she was a “kike”, a severely derogatory term for a Jew. USSR, as a socialist country, presented itself to the world and its own population as the most brotherly of world nations for 70 arduous years of this horrific social experiment at government control over the individual. In my 18 years there, I have witnessed and was target of plain old ordinary discrimination, institutionalized discrimination and systemic discrimination. As the Russians say, I ate a dog in discrimination! (Old adage meaning there’s nothing you can tell me about it that I don’t already know.)

In my 40 years in the US, more than half was spent in Tri-State geo area, I had witnessed diversity, integration, segregation and discrimination of various sorts. Yet last summer, someone – BLM, Antifa, their back ground handlers, like Grandpa Soros and whomever – reinvented discrimination to conveniently propagandize their mind-control agenda to the poorly prepared and/or outright brainwashed part of US population.

Since 1965, the US embraced the Affirmative action, or a set of laws, policies, guidelines, and administrative practices "intended to end and correct the effects of a specific form of discrimination" that include government-mandated, government-approved, and voluntary private programs. That was 55 years ago!


What is Affirmative Action as it relates allocation of resources, employment or education? It is the practice or policy of favoring individuals belonging to groups known to have been discriminated against previously, including but not limited to a set of policies and practices within a government or organization favoring particular groups based on their gender, race, creed or nationality in areas in which they were excluded in the past such as education and employment.

So effectively, for 55 years, discrimination was systemically replaced by the Affirmative action. That time span yielded 3, possibly 4, generations of children who were born and raised in the post-discrimination era.

There is no question in my mind that Affirmative action was needed to fix and reconcile certain prejudicial treatment of individuals and groups such as blacks or Jews, and later gays. There is also no question in my mind that like all good intentions, it comes with a hefty price.

Affirmative action gave rise to the Institutionalized reverse discrimination.

What is Reverse Discrimination? Reverse discrimination is discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group. Vivid examples are BET, all black colleges and the restriction on Asian student admissions by Ivy League.

During my years in NYC, I experienced a sampling of that as well.

The first Black American President would have served this nation best after he was elected to the highest office of the land, twice, to do away with this outdated fix by readdressing the issues at stake. Instead, racial tensions were deliberately instigated via deployment of socialist, Marxist and even terrorist tactics that heavily relied on complacency of corrupt MSM and punished groups that insisted on not subscribing to mass hysteria and personality cult the Obama administration had instituted, praised and rewarded.

In the years since 2008, a generation ripened on the brainwash ideology of reparations, redistribution of wealth, cultural and religious superiority, such as atheism and disdain of patriotism, that came of age during the Summer of Floyd and forced itself onto revolutionary stage through looting and cop-killing to secure its army in the ongoing Civil War on Trump.

The tables have turned. Since 2016, and especially since COVID, the ordinary discrimination against conservatives, practicing Christians, Orthodox Jews and traditional values, which include love and patriotism for country and Office of US President, had escalated beyond plain old Institutional Discrimination.

We have entered a VIRTUAL DISCRIMINATION GULAG era with Big Tech finishing what Lenin started in 1917, the elimination of undesirables without trial. Don’t wanna kneel, fired! Vote for Trump, fired! Don’t wear a mask, no admittance to medical office or supermarket. No vaccination, no freedom!

As in the Soviet GULAGs, criminals control everything, they rule over the weak, the good, the inexperienced, breaking them into submission.

GULAG is the ultimate child of institutionalized discrimination – no bribe - no food, no soap in the shower, no protection from rape and beatings, and no life!

If Biden should win in 14 days, on which side of the virtual barbed wire will you find yourself? A rapid history lesson: the compliant ones are always killed anyway. But first, they are forced to kill off the neighbors, friends, and even family. Submission is king! Individual is dirt! State is father!

Are you ready for Mother Kamala?!


* thanks Wikipedia for the core definitions of terms



Un Free Press Role in Murdering America

Posted by Marina B on October 8, 2020 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I’ve been thinking about this for nearly four years while I witness the virtual assassination of President Donald J. Trump and murder of the United States of America that I love very dearly.

