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A Journey of a Recovering Idealist

I've loved every minute of my journey

My Life Through My Dresses - Growing Up Socialist
publication date 2018

Everyday socialism is poorly understood by Americans. After trying to convey it to one person at a time for four decades - here I am with my book.

Through My Dresses I show readers what life was really like in the USSR and why I chose to leave it. 

I show the daily oppression I had experienced while I underwent the socialist indoctrination that Americans call communism.

I love hearing my readers compare my Soviet childhood to theirs in USA.

In The Land of The Freed

estimated publication date 2019

My Journey continues after arrival to USA. Freedom is a learning process just as life... My life, thus far, has been filled with so many turns and experiences, both good and bad, that I do not need to invent plots or develop and embellish characters - just tell my life as it has been happening.

My Life Through Their Dresses

estimated publication date 2020

Family...who are we without them and their story? My family stories are a treasure trove which my predecessors passed to me for safekeeping. I now chose to let you in on a collection of fascinating family secrets and discoveries.