What would press be writing about Trump if its members were objective?

Vladimir Lenin in his revolution planning hideout somewhere in the Finnish countryside wrote that a swift takeover of the means of information is among the first priorities of socialist revolution.

Regrettably, I have to differ, schools are!

The revolution that we are currently witnessing in USA is made possible only because generations of youths have been propagandized to by their public school educators and college professors in the objectives and ideology of Marxism-Leninism, a subject I am bitterly familiar with, having grown up under its death-wish influence.

Loyal Leninists took over telephone, telegraph and newspapers of Sankt Petersburg on that unforgettable night onto November 7th 1917. New style date, as Russian calendar of that era was nearly two weeks behind. 13 days precisely, making the actual revolution date the 25th of October 1917, hence October Revolution. Teachers should be teaching this in USA schools. They do not. They also should have been teaching that this was the second revolution of 1917, why and how it was different, what events led into it and who really won, looking back philosophically at the total effect. The 1905 Bloody Sunday revolution should not have been left untaught either, as they each did not happen in the vacuum. They were steps into destruction of a country, culture, legacy… and created a lasting monstrosity.

Teachers should also be teaching American youths that Lenin’s regime caused mass exterminations of Russian citizens who did not support the revolutionary concepts of redistribution of assets, elimination of private property ownership and other social-economic reforms that always lead to starvation and extinction of the masses. US academia should have been passing the devastating lessons of Russian history, such as the bloody Civil War, that ensued immediately from November 7th 1918 and declared over on October 25, 1922, notably mashing the dates to declare proletariat’s victory on the anniversary of the bloodiest “bloodless revolution” of them all. In some parts of what would late be known as the USSR, the Civil War actually lasted for a few more years before it was suppressed by brutal Red force.

It was during the first year of the Civil War that Grandpa Lenin, as this idol was lovingly known to my generation of Soviet children, established a concentration camp system, later known as The Gulag. By 1921 there were 84 camps. Note: not defending Hitler here, but the world should stop crediting him with this invention! Modest calculations place approximately 18,000,000 behind that barbed wire.

American teachers impart Marxism-Leninism without divulging its dirty legacy.

All American reporters have graduated from schools whose academia adulate Marx and teach Lenin, socialism and social justice, as if these are the rewards of education, when in reality they are weapons of mass destruction, because they create the most powerful weapon of them all – brainwash.

Brainwashing, institutionally engrained into the young brains over lasting periods of time and reinforced through other supporting systems, like social ridicule and punishment of contradicting opinion, is a permanent weapon. Unless an afflicted person is put through a detox.

Personally, I remained blind to American media perversion and for the longest time assumed that everyone in the USA understands the evils of the USSR and would never want anything even remotely similar to happen in their country.

That does not mean that I approved of everything USA did 100%. I did not. But my faith in the wisdom and intellectual integrity of people reporting about the US government was overpowering.

The Iran Contras (Ronald Reagan), First Gulf War (George Bush), US Intervention in Bosnia (Bill Clinton)… I was still detoxing myself from under my Soviet brainwash and believed that an individual does not impact anything. Powerful governments do. Individuals who criticize them lose. Evidently, I was not alone. I lived in NYC, where majority of ordinary folk were lifelong democrats, belonged to unions, and did what their unions told them.

I then learned better, became anti-union, reinforced my capitalist beliefs and moved out of NY. But I still trusted the media, watched 20/20 and Anderson Cooper.

In 2000 I distinctly noted that the media is corrupt through a seemingly unimportant minutia – their eagerness to mispronounce ‘nucular’ a la GW Bush in order to kiss ass. Yes, GW had no ability to articulate ‘nuclear’ and our college-educated members of the press were readily dropping their ability to say it correctly. Why?

Next came the post-911 horrors MSM inability to discern fact from fiction in the War on Terror and their willingness to obliterate the common sense. That lack of journalistic integrity spread faster than COVID19 and sinfully afflicted most of MSM.

There were few exceptions, but overall, it was all downhill from there. By the time BHO got into the WH and gag orders were placed full force on everything and anything capable of bringing Truth to light, USA had no free press.

The Dark Age of Obama eliminated enemies of Marxism from every place in US, state and local government, fulfilling his beautifully delivered assurance of fundamentally changing USA to the glorification by MSM.

I was still willing to give BHO a chance and certainly I gave all due respect to the office of US President. Not in my worst nightmare, I could then imagine that he, BHO, with 2 portraits, would signal the end of respect for that office, he so ingloriously occupied for 8 dark years, unapologetically spilling blood of many, most notably, The Benghazi 4 and Dallas 5.

That is why President Donald J Trump does not command respect from the Obama half of the population. They are in the War on Trump, meaning the War Against America that BHO had declared. Peaceful transition of power did not happen in 2016. And our pathetic MSM was brain-dead, silent, or outright supportive of that coup. It suddenly became socially, societally, politically and educationally acceptable to destroy US citizens on fake charges (Michael Flynn), causing them and their families undue harm, financial and professional ruin and worse, like Roger Stone’s arrest. So many things immediately went off with the radicalized and cleverly steered by their socialist puppeteers saturated by fake news and narratives youths and socialists of every age, some of whom are clueless snowflakes, and some are very dangerous elements, who belong in jail for life, but whose assistance in this War Against America was engaged for pay online, in the open, advocated by every radical – BHO, Michelle, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Sanders, Warren, Kamala, Hillary – and all those other united in their determination to fundamentally destroy the country that gave them everything!

Since time immemorial US Government had people of opposing opinions, ideas and goals serving the country for a salary paid by the people of the United States.

Some of these people served in the White House.

But only after Obama, had we seen the quantitative domestic terror from the wide spread anti-US network The Community Organizer In Chief established during his eight years. That was his administration’s focus – to prepare everything for socialism and, incidentally, but not less importantly, Islamization of America. All the ground work has been laid. We, the people, were being suppressed and believing that after BHO’s term normalcy would return, we waited. And they counted on it. With the help of the press, of course. Always, with the help of the press.

There is no end to the sly, clever, inventive meanness served under the guise of measured, well-rehearsed and practiced in front of a mirror, public image projection. Ability to control one’s temper to inflict a deliberately deceptive personality switch onto unsuspecting audiences is now being praised as a desirable character trait through speech-writers bait and switch ploys, like Michele’s “when they go low, we go high,” a postulate whose terms have been intentionally swapped, like the endless other substitutions of the politically corrected vocabulary. We no longer know the true definitions of certain words, like liberal, for instance. Used to actually mean possessing a kind, bleeding, heart. Now it is representative of socialist cold cruelty. Michelle’s hi, of course, is best illustrated by her response to the kidnapping, rape and slavery of hundreds of Nigerian Christian school girls and that forced photo op she posed for at the WH #bringbackourgirls – brings back so many memories – none of them about Obamas' kindness. They are a cruel cold socialist indoctrination in progress. They are a working family. One purpose, one goal, destroy USA. That is why they stayed in DC, used Soros’s money for the creation of shadow government and have fought the War Against America for 4 years.

I will probably end up in Obama Gulag for posting this. But I must. I will not be silenced by the oppressed press and its unwitting collaborators.


Of liberals, progressives and destroyers of USA

Posted by Marina B on June 19, 2020 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

To say that I am depressed on the eve of my always important birthday is not to say anything at all. The country that I love, the one I chose for my home, the one that accepted and loved me back, is in dire danger. With the cultural revolution, insurrection, widespread political and judicial corruption, with demoralized population that is being oppressed by people who ironically call themselves 'liberal' and 'progressive', who preach down to average American citizens that they fight for 'social justice' whilst suppressing inconvenient and disagreeing opinion in totalitarian style - that's my throw back to the USSR! Been there! Lived it! Know what''s coming - it's been written in black and white! Not the racial one! The inked one. To say that I am disappointed in my fellow Americans, my fellow New Yorkers, my fellow Jews is not to say anything at all. USA has been blessed to not have a significant invasion by foreign armies. Generations of trusting and naive citizens became complacent. Into this fertile ground, to serve certain political interests, hundreds of sleepers were smuggled in openly, across porous and open borders, despite some protesting, and maybe in spite of it. Now we are all in danger. Those who knew better, those who were gullible, those who were duped -- everyone! The awakening is not happening fast enough. With only 4.5 months left to the most critical election this country has ever known, I realize that what we are all witnessing is the actual struggle between good and evil. Just as in the Bible! Just as at the root of every religion. Just as at the root of every principle of a functioning human society the atheists/socialists/communists want to upend once again. Even when I was such atheist and thought USSR was superior to USA, because that's what my brainwashers propagandized upon me, I knew that what makes for human survival is preservation of hope. Loss of Hope is the last loss a human experiences before dying. For my birthday wish I ask you to contemplate on hope for the United States of America and all the good people who are at this time as depressed as I am or maybe more, as afraid as I am or maybe more, and whose only hope is The Survival of USA as the Great Nation it is.


Posted by Marina B on March 24, 2017 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

   Hatred is the ultimate form of expressing envy. All the hate-Trump people, in lesser or greater form, are experiencing the uncontrollable surge of envy at the win of the other party candidate. It is also being fueled by the expert envy-fuel-mongers, who like to strike matches amid the envy fumes permiating the air.

Another riot, another policeman murder, another hastily concucted social justice issue, or newly resurrected struggle of an old extinguished cause. Another hate.

A long time ago, I must have been in my early twenties, a wise man said: be careful for love and hate burn off the same match.

Every love is in danger of becoming a hate. Just look at the feminists. They truly love women. It is the envy they have that's turned that love into hate of women who disagree with them. Like me. Yet when I was a working mom, alone among men, too busy to realize the disadvantages of being a career woman, like caretakers having more influence on the children than their mother over time. I lost when hate took over love and envy dominated.

Kind of makes me an expert on living in between the damage of all these emotions. And now I am observing the country I love going into hate seizures triggered by envy because someone they love lost.Learning to lose is a really good lifeskill. Like learning to be wrong.

Why did Hitler and his party hate the Jews to the point of The Holocaust - envy! No matter what, no matter how hard they try, the envious people are always comparing someone's successes to their own failures, instead of comparing their own failure to their own actions that caused it. Example: Hitler was not a great painter, failed to gain entry to the Academy, and blamed others, whom he deemed less talented than himself, yet who were free of envy and erhaps had better, freeer, form or methods of expression, and were admitted and/or became well-known.

Early 20th century was the time to prove oneself worthy of acceptance into society as a painter, writer, or poet. This time, our time, the early 21st century is the time to prove yourslef capable of saving a nation from useful idiots, Islamic terorists and other evil forces so determined to derail the wonderful train of USA. Envy! The entire world envies the US. Yes some who envy are still capable of love, and others turn that love into hate.

Your choices are only yours, but they affect everyone.

21st Century Feminism: Heels, a backward move

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Whenever my husband and I get dressed up to attend a big deal event I still put on my high heel shoes. Not as high as I regularly wore in my tweenties and thirties, but high enough to slow me down,

Sans heels, I walk as fast as my husband and have no problem keeping up with his pace. However, with heels, I am always seven steps behind him, like the Japanese wives... No matter how I ask, remind, beg and demand, we can never get in sync when I'm all heeled up. My husband, you see, walks only at his own pace. He can lag bahind pnly 4-5 steps and then - off he sprints. It is not out of disrespect to me. It is because he, as a very busy and very creative man, immediately upon walking he starts assessing his own whatevers that are happening in his brain at that moment. Took me a while to adjust to this. And now, I am totally OK with it; morever, I just give him directions like a back-seat walker, "turn left," "fix your coattails." And if I am completely exhausted - I just sit on the nearest bench, chair, anything and wait for him to bring my low heels out of the car. But that's usually on the way back, after the event.

This brings me Melania Trump and the envy of her haters. Those self-righteous, self-proclamed feminists, majority of whom whould not recognize true trailblazing faminism as it stared at them, are holding Mr. President in contempt for walking in front of his wife. Melania's heels are way higher than mine ever were. They are always photograthed on the way to the event. DT is probably not unlike my husband, thinking of whaever the important thoughts cross his mind, not about Melania's inability to keep up with his walking pace.

So to all you arrogant hate-filled no-goodnicks - here's what I say - you have no geniuine claims! Your artificially concocted causes and allegations of discrimination, your meaningless speeches, and purists' opinions are making every woman who actually asserted herself in a male world despite adversities cringe or turn in her grave.

You do not know what feminism is! Like every concept of your liberal leftist progrerssives' sponsored propaganda, you diluted the essense of feminism with crocodile tears of your spoiled or damaged nature. You do not do females any service, or credit. So put on your high heels and run the marathon or something like it.

Stop telling me that I am subsurvient to my husband because I trail him when I chose to wear faminine attire.

Trump is to Hitler like Obama to God

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It the era of fakes the real is struggling for acceptance by the fakers. It's a logical development in the world where reality TV blurred any recognition of reality.

It is irresponsible and destructive to compare Capitalist Donald Trump, a self-made man, who was revered by his very destroyers until he became a Republican frontrunner in the 2016 election field, to a man who destroyed 12 million people by murdering them without the use of weapons of mass destruction. Hitler, the fanatical, ruthless, hatred-driven specimen of a rare sort, was exterminating certain nationalities one person at a time in one of the bloodiest and insane exterminations of 20th century perpetrated by the man who identified themselves as socialists.

Hitler's fanatical followers, as if mesmerized by his smooth, if dramatically loud delivery of speeches tailored to brainwash generations, committed the actual atrocities. Their commander in chief set them on a kill. Only the very evil at heart are so poised to destroy. But USA was a Superpower back then not to trifle with. We won! The Devil hid itself.

Obama, a man so revered over the 8 years of high-profile ascension to the office of ultimate democracy, turned the Office, the House and the country of US President into a mockery of the sacred system of US Constitution. Only the very evil at heart are so poised to destroy. And only the very ignorant and naive are so willing to be duped... the useful idiots... or rather the useless ones...

The entire rise of Islamic Terror via Obama's insistence at every turn that Islam is a religion of peace and restriction, by ways of guiltyfying, any free speech against Islam, terror, ISIS, Muslims and their invasion of Western civilization with a purpose and order of organized conquest and subjugation, makes Obama a comlisitor. Certainly on the Oh, Devil! side.

Trump, on the other hand, is the savior in a fashion of St. Patrick, who wants to rid USA, and the Western civilized world with it, of the snake Obama and Hitler before him fed so well - the hateful Hydra of anti-Capitalism and anti-Civilized World forces.

If you are one of the people who are comparing Trump to Hitler, you are not only showing your poor understanding of history, you are devaluing the tragedy of the 12 million that happened in the 1930's and 1940's in Europe.

Trump is a powerful man with strong convictions. The kind of a leader this nation did not have in nearly 30 years. But his message is not hate, not murder, not terror. In fact, it is just the opposite. He is speaking out for you, because if he does not rescue this country of ours, Obama's Hydra will eat it. It is the newly retired from US top position Devil, the Socialist-Islamist-Democratic-Progressive-Liberal-Left Hydra, The Obamination!

Day 7-8 Melania and The Liberals

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Melania is a beautiful intelligent woman, who speaks many languages and is holding her own in this powerful family. The attacks she and her child were subjected to thus far are appauling. I, for one, made fun of the Obamas for naming their daughter Natasha (Sasha for short) because that is stupid! Natasha and Sasha are 2 absolutely distinct names, but the Red fervor the Obamas displayed there says it all. But I was never-ever-ever making fun of their girls. Only the liberals (read tyrants) of the modern day can terrorize children of the president.

One liberal imbecile refused to interview Melania because she speaks with an accent. That is what passes as "liberal" values these days.

Synonyms of LIBERAL are tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; More permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing, libertarian, indulgent, lenient. That, my friends is not present in the "liberal media" and "liberal masses"... If you pick an argument over this - you are the intolerant member of "liberal masses." Unless you are in media, of course. Then you are altogether another creature. But more about that another time